L. Klusek, J. Bornstein (BB), L. Lawton (BX), M. Corpus (BC), M. Borries (CO), R. Laurich, S. Van Nort (CC), K. Madden, J. Xiao (SI), J. Fitzpatrick (GC), W. Casari (HO), L. Finder (HC), M. Kiriakova, E. Sexton (JJ), M. Nash (KB), K. Schlesinger (LG), E. Wallace (LE), D. Yazdani (ME), A. Leonard (NY), R. Gomez (QC), S. Beck (QB).


Borough of Manhattan Community College, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, and York College .

Acceptance of agenda.

Acceptance of March 26th, 2004 minutes with changes.

Announcements: (Kenneth Schlesinger)

-         The new members of the Executive Council and Executive Officers were introduced.

-         A word of thanks and appreciation was extended to L. Roccos for her service to LACUNY as the previous President.

-         An announcement was made regarding the 2004 Grants Workshop organized by the LACUNY Professional Development Committee on Friday, September 24th, 2004 regarding the PSC-CUNY Research Awards Program grants.  It was acknowledged that often a reassignment leave request was needed in conjunction with such a grant application in order to conduct the research. 

-         An acknowledgement was extended to R. Laurich as a previous LACUNY President for his advice to the new President.  K. Schlesinger noted his background in theatre and an emphasis on public events, workshops and presentations would be part of the events during his tenure.

-         The Publications Committee will be re-invigorated and the News from CUNY Libraries will be revived.

-         LACUNY is a voluntary organization that is a forum for discussion and assessment of policies that can affect all of the CUNY libraries. Members were encouraged to join a committee.


Vice-Presidentís Report: (LaRoi Lawton)

-    The LACUNY Directory is being updated.  The information compiled on the staff survey sheets will be entered on a computer disk that will be submitted to each Chief Librarian who will verify that the listing of the staff in their respective libraries is correct or the delegate will review the listings by October 30th, 2004 .  It was determined that the emphasis will be to list full-time faculty and staff at each library. The directory is scheduled to be complete December 2004 and will be posted on the LACUNY website.  A print version can also be made available if this body elects to do so.

-    L. Lawton attended the Council of Chief Librarians meetings on April 19th and May 10th, 2004 .  Copies of those minutes were distributed to the Executive Council.  LACUNY has been added as an agenda item for each meeting, allowing for reporting and input of ideas.  

Treasurerís Report (Ellen Sexton)

-         There is about $25,000 in the bank a healthy balance.  Items for consideration by the Budget Committee can be sent via e-mail to her and then they will be presented to the Executive Committee.

-         E. Owusu-Ansah was very aggressive about getting vendors at the LACUNY Institute, for a fee of $500 each.  

Presidentís Item for consideration

-         Due to the elimination of Executive Council two meetings over the course of the year, all fiscal business had to be conducted at the March meeting.  It was proposed to re-instate the calendar of Executive Council meetings on a monthly basis, and this was approved by the Executive Council.    

Status Report on Committees:

Budget Committee: 
A. Bielskas ( Kingsborough Community College ) was elected to serve on this committee.

Prior to this meeting the Budget Committee met and discussed this requests submitted by one LACUNY
      Committee for expenditure approval: 

-         The Professional Development Committee requested $100.00 for program refreshments to be served on September 24th, 2004 .

-         K. Schlesinger submitted a request of $400.00 for refreshments for a reception to welcome Curtis Kendrick as the new University Librarian. They will be served on Friday, October 1st, a date agreeable for Mr. Kendrick, unless the LACUNY membership would like to welcome him at the December meeting or at the October 12th  Executive Committee instead. This request was approved.   

Professional Development Committee:

-         The Professional Development Committee is holding the 2004 Grants Workshop on September 24th.  Recipients of PSC-CUNY grants from CUNY libraries will speak about their research. 

 LACUNY Institute:

-         The co-chairs are B. Evans and S. White.  The topic is Digital Renaissance: Open Access and Digital Archives.  The committee will meet Wednesday, September 29th, Baruch College Room 415.

-         The 2004 Institute Committee asked that the proceedings be videotaped.  Instead the proceedings were mounted as a streaming video on the World Wide Web.  It was proposed that the proceedings be published in Urban Library Journal.


Urban Library Journal (J. Bornstein)

-         It will be issued in a new web-based model.  A question was raised regarding whether an article appearing in an electronic journal counted as a professional publication. 

 LACUNY Directory  

-         The directory was discussed previously by L. Lawton.    


-         News from CUNY Libraries will be revived in a web-based format.  

Final Budget request

-         K. Schlesinger requested a $50.00 donation in memory of Yvonne Bennett (formerly of Medgar Evars College ) to a fund for the purchase of books for children. This memorial donation was approved.  

Electronic Information Services

-         L. Lawton reported that there are two new co-chairs to come up with new programs.  

Legislative Action Committee:

-         They were encouraged to have a public program.  L. Ellis is now serving on this committee.  

Old Business:
There was no old business to discuss.  

New Business:

-         J. Borstein has to resign from ULJ.  An interim editor needs to be appointed by the LACUNY President.

-         R. Laurich suggested the formation of a LACUNY Listserve.  Such a Listserve was nearly launced by M. Ra and M.-L. Hom previously.  CULIBS is not accessible for some Gittelson union library staff members. 

-         A Yahoo user group will be created for the LACUNY Executive Council.   


A motion was entered to adjourn the meeting at 4:45 p.m.