MINUTES of the LACUNY Executive Council Meeting
Friday, April 20, 2001
John Jay College, Room 610

Jacob Adekola (BX); Jeanne Galvin (KB); Marianne LaBatto (BC); Irwin Weintraub (BC); Michael S. Borries (CO); Ronnie Gomez (QC); Michael Adams (GC); Linda Roccos (SI); Maria Kiriakova (JJ); Monica Berger (NY); Douglas Duchin (BB); Kenneth Schlesinger (LG); Jose A. Diaz (HO); Robert Laurich (CC); Madeline Ford (HC); Ed Wallace (LE); Lucinda Zoe (HO)

Borough of Manhattan Community College; Medgar Evers College; CUNY Law School at Queens; Queens Graduate School of Library & Information Studies; Queensborough Community College; York College

Agenda was approved, with corrections.

Minutes of March 16, 2001 was approved, with corrections.

President's Report (Lucinda Zoe)
Slate for election of officers to LACUNY for 2001/2002 was presented.

The LACUNY Institute is moving along.

Vice President's Report (Robert Laurich)
Collection development committee recommended that the ARTFL and Current Contents databases be cancelled. Products that are kept may use different vendors. Rick Uttich (CC) spoke on the importance of Current Contents in light of the 80th St. science initiative. Marsha Ra pointed out that it cost $100 per search during the last fiscal year. Also that Table of Contents services is available via Ebsco Online and Science Direct.
Lexis/Nexis will be renewed.

The colleges entering the contract can purchase ScienceDirect records. The “Serial Solutions” product may be a useful tool for dealing with records.

ILL Taskforce announced that Intracampus borrowing would be available by the fall. Libraries were asked to check ScienceDirect titles before using ILL.

The Office of Library Services reported that ExLibris is not going as smoothly as expected. NOTIS may be extended while the ExLibris project is completed. Staff computers need 64megs to run Aleph500. Aleph500 Website is http://ols.cuny.edu. Username: Aleph500 (may be case sensitive) and Password: documents.

All librarians are asked to review EbscoNet. May 4
th is the deadline for the recommendation of to the Council of Chiefs. SilverPlatter and CSA products may also be switched. Susan Vaughn indicated that you could link PsycLit with the Academic full-text.

Matching funds will be released to the libraries in early May.

The IL taskforce distributed draft 4A of the “White Paper”. This will be the final document after some minor changes are addressed.

The IL tutorial has hit a roadblock. Minnesota besides asking a $7,000 fee included a contact that was extremely problematic. The Chiefs are considering the tutorial from Cal Poly.

The Aleph500 Implementation Committee has formed an Instructional Materials Taskforce. The members of the taskforce are Michael Adams (GC); Alexandra deLuise (QC); Beth Evans (BC); Ann Grafstein (SI); Rob Laurich (CC); Anita Ondrusek (HC); Tess Tobin (NY); James Watson (LE); and Danish Yazdani (ME). The focus will be on the public side of Aleph.

Publicity for Aleph will begin in the fall.

The Council of Chiefs will meet during the summer to deal with Aleph issues.

A call for nominees for the Council of Chiefs meeting went out. Deadline is prior to the May meeting to be held at the CUNY Law School Library.

Treasurer's Report (Manuel Sanudo)        
No report.

The executive committee voted to make an addition to the membership form to identify the members' degree.

Status Reports on Committees
Professional Status Committee
The executive committee voted to change the name of the committee to “Professional Status & Faculty Development Committee.” The executive committee voted to accept the spring membership committee program presented by the Professional Status & Faculty Development Committee.
Committee on Committees
Discussion about creating an associate member status in LACUNY. HEO membership will be discussed in the fall.

Nominations Committee
The slate of nominations was approved and accepted by the executive committee. Noted the ballot should also reflect that a vote is needed for the acceptance of library school students attending Queens and/or working in a CUNY library be allowed membership into LACUNY, they will join as regular members.

Urban Library Journal
Articles at the CUNY level have been approved. National level approval is needed. Printing of ULJ is expected during the summer.

LACUNY Institute
Program was distributed. A flyer will be designed and distributed to Executive committee for distribution to librarians. Vendors have been placed on the webpage with their logo and link to their webpage. Suggestion to send personal emails to non-CUNY institute attendees who attended last year.
The executive committee approved the budget for the LACUNY institute.

New Business
Media Consortium (Kenneth Schlesinger) to become a committee of LACUNY. The executive committee approved and will create a roundtable to be called the “Multimedia Roundtable”

Brooklyn College will be having a series of workshops. The first will be “Demystifying Copyright.”

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.