LACUNY Minutes from Executive Council Meeting of March 17, 2000
John Jay College Room 521

PRESENT: Mike Waldman (BB); Lisa Ellis (BB); Andrea Copeland (HC); Sharon Swacker (NY); Michael Adams (GC); Manuel Sanudo (QC); Ed Wallace (LC); Beth Posner (GC); Marianne LaBatto (BC); Cecelia Salber (KB); Christine Bruzzese (QB); Kathy Killoran (JJ); Lucinda Zoe (BB); Linda Roccos (SI).

Agenda approved.
Minutes of Feb. 17 meeting approved.

Report on Council of Chiefs Meeting of March 13, 2000 (Lucinda Zoe)
Ex-Libris was unanimously chosen following SUNY
Technology Committee discusses whether to catalog online journals, and if so who should do it.
Digital Library brochure sample was circulated
ERAC will compare full text products next year: WilsonWeb, IAC, Ebsco
March 31 Meeting on Information Literacy was announced, with panel and breakout sessions
Systems lines or HEOs were discussed with the problems of funding for technical positions

Treasurers Report (Manuel Sanudo)
The list of members to be submitted at the April meeting will be taken from the web page, which is kept up-to-date.
Kate Conahan Fund is now $1000 for a $2000 bond and was submitted through the bank.
The issue of whether to buy a CD with half of the $20,000 currently in LACUNY treasury was proposed and discussed. The money should be earning some interest; voted to buy $10,000 CD.
EIS committee request for $300 for their spring workshops was approved.
Legislative committee request for $1,554 to send four people to Albany at some date, and 4 people to Washington for ALA lobbying May 1-2 was discussed. Request came late, so cannot guarantee reimbursement; voted to approve $1400 for Wash. ALA and Albany, but date not set.

Institute (Michael Adams)
Keynote and panelists an discussions confirmed; will put program and info on LACUNY website; will post to listservs with deadline to register. Only ONLNE registrations this time.

Old Business (Sharon Swacker)
Nominating committee will meet as slate must be submitted by April 14 for approval
Meeting adjourned at 4:08pm

Respectfully submitted

Linda Roccos
LACUNY Secretary