Cataloging Roundtable


 Sandra Urban (YC) and Karl Madden (ME)   Co-Chairs
 Monica Berger (NY), Michael Borries (Central), Janey Chao (BB), Belinda Chiang (QC), Jung Cho (QB), Marsha Clark (Central), Ewa Dzurak (SI), Francine Egger-Sider (LG), Laurie Franklin (CC), Kachuen Gee (LE), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Dolores Grande (JJ),  Marguerite Iskenderian (BC), Marlene Kandel (JJ), Jin Ma (BB), Zuwang Shen (BX), Angela Sidman (GC), Olga Snaider (Central), Wendy Tan (HC), Lisa Tappeiner (HO), Danesh Yazdani (ME), Taian Zhao (BM)

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Resources for catalogers

CUNY Catalogers Wiki :: CUNY Catalogers Listserv [contact Monica Berger]

SARs updates

The LC series decision and related new LC policy concerning its implementation are available on the Library of Congress Web site at:

plus a briefer FAQ at

Readings on the future of cataloging 

Contentdm and Dublin Core: Metadata in Practice, Marianne LaBatto, BC, 5/2/06 

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Articles cleanup cheatsheet
December 2004 Joint Cataloging Roundtable/CUNY+ Cataloging Minutes

Cataloger's Resource Center  

Upcoming meetings
Thursday, November 20
2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Location: 555 W. 57th St., 16th floor
Tentative Agenda:
-ALA update (Marsha Clark)
-Presentation about cataloging electronic Resources (Marlene Kandel)
-Presentation about music cataloging (Marguerite Iskenderian)
-Presentation about video classification and cataloging (Ewa Dzurak)
-Election of the New Chairs


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November 2006 (CUNY+ Cataloging Committee)
September 2006 (.pdf) (CUNY+ Cataloging Committee)
May 2006 (.pdf) Joint Meeting with CUNY + Cataloging Committee
November 2005 (.pdf)
April 2005 Joint Meeting with CUNY + Cataloging Committee 
December 2004 Joint Meeting with CUNY + Cataloging Committee

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