Acquisitions Roundtable


Mike Waldman (BB) and Jane Fitzpatrick(CC), Co-Chairs
Amanda Bielskas (BM), Francine Egger-Sider (LG), Dolores Grande (JJ),
Nancy Macomber (QC), Pat Young (BH), Marsha Clark (BH),
Jane Fitzpatrick (GC), Cecilia Salber (KB), Ann Matsuuchi (BC),
KaChuen Gee (LE), Ching Chung (ME), Sharon Swacker (NY),
Jean Boggs (HO), Tim Hasin (SI), Lisa Tappeiner (HO)

Table of contents:  Mission * Minutes *Upcoming Meetings * Resources 

The mission of the Acquisitions Roundtable is to discuss various topics of concern to CUNY Acquisitions librarians and support staff, such as procedures, policy, technology, vendor relations, cooperation, and financial issues. Information and current practices are shared, as well as new developments in librarianship of particular concern to Acquisitions librarians and their colleagues.


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October 1999

Upcoming Meetings
11/14 at 10 am, in the Conference Room (room 415) at Baruch College

Taking Command of CUNY+/Aleph500, Part 1: Using Aleph’s Common Command Language (CCL) to gather statistical counts on library resources by format, collection, sub-library, etc. (excluding volume/item count); Doing some Collection assessment and troubleshooting. Prepared by Michael Wood, Hostos Community College Library 
Presented at the LACUNY Acquisitions Roundtable’s Spring Meeting, June 11, 2003. 


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