Acquisitions Roundtable Minutes
March 30, 2005 

Attendees: Amanda Bielskas (BM), Francine Egger-Sider (LG), Dolores Grande (JJ), Nancy Macomber (QC), Pat Young (BH), Marsha Clark (BH), Jane Fitzpatrick (GC), Cecilia Salber (KB), Ann Matsuuchi (BC), KaChuen Gee (LE), Ching Chung (ME), Sharon Swacker (NY), Jean Boggs (HO), Tim Hasin (SI), Lisa Tappeiner (HO);

Mike Waldman (BB) and Chip Stewart (CC), Co-Chairs

Co-chair Mike Waldman convened the meeting.

The coming of ISBN-13 Marsha Clark gave a detailed presentation on the status of "ISBN-13," the expansion of the current ISBN to 13 digits to be in conformity with the European Article Number. This is scheduled for full implementation January 1, 2007, but some publishers are already phasing it in. For now Acquisitions should continue using the 10 digit ISBN until vendors' systems are re-programmed. One current problem is with OCLC records: OCLC is putting the new ISBN-13, when present, in the 024 field, since it has not yet re-programmed the 020 field to accept more than 10 characters. So when downloading records from OCLC, Marsha requested that the ISBN-13 be moved to the 020 field, so that it will be indexed.

The new Coutts contract The wording is simply the RFQ plus signatures. An across the board 17% discount takes effect July 1st. Coutts has a new Customer Service contact, Jennifer Beatty, whom everyone was encouraged to keep in contact with. Curtis Kendrick and Marsha Clark will be meeting soon with Coutts to review invoicing details and set in motion performance monitoring. Coutts should send a trainer to establish web settings for us to use their "iapprove Slipstream" new title notification service.

Acquisitions Procedures Q and A Relationships with various campus business offices were discussed, and concern for the Lexis-Nexis credit was mentioned.

Approval plans CUNY colleges have very few, if any, of these. However, Sharon Swacker is spearheading a group to investigate subscriptions and standing orders in the Legal Studies area.

New Books Promotion Pat Young referenced the "My Accounts" section of CUNY+, where users can set up a search for new records. However, these are cataloging records, and may be for older books. Some wrinkles in some of these reports still need to be ironed out.

Respectfully submitted by Co-Chair Chip Stewart, April 12, 2005