MINUTES of the LACUNY Executive Council Meeting
Friday, March 16, 2001
John Jay College, Room 610

Cecilia Salber (KB); Jeanne Galvin (KB); Marianne LaBatto (BC); Irwin Weintraub (BC); M. Waldman (BB); Michael S. Borries (CO); Ed Wallace (LE); Ronnie Gomez (QC); Manuel Sanudo (QC); Michael Adams (GC); Linda Roccos (SI); Maria Kiriakova (JJ); Monica Berger (NY); Christine Bruzzese (QB); Douglas Duchin (BB); Kenneth Schlesinger (LG); Jose A. Diaz (HO); Robert Laurich (CC); Madeline Ford (HC)

Borough of Manhattan Community College; Bronx Community College; Medgar Evers College; CUNY Law School at Queens; Queens Graduate School of Library & Information Studies; York College

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of February 23, 2001 was approved.

President's Report (Robert Laurich on behalf of Lucinda Zoe)
Meeting was chaired by Robert Laurich, Vice President.

Vice President's Report (Madeline Ford on behalf of Robert Laurich)
March 12, 2001
On March 20, 2001 SUNY Provost, Peter Salins will meet with SUNY, CUNY and other private academic institutions to discuss more collaboration and seek to strengthen relationship with NYLINK. Louise Sherby (Hunter), Sharon Bonk (Queens) and Marsha Ra (Office of Library Services) will attend. There is no non-librarian representation.
The State Assembly and Senate proposed $80 million in support of digital libraries.

ExLibris has experienced some problems with training technicians with the new system and maintaining the current one. The project has a delay that will affect the time line. Campuses are unable to view data at this time. Office of Library Services Digital Library Project website is http://ols.cuny.edu. IP address and password restrict the site. From May until June the review process of the 50,000-subset database of records will begin. Meetings with committees will commence to review the subset.

RPA statistics distributed. Note that the numbers for Wilson may be low because RPA status went into effect at the end of February.

Coutts statistics distributed for review of delivery frequency.

Poor attendance at the recent ISI Current Contents training sessions. ISI is willing to provide training sessions at campuses if guaranteed an attendance of 10 or more.

Evaluation committee for electronic resources will meet March 12 to review surveys.

ScienceDirect is up and running. Inter-Library Loan is reminded to check the titles list before ordering articles. Libraries that have purchased ScienceDirect can print and send articles to other CUNY libraries. The participants are asked to report data to Elsevier for the next six- (6) months. Libraries should contact Elsevier directly.

CIS Statistical Universe (Lexis/Nexis) and e-psyche (Cambridge Scientific) still on trial.

Figures have been distributed outlining what the Office of Library Services spends.

Old Business
Information Literacy Taskforce (Mariana Regalado, Brooklyn) still in negotiation with University of Minnesota for “Quick Study” tutorial.

Draft 3 of the “LACUNY Council of Chief Librarians Information Literacy White Paper” distributed for further discussion. Several suggestions were made for inclusion in the white paper.

Dr. George Ott's Taskforce on Educational Technology. Arthur Downing (Baruch) and James Marcum (Staten Island) attended a meeting of the subcommittee for policy, faculty development and research. A draft of a set of recommendations to the Chancellor's office will be sent to campuses.

Baruch's Online Digital Reference Service (Arthur Downing) is a full chat reference service designed to provide additional outreach service to students in the Executive Programs and other off-site programs. In the future looking to hire people to work without being on campus. Possibility of pooling resources with other campuses given the diminishing temp services budget. Stephen Francoeur and Lisa Ellis are providing the digital reference service. HumanClick is the software used to provide the service.

Rona Ostrow (Lehman) announced that "Food for Thought" lounge has opened in the Lehman library. Vending machines and wireless Emacs provided to users.

Cybercafes are also located at City, Lehman and Brooklyn.

Discussion about the title used for the current position for Chief Librarian at the Graduate Center. The Council of Chief Librarians will write a letter to the Chair of the search committee to reinforce the need to hire an individual with a library degree for the position.

Treasurer's Report (Manny Sanudo)
LACUNY will not participate in the New York Legislative Day in Albany.
May 2, 2001 is the lobbying day in Washington, DC. April 30, 2001 and May 1, 2001 is ALA Legislative Day. Beth Posner (Graduate Center), Chip Stewart (City), Shelly Warwick (Queens Library School) will attend Washington, DC legislative lobbying day.

Status Reports on Committees
Professional Status Committee -- no report
Committee on Committees -- various committees have been contacted for updated membership list. Executive Committee was reminded that occasional papers have not been done in some time. The occasional paper should be considered for the Institute.

CUNY Circulation Roundtable and CUNY Circulation Committee was merged and is chaired by Pat Young. Question posed to Executive committee to reestablish the roundtable meetings held four times a year, one person from each campus on committee. Roundtables are open to all interested. The Executive Committee voted to keep the roundtables (Circulation and Acquisitions/Collection Development) separate from 57th Street.

ULJ Journal
One more article is needed to complete the journal. The publication of ULJ is anticipated in the summer.
Approval is needed at the CUNY and the national level that takes approximately six weeks.
There is a possibility of two articles for the following issue.

Nominations Committee
Moving towards a slate. Lucinda Zoe forwarded a list of requirements to the committee.

LACUNY Institute
Dr. Lorie Roth will be the keynote speaker and Dr. Teresa Neely will be the afternoon speaker. Institute will have a panel discussion on "Defining the Needs of Diverse Populations" and several breakout sessions.

New Business
June 22, 2001 is the scheduled spring membership meeting and program. Suggested speakers Dr. George Ott- Fellow distance education; Shelly Warwick on lobbying; grants; or copyright.

Send information on reassignment leaves to Claudia Lascar at City College. Noted that reassignment leave ranges from 2-4 weeks for research. Individuals are released from duties in the library. Allotment given to each college depends on the number of librarians.

Meeting adjourned at 3:41 p.m.