Friday, March 18th, 2005

                                               John Jay College , Lloyd George Sealy Library Conference Room



Lisa Ellis (BB), Amanda Bielskas (BM), LaRoi Lawton (BX), Katherine Parsons (BX), Michael S. Borries (CO), Sydney Van Nort (CC), Amy Wolfe (CC), Karl Madden (SI), William A. Casari (HO), Ellen Sexton (JJ), Madeline Nash (KB), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Ed Wallace (LE), Anne Leonard (NYCCT), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Inna Shpilko (QC), Sheila Beck (QB).  

Not Represented:

Brooklyn College, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Graduate Center, Hunter College, Medgar Evers College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York College.

 Acceptance of agenda.  

Minutes of February 4th 2005 were approved with corrections.   

President’s Report: (Kenneth Schlesinger)

         Prof. Schlesinger elected not to give a report in order to allocate time other business to be discussed during the meeting.  

Vice-President’s Report: (LaRoi Lawton)

Reports summarizing the February 7th, 2005 and the March 14th 2005 Council of Chief’s Meetings were submitted.

- Regarding the February 7th, 2005 Meeting:

         The Committee on Coutts will meet about acquisitions.  Coutts has been selected for a five-year contract.  Curtis Kendrick recommended to the Committee that their role is to ensure compliance with the contract, since institutionally this has not been the case previously. 

         Sharon Bonk raised an issue concerning Collection Development, asking how many campuses have a policy statement regarding the retention of serial print materials.  John Jay’s library plans to discard serials for which an electronic version is available because space is limited.  Should the Council of Chief Librarians establish a policy including logistical priorities regarding an off-site shared storage facility. 

         The data compiled regarding inter-campus borrowing indicates that it is not run efficiently.  Should the METRO or another delivery service be engaged?

         LILAC is one of several priorities concerning information literacy.  Three subcommittees have been formed under New York State Higher Education Initiative.

         The Chiefs wanted to know which campuses have not received the checks for credit amounts due from Lexis/Nexis.

- Regarding the March 14th, 2005 Meeting:

         The Library Quality survey, LIBQUAL, will be redone and activated CUNY-wide.  This is a software package survey attempting to find out the service levels across the board.  It originated from CUNY Central and it was asked why it does not include any incentives for filling it out. 

         The College of Staten Island has offered 64 MG flash drives to survey participants on their campus.  The survey includes 20 questions, some repetitive, all of which must be answered.  The results will be used for the allocation of increased resources, according to Curtis Kendrick.

         Sylvie Richards gave a presentation concerning the CUNY Portal and Blackboard, as she has done at other campuses.

         The Collection Development policy – The last copy is in progress.

         CUNY administration has settled a contract with DC 37.  Progress should be made in the PSC-CUNY negotiations.

         How have the respective campus music libraries catalogued the music CDs that are being sent by the New York State Attorney General’s office in accordance with a legal settlement?  These recordings were overstocked items.  

Treasurer’s Report: (Ellen Sexton)

         LACUNY has begun selling “LACUNY Institute Vendor Money” for distribution at the LACUNY Institute. 

         There will be some expenditures this month.

         There is about $30,000.00 available in the LACUNY account (the exact amount of the free balance is $28,913.26). 

         The Pay-Pal account button icon for remitting LACUNY Institute registration fees has been tested and is working.  

Nominations Committee:

Amy Wolfe presented the slate of candidates on behalf of the committee.  Scott Johnson (GC) for Vice-President/President Elect; Madeline Nash (KB) and Amanda Bielskas (BM) for Secretary; and Beth Evans (BC) and Martha Corpus (BC) for co-editorship of Urban Library Journal.  This is currently a single position that they would be willing to serve in the position as joint co-editors.  In order to accommodate this, a change will have to be made in the LACUNY By-Laws.  These two ladies have been functioning satisfactorily as interim co-editors of ULJ since Jerry Bornstein resigned.  The Executive Council did not move to accept this slate of candidates at this time, instead there was a motion to return the slate to the Nominations Committee and then to resubmit the slate of candidates at the April 15th, 2005 meeting to include the name of another individual to run for Vice President/President Elect.  

                A change in the LACUNY By-Laws will have to be approved in order to verify the continued co-editorship of ULJ.  A motion for review of this change to be submitted to the Constitution and By-Laws Committee for a vote was entered and approved.  

Programs and Workshops:

-          Professional Development, “Publishing Opportunities for Library Faculty” Program, to be held Friday April 1st, 2005 at BMCC.  An announcement was posted on the LACUNY Website.  Lisa Finder submitted a budget request for the second time for a $100.00 honorarium for each of three speakers.  Generally a $100.00 stipend is given to a speaker from an organization other than CUNY as a professional courtesy.  This budget request was approved by the Budget Committee and a motion to approve it was passed by the Executive Council.

-          Reference Roundtable, “RSS Feeds, Wikis, and Blogs” Program, to be held Friday, April 8th, 2005 at Baruch College .  A Wikis was defined as an online web-accessible site where it is easy to post information that can be accessed by other users.  The Wikis and a Blog utilize online software that enhances reference services.  This new roundtable has hit the ground running.

-          Disability/Web Management Roundtable, “Best Practices in Web Usability, Understanding and Applying the APA and Section 508” Workshop to be held Friday, April 29th, 2005 at NYC College of Technology.  Another new roundtable that has scheduled a program during April which is Disability Awareness Month.  Accessibility access is Federally mandated and all CUNY librarians can benefit by learning about these issues. 

-          LACUNY Institute to be held Friday, May 20th, 2005 at Baruch College in a room on the seventh floor which seats 173 people.  Lunch will not be served, participants will be directed to various restaurants in the area.  It was determined last year to serve a hot lunch, and the $3,300.00 expense in order to do so was the largest expense.  It is still the most cost-effective library conference, as compared to the Association for College and Research Libraries Conference that has a registration fee of $75.00.  The co-chairs want to keep it reasonable and cost-effective.  The vendor fees and registration fees underwrite the expenses of the Institute. It is the social event of the year on the LACUNY calendar.  Student registration fee is $30.00, registration fee at the door for professionals is $45.00.  Pre-registration for the break-out sessions for fifty people each is recommended.  The keynote speakers as a general rule of thumb receive $500.00, last year they received $300.00 each.  Harold Varmus, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Care Center , the first choice for keynote speaker, has agreed to be the speaker.  A $200.00 travel allowance will be given to a break-out session speaker traveling from North Carolina .  The Institute proceedings will be published in a future issue of ULJ.  The $3,100.00 budget estimate submitted by Scott White is worthwhile because the Institute is usually a money-maker of about $2,500.00 for LACUNY.  The projected income for this Institute is $11,800.00.  This budget was approved as submitted.  

-          LACUNY Spring Membership Meeting, to be held Friday, June 10th, 2005 at Hostos Community College Art Gallery with a presentation regarding the “Minor in Information Studies”.  An allotment of $400.00 is usual for the Winter and Spring Membership Meetings, respectively.  Mickey Laskin will submit the budget request.

Committee Reports:

 - Kenneth Schlesinger suggested that all LACUNY Roundtables or Committees should have co-chairs, rather than a single chair.  

-          Committee on Committees – This committee has been charged to deal with the Roundtable question and to offer guidelines that were submitted in written form.  These guidelines include points such as that each roundtable should have a mission statement; when a   Roundtable can petition for Committee status, and other points.  Some current LACUNY Committees are not actively fulfilling their charge.  The role of the Executive Council regarding the formation of Roundtables is unclear.  The recent formation of additional LACUNY Roundtables was discussed at a recent Council of Chief Librarians meeting. 

-          Electronic Information Services – Blackboard Presentation

-          Instruction –

-          Legislative Action – Library Legislative Days May 3-4, 2005 .

-          Professional Development – LACUNY Awards the First Scholarship to Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies student and CUNY library staff member Cindy Rodriquez.  She will receive a check for $250.00 at the Spring Membership Meeting.

-          Serials – Meeting to be held Friday, April 8th, 2005 .

- Publications -

-          LACUNY Directory – The deadline for submission of corrections is March 31st, 2005 .  Then it will go to press and be available at the Institute.

-          News from CUNY Libraries – Michael Adams (GC) has been soliciting for submissions and an online issue will be available soon.

-          Urban Library Journal – Plans for the next issue are underway under the leadership of the current co-chairs.

-          Website/ Web Team – This group of four people has been increasing the web presence of LACUNY.  It had been hoped that new members could be recruited from the Web Management Roundtable.  This Roundtable submitted a mission statement for approval and that was granted.


– A general overview on the following events that have taken place since the last executive LACUNY meeting:

-          Acquisitions – Meeting to be held March 30th, 2005 at Baruch College

-          Archives and Special Collections – Records Management

-          Disability Services – Meeting to be held March 28th, 2005 at Baruch College .  The first meeting held in February had a disappointing attendance, not enough were present to approve a mission statement.  

-          Interlibrary Loan

-          Multimedia – the event scheduled for April 22nd, 2005 has been canceled for three reasons.  It is hoped another event will be scheduled during the fall term.

-          Reference – Meeting held Friday, February 18th, 2005 at John Jay College .

-          Web Management – Meeting held Friday, March 11th, 2005 at LaGuardia Community College , Mission Statement submitted and approved.

 Old Business:

- There was no old business to discuss.  

New Business:

-          The negotiations for the PSC-CUNY contract continue.  LACUNY should not get involved in political issues.  

Meeting Adjourned at 4:55 pm

The next LACUNY Executive Council meeting will be held on Friday, April 15, 2005 at 2:30 PM in John Jay College , Room 610.