MINUTES of the LACUNY Executive Council Meeting
Friday, February 23, 2001
John Jay College, Room 610

Manuel Sanudo (QC); Christine Bruzzese (QB); Ronnie Gomez (QC); Monica Berger (NY); Irwin Weintraub (BC); Cecilia Salber (KB); Jose A. Diaz (HO); Lucinda R. Zoe (HO); Madeline Ford (HC); M. Waldman (BB); Ed Wallace (LE); Claudia Lascar (CC); Linda Roccos (SI); Jacob Adekola (BX); Robert Laurich (CC); Marianne LaBatto (BC); Maria Kiriakova (JJ); Beth Posner (GC)

Borough of Manhattan Community College, Medgar Evers College, CUNY Law School at Queens, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York College

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of November 17, 2000 was approved.

President's Report (Lucinda Zoe)
PSC-CUNY – contract proposals document were mailed to members. All demands are reflected in proposal. Check Website for updates www.psc-cuny.org. Jane Davenport and Sharon Swacker will represent the interests of the librarians during contract negotiations. Lucinda Zoe unable to participate because of a conflict of interest as Chief of Hostos.
Unanimous vote to have Lucinda Zoe finish her term as LACUNY president.
Professional Status Committee request that each LACUNY delegate ask the chief librarian for information about reassignment leave. Data needed for the 1999/2000 and 2000/2001 academic year: names, # of weeks, # of actual days/weeks used during reassignment leave. Also requested is a list of names of the library faculty who did not receive reassignment leave or the number who were not granted leave.
In the contract demands four-week research leave for all library faculty on a rotating basis. Library faculty must submit documentation following leave. This would replace reassignment leave as it is presently defined.

Vice President's Report (Robert Laurich)
December 11, 2000
Dr. George Ott invited to Chiefs meeting. He will be working with Colette Wagner and Mike Ribaudo.
Professors Bonk and Gillespie met with V.C. Freed to discuss Information Systems positions. Met with union and came to an agreement to work outside of the contract.
RPA (remote patron authentication) moving forward. Students who have not borrowed books in awhile should check with the circulation desk.
Aleph 500 is expected in January 2002.
ERAC survey of electronic resources has been conducted
NetLibrary, 830 titles have been loaded.
ACS (American Chemical Society) will be available through the RPA
Marsha Ra (CUNY Central) reported that the tutorial from the University of Minnesota “Quick Study” would be purchased for $7000.
Darrow Wood (City Tech) presented a white paper on Information Literacy, James Marcum (CSI) also working on the white paper.

February 13, 2001
The Chiefs officially welcomed Lucinda Zoe
Four campuses have not subscribed to JSTOR
NOVEL Incentive Planning Task Force – New York Online Virtual Library – academic libraries are not represented very well and very little commitment to funding.
Training for circulation supervisors has begun, may be videoconferencing.
Acquisitions departments asked to review the Coutts fulfillment rates.
Previewing three online titles. BIO1 will be considered individually.
ScienceDirect Initiative/Elsevier is costly. With the purchase it will include access to over 750 science titles from Stonybrook. Brooklyn and City have committed. This will not be done CUNY wide.
Reference staffing issue – Pamela Gillespie (City) distributed how City provides reference service. Included in the report is # of hours open; # or hours staffed. Sharon Bonk (Queens) has also submitted a report.
There will be a Support Staff Conference at St. John's during the summer.
Discussed at the meeting librarians as teaching faculty and workload.

Treasurer's Report (Manny Sanudo)
Financial report submitted.
Balance $12,823.50
$10, 000.00 (Principal – CD account)
$250.00 (Interest)
Executive council voted that the CD be renewed for the next six months
Executive council voted to co-sponsor the New York Technical Services Librarians Reception on March 9, 2001 with a $50 donation.
Executive Council voted to approve the Washington, DC portion of the budget request submitted by the Legislative Action Committee. Up to four (4) persons to attend Washington, DC. One (1) Executive Council member abstained.
        -Chip Stewart and Rick Uttich will serve on the Legislative Action Committee and possibly Sharon Bonk.
        -Beth Posner (Graduate Center) has agreed to represent LACUNY in Washington, DC.
The Albany portion of the budget request requires further review.

Status Reports on Committees
EIS (Electronic Information Services) Committee (Lucinda Zoe)
-EIS committee proposed a program on E-Books in the spring. L. Zoe spoke with M. Brooks (John Jay) about the program. An itemized budget was not submitted to the Budget committee for review. L. Zoe received several phone calls concerning the conflict with the E-books program and the LACUNY Institute. It was suggested to M. Brooks that EIS work with the Institute and merge efforts. The EIS committee elected not to work with the LACUNY Institute. Mounir Khalil (City) asked do an afternoon panel and presentation for the Institute on E-books.

Professional Status Committee (Claudia Lascar)
-LACUNY delegates asked to gather information on reassignment leaves from CUNY libraries as discussed during the President's report.
-The committee seeks to change current name to Professional Status and Development Committee. This will be discussed with the Committee on Committees.

Committee on Committees (Robert Laurich)
-The committee will conduct virtual meetings. The committee is requesting that each committee submit a membership list and details on what is currently being done. This will be shared with LACUNY delegates once compiled.

Urban Library Journal
-Michael Adams (Graduate Center) has received several articles and anticipates going to press very soon.

Other committees
-Suggestion made to improve the production value of the directory in the future.

LACUNY Institute (Maria Kiriakova)
        -Title of the LACUNY Institute is “Information Literacy: Reaching Diverse Populations”
- It is hoped that the keynote speaker will be a non-librarian, someone who is an administrator such as a provost or dean.
        - Next meeting of the Institute committee will be held on Friday, March 2nd.
- Practical and theoretical perspectives will be presented.

New Business
Nominating committee will include Claudia Lascar (City); Jose Diaz (Hostos); Manuel Sanudo (Queens); and Monica Berger (NY Tech)
Three lines open at Hostos
Spring program date will be on June 22
An article criticizing tenure appeared in Library Journal, vol. 144, February 15, 2001.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.