MINUTES of the LACUNY Executive Council Meeting
Friday, February 18, 2000
John Jay College Room 521

Michael Adams (GC); Ed Wallace (LC); Sharon Swacker (NYT); Madeline Ford (HC); Beth Posner (GC); Cecelia Salber (KB); Marianne LaBatto (BC); Irwin Weintraub (BC); Kathy Killoran (JJ); Lucinda Zoe (BB); Linda Roccos (SI); Jose Diaz (HO); William Daly (ME); Jeanne Galvin (KB); Michael Borries (CO)

Borough Manhattan; Bronx; City; LaGuardia; Queens; Queensborough; York;

Agenda was approved.
Minutes of November 19, 1999, were approved

Acting Vice-President's Report on Chief's meetings (2)
Ex-Libris was approved for Library system;
ERAC & collection development subcommittee to plan e-coll. Dev. Suggestion to put it on web page. K. Killoran suggests that CULIBS could be used more by M. Ra.
Dialog@Carl registration should be completed. Each college does their own.
OLS put up weg page for users to find out contact info on products to be shared only with reference staff:

http://ols.cuny.edu/erac/ - ask delegate for username and password
Information Literacy panel planned for March 31.
Personnel committee will work with union to get systems people on board. Need separate lines or categories.
LACUNY Professional Status Committee could work on it. Web page with previous questions and replies at:

Treasurer's Report (from Manny Sanudo)
Bond is ready with the $500 from LACUNY and $380 from individuals.
Vote to add another $200+ to make an even $1000 contribution for a $2000 bond was approved unanimously.
Directories may be purchased; there are 204 members; we should send letter of thanks to Marty Helgesen.

Budget Committee (L. Zoe)
Met online to discuss and approve items:

$50 for NY Technical Services Librarians meeting on March 15 approved.
$300 request from EIS committee for Spring workshops will need more information.

LACUNY Intitute (M. Adams)
May 19, 2000 at Baruch College 7th floor Conference Center.
Title: Information Literacy: Laying the Foundation
Format: Keynote Speaker: Patricia Ianuzzi, formerly Florida, now California Berkeley;
Two panels (am: coordinate with faculty; pm: assessment); Several breakout discussion sesseions am and pm on: Blackboard (B. Feknous); Web Tutorials; IRIS; Distance Learning?; High School outreach? Also Poster Sessions (send in submissions); Vendor display in faculty lounge area.

Urban Library Journal (M. Adams)
Needs four articles, now has two. Can accept bibliographies, book reviews.

Old Business
Nominating Committee formed to get candidates for VP/Pres. Elec; Secretary; Treasurer
See Constitution and By-laws on LACUNY web page. http://lacuny.cuny.edu/home/

New Business
Problem with "News from CUNY Libraries" - email from Louise Fluk wanting clarification of who can be noted, whether just LACUNY members or all CUNY librarians; Publication commitee noted that Newsletter should have news from ALL librarians/staff; voted on unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Linda Roccos, Secretary
College of Staten Island