MINUTES of the LACUNY Executive Council Meeting
Friday, November 17, 2000
John Jay College, Room 610

Manuel Sanudo (QC); Douglas Duchin (BB); Christine Bruzzese (QB), Ronnie Gomez (QC); Michael S. Borries (CO); Monica Berger (NY); Cecilia Salber (KB); Jose A. Diaz (HO); Christine Stenstrom (LG); Lucinda R. Zoe (BB); Madeline Ford (HC); M. Waldman (BB); Ed Wallace (LE); Robert Laurich (CC); Jacob Adekola (BX); Maria Kiriakova (JJ); Marianne LaBatto (BC); Beth Posner (GC); Ann Grafstein (SI)

Not Represented:
Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY Law School at Queens, Medgar Evers College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of October 20, 2000, were approved with corrections.

President's Report (Lucinda Zoe)
November 14, 2000 meeting held with union to discuss contract demands.
Recommend that librarians check PSC-CUNY website: www.psc-cuny.org for updates
All demands were accepted.
Sharon Bonk, Jane Davenport and Lucinda Zoe will address any irregularities in the wording of the demands.
Salaries are not on par with the nation.
Among the demands included: six (6) week annual leave; four (4) week research leave; and flexible workweek.
Need to become more vocal and active. Begin a letter writing campaign (see back of agenda for sample letter). All letters should be forwarded to PSC-CUNY.
Question raised: “Do away with library faculty status?”
-It has been noted that there has been an increase in the hiring of HEO's over library faculty.
-Union seeks parity between librarians and teaching faculty.

Vice-President's Report on Chief's meeting (Robert Laurich)
October 2000 meeting
OLS Staff have been invited to a November 29
th, 2000 meeting in Chicago on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for ExLibris uses. One campus representative will attend (Professor Doug Duchin of Baruch was selected).
OLS has received pricing information for five or more 3M self-check machines at $23,000 each. The machine has been tested at Baruch.
Professor Pat Young (Central Office) reminded libraries to evaluate Coutts delivery rates. Data has been miscoded so she will review this at the acquisitions group meeting.

November 13, 2000 meeting
The meeting opened with a presentation by Professor Marianna Regalado (Brooklyn) and Professor Anita Ondrusek (Hunter), concerning the Information Literacy Software that has been examined. The recommendation was for the University of Minnesota program “Quick Study”. The software may be viewed at
CUNY will most likely be purchasing this software; it will be adjusted to the unique needs of both CUNY and the separate campuses. Due to the component structure of the software, changes will be relatively easy. Also an attempt to incorporate it with Blackboard.com will be explored. A pilot could be up by the Spring 2000 semester.
The issue of Systems titles is still in discussion with P&B. One year after being raised, the issue still has not been properly addressed. As of now, Systems individuals in the CUNY Libraries range from CUNY Computer titles, CLT, HEO to Librarians, a response is pending.
Professor Marsha Ra (Central Office) announced that 12/1/00 is the official start of CUNY's ExLibris Project.
On November 30
th, 2000, 57th Street will host NetLibrary demonstrations at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.
“Patron Empowerment” will shortly arrive in CUNY Libraries. This will allow students to review their CUNY+ records online.

New Business discussed by the Council of Chiefs
Professor Bonk (Queens) informed that Council that Professor Shelly Warwick (Queens Library School) has asked the Chiefs to join with LACUNY on the March Legislative trip to Albany. A discussion of this idea raised the possibility that the date of the trip not correspond with the lobbying of public librarians. Professor Sherby (Hunter) stated that the Hunter Libraries participates in Hunter Colleges Lobbying Day also in March. Questions of release time and cost of travel will be discussed when Professor Laurich (City) lets Professor Bonk (Queens) know more details.
The issue of the “evolving reference services” was raised as a topic to be discussed by the Chiefs. The fact that Reference Services is not a committee or group of LACUNY was mentioned. Issues like workload, training, and trends will be discussed in the future. For the December meeting, “Reference Desk Workloads of the CUNY Libraries” will be discussed.

Treasurer's Report (Manuel Sanudo)
Budget request submitted by Professor Shelly Warwick (Queens Library School) for the Legislative Action Committee for approval.
-Robert Laurich (City) suggests holding off until further information is provided on the level of support from the CUNY Chief Librarians. Also consider choosing a different day for lobbying.
-Lucinda Zoe (Baruch) tabled the request until such time more information has been submitted concerning CUNY Legislative Day.
-Request that Shelly Warwick (Queens Library School) resubmit budget proposal to reflect her plans for collaboration between LACUNY and the Council of Chiefs.
Financial Report submitted.

Status Reports on Committees
No reports submitted.

New Business
Holiday Meeting will be held on December 15
th, 2000.
Suggested discussion for meeting is the “Quick Study” tutorial to be presented by Mariana Regalado (Brooklyn) and Anita Ondrusek (Hunter).
Announcements will be sent to delegates.

LACUNY Institute
Michael Adams (Graduate Center) will no longer serve as co-chair of the institute.
Recommend that the theme for the 2001 LACUNY Institute be “Information Literacy II” with a focus on distance education; strategies for implementation; library services for diverse users.
The delegates accepted the 2001 LACUNY Institute theme.

Meeting adjourned at 4:09 p.m.