MINUTES of the LACUNY Executive Council Meeting

Friday, October 20, 2000

John Jay College, Room 511



Manuel Sanudo (QC); Ellen Sexton (JJ); Taian Zhao (BM); Michael Adams (GC); Douglas Duchin (BB); Christine Bruzzese (QB), Ronnie Gomez (QC); Michael S. Borries (CO); Monica Berger (NY); Irwin Weintraub (BC); Cecilia Salber (KB); Jose A. Diaz (HO); Christine Stenstrom (LG); Lucinda R. Zoe (BB); Madeline Ford (HC); M. Waldman (BB); Ed Wallace (LE); Claudia Lascar (CC); Linda Roccos (SI); Jacob Adekola (BX); Rick Uttich (CC); William Daly (ME)



CUNY Law School at Queens, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies


Agenda was approved.

Minutes of April 2000 not submitted for approval.


Vice-President’s Report on Chief’s meeting

No report was submitted.


President’s Report (Lucinda Zoe)

Discussion about the contract negotiations.  Both the negotiating team and delegates accepted the contract demands.

Letter from the Council of Chiefs to the Vice Chancellor in response to the contract demands.  The chiefs supported the demands, but had concerns about the “reviewing of chief librarians.”

Contract demands included the following which the Council of Chief agreed with: Parity with classroom faculty; 30-hour work week; 9-month contract; restoration of 6-week annual leave; 4-week research leave; flexible work week.

Sharon Swacker check PSC-CUNY website, noted that some of the demands were not listed, worded incorrectly, and incorrect placement of demands.

Contract should state “library faculty” not “non-teaching/instructional”

Recommend that librarians check PSC-CUNY website: www.psc-cuny.org.

Follow-up is needed concerning a lawsuit at Brooklyn College for a credit bearing library course.  Concern about the impact on library faculty status.  (shared by Claudia Lascar)


Treasurer’s Report (Manuel Sanudo)

Interest bearing CD has earned $247.32 on a $10,000 CD.

Renewed CD for another 6 months.

LACUNY Institute had a net gain of $1,622.47

LACUNY has tax-exempt status (form distributed at meeting)

            -Tax-exempt # EX221897

Reminder that purchase requests must still be submitted to Manny Sanudo

All budget requests need to be submitted as soon as possible to Manny for the Budget Committee


Election of Standing Committee

Budget Committee

            Doug Duchin (BB) elected for a two (2) year term

Committee on Committees

            Jose Diaz (HO) and Claudia Lascar elected for a two (2) year term

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

            Irwin Weintraub (BC) elected for a three (3) year term

-Several issues were raised for the constitution & bylaws committee to address including allowing student membership, changing definition of qualifications for membership.

-Suggestion was made to open a discussion on CULIBS follow-up by Robert and Madeline


Status Reports on Committees

EIS Committee

On April 25, 2001 a discussion on E-books, will include 2-3 speakers and vendors.  Three fall 2000 workshops included Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Advanced Microsoft Word.


Urban Library Journal

During the spring requests were sent for articles only two respondents.  Brooklyn College has a proposal for two articles.  Two articles and five book reviews have been accepted for publication.


Old Business

LACUNY Webpage

Webpage is being redesigned including creating a new logo.  Monica Berger will work on the new logo.  The Web team is a subcommittee of the Publications committee.  Linda Roccos reported that the webpage will be cleaned up, search engine on page, linking to individual pages, develop a mission statement and policy and procedures for the LACUNY webpage.   Current members include Linda Roccos (SI); Michael Adams (GC); Beth Evans (BC); and Monica Berger (NY).  To post information on website send to the web team.

All LACUNY members are invited to join the Web team.


Subscribing to CULIBS-L

-Send email to listserv@cunyvm. Cuny.edu

-Body of email: Subscribe CULIBS-L first_name last_name


New Business

New cover design for the directory

LACUNY Institute will be held on May 18, 2001

            -committee to convene, review agenda, consider topics listed on evaluations

            -keep Bonnie Nelson (NYLINK) informed to avoid conflicts

Request for any ideas of speakers for the December 15th meeting. Bring names and ideas to the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned 4:08 p.m.