MINUTES of the LACUNY Executive Council Meeting
Friday, September 21, 2001
John Jay College, Room 610
Shelia Beck (QB), Monica Berger (NY), Jerry Bornstein (BB), Michael S. Borries (CO), Jamie Chao (BB), Douglas Duchin (BB), Nancy Egan (JJ), Lisa Finder (HC), Madeline Ford (HC), Stephen Francoeur (BB), Jeanne D. Galvin (KB), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Mee-Len Hom (HC), Maria Kiriakova (JJ), David Koenigstein (BX), Miriam Laskin (HO), Robert Laurich (CC), Mariana Regalado (BC), Linda Roccos (SI), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Carlton Lula (ME), Sydney Van Nort (CC) Ed Wallace (LE), Irwin Weintraub (BC).

Borough of Manhattan College, Graduate Center, CUNY Law School at Queens, Queens Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York.

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of April 20, 2001 was approved.

President's Report (Robert Laurich)
Opening statement and introduction of all current council members.
Three goals for the coming year:
1) Evaluation of our current committees. Need to strengthen them. Would like the whole executive board to be more active and to have at least one executive member go to a committee and report back to the board on what they are planning.
2) Outreach to CUNY librarians. Have publication committee work on promotional material. To let everyone know what the organization is about and how important it is for them to join.
3) To create a two-tier membership bylaws or Committees on Committee with a proposal on a two tier membership. One tier is for the professional librarians the second tier would be support staff and students at the library school.
The second tier group would not have voting rights. They would not be able to participate on this council. They will be able to have the other benefits of LACUNY including committee work on the elective committees. The executive council needs to consider this do to the drop of our membership and the lose of revenue.

Vice President's Report (Madeline Ford)
Highlights on the September 10, 2001 Chief Librarian's meeting:
– Collection Development Committee: The Gale Literacy Resource Center and MLA International Bibliography has been added on to the library service page.
– EBSCO has replaced Infotrac.
– The IL Task Force comprised of Anita Ondrusek, Katherine Killoran, Mariana Regalado, and Linda Roccos are working on the tutorial modules. A quiz component on CUNY+. This should happen sometime in October 2001.
M. Regalado stated that the group is still working on it and the October 2001 date is not realistic.
– Vice Chancellor Mirrer has endorsed the Council's White Paper on information literacy which has been sent to all the chief librarian's academic officers. Several of the college libraries mentioned what they were doing on their front to promote information literacy and using the white paper's. Not everyone has done this but they hope administration will support and back this so that it can it implemented on other campuses.
– Ex Libris project Aleph500 has been backed up. It was to have debuted in January 2002 but has been pushed back to June 1st 2002.
– Bob Machalow (YC) stated since we are New York State employees, we are eligible to get a New York State library card which would give us access to the New York State libraries and all the electronic sources. All you have to do is to go on to their website and follow directions. You have to give them a copy of your pay stub.

Treasurer's Report (Ed Wallace)
– No bills during the summer.
– As of today, we have an opening balance of $11,106.65.
– We received a check from Wiley & Sons for the amount of $500 (payment for last LACUNY Institute program).
– Membership forms were sent out except BMCC, but will be sent out to them as soon as possible.
– The 6 month CD was renewed at a rate of 3.9%. The principal balance is $10,000. Renewal was done before the meeting of the executive board with the president's approval due to a timing issue but in the future the renewal will be discussed with the executive council.

The President stated that budgets from committees are requested to be sent to the Treasurer. They are needed by the next executive council meeting.

Status Reports on Committees

Electronic Information Services (EIS)
Two programs are planned for the following year and they are:
1) Distance Learning and Academic Libraries in the 21st Century - Friday, November 2, 2001 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm at Hunter College - School of Social Work - 6th floor -129 E. 79 St.
2) Bits & Bytes: Librarians Harnessing New Innovations in Technology - Friday, November 16, 2001 - 9:00am - 12:30pm at John Jay College 2nd Floor Electronic Classroom 10th Ave. between 58 St.

Urban Library Journal
– Want to establish a regular publication of twice a year.
– Would like to restore indexing of the journal
– Would like to revise the editorial board to meet at least once a semester.
– Would like to use the data (library user) collected from Baruch's School of Public Affairs for a future article.
-- A new issue will hopefully be published next month.
– The deadline for the next issue (Spring) is December 2001.

Pres. Laurich recommends that for institutions that have stopped subscribing to the journal that a complimentary issue be sent to them.

LACUNY Directory
Marty Helgesen (CC) is using an old database that can't be upgraded. Electronic format was suggested but not all agreed upon since this is the only publication that is printed on a regular basis with the LACUNY dues.
Pres. Laurich formed an ad hoc group with Laurich, Helgesen, Berger, Ford and Uttich to go over what to do with the directory.

Professional Status
Workshop for PSC-CUNY grants had to be rescheduled for October 5, 2001. It will be held at Hunter College Library - 9:30am - 12:00pm–Room 114 (in the library)

LACUNY Institute
Approximated a $900 profit made for institute. There was 160 attendees. The result of the questionnaire was that the librarians want more practical experience and less theory. Need more volunteers for the institute committee. By next meeting the Ad Hoc Work Group and EIS may have more suggestions on topics for the Institute to pursue.
M. Kiriakova (JJ) was asked to bring in the answered questionnaires from the last institute so that the board can look them over.

New Business
L. Roccos proposed a committee name change from Information Resource Instruction Services (EIS) to Information Literacy. Pres. Laurich will put in writing to the IRI committee about a possible name change.

Election of the Standing Committee
Election of Constitution & Bylaws and Committee on Committees
After much discussion, voting will take place at the next Executive Council meeting.

Election of Budget Committee
Jeanne E. Galvin and Mariana Regalado were nominated for an one position on the budget committee. M. Regalado elected.

Pres. Laurich announced that the budget committee will meet one hour before the general meeting to discuss budget.

ACRL Symposium scheduled for Friday, December 7 will be held at NYPL. Topics of discussion will be on assessment and information literacy.

Irwin Weintraub (BC) circulated a list with all the foreign bibliographers throughout the CUNY schools. It's a list for sharing resource information on foreign languages.

Executive committee voted to extend one year membership to computer technicians.

Please have the LACUNY delegates names sent to Madeline Ford or Robert Laurich. We need the name of the following CUNY schools. They are BMCC., BX, Centro, CUNY Law, KB, LE, YC, Queens Library School and QC.

A Fulbright Scholar Sandrine Gropp has joined City College Library for the next 2 months and has been observing the various CUNY's information literary programs and has been observing the LACUNY executive council meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50pm.