Friday, October 19, 2001

John Jay College, Room 510


Michael Adams (GC), Sheila Beck (QB), Monica Berger (NY), Jerry Bornstein (BB), Michael S. Borries (CO), Douglas Duchin (BB), Lisa Finder (HC), Madeline Ford (HC), Mee-Len Hom (HC), Maria Kiriakova (JJ), David Koenigstein (BX), Claudia Lascar (CC), Miriam (Micki) Laskin (HO), Robert Laurich (CC), Jim Mellone (QC), Mariana Regalado (BC), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Angelo Tripicchio (KC), Sydney Van Nort (CC), Ed Wallace (LE), Irwin Weintraub (BC)


Borough of Manhattan College, CUNY Law School at Queens, Medgar Evers, Queens Graduate School of Library & Informtion Studies, College of Staten Island, York College

Agenda was approved with corrections.

Minutes of September 21, 2001 was approved with corrections.

President's Report (Robert Laurich)

Discussion concerning membership to others without library or education technology degrees, tabeled for discussion by bylaws committee. Issues with Brooklyn College concerning the last executive council meeting. The concern is with the vote that took place regarding membership. Thus, a discussion was needed to see what transpired when Irwin Weintraub had requested to allow computer technicians to become members and agreed to a one year extension .

The ad hoc committee met concerning LACUNY directory. What was discussed with M. Ford, R. Uttich, M. Helegensen, M. Berger the directory will be in paper and web format. We are going to recommend a vote today of an allocation of $1000 this year to keep to the paper copy and to make changes in conversion to word perfect 5.1 to microsoft access. Budget requests for $1000 to cover the cost of printing and conversion.

BMCC: Is back in working order but not their computers or e-mail. Have gotten a request for help with searching for call numbers and all CUNY schools will help with this request.

Vice President's Report (Madeline Ford)

Chief Librarians Meeting Report:

Committee Reports

Executive Committee - Gretchen Douglass (SUNY Law) sent a letter offering support to Manhattan campuses affected by the September 11th communication outages.

Collection Development - Sharon Bonk will chair committee to look at document delivery costs and intra-CUNY through ILL. The budget of OLS needs to be reduced overall by $30,000 for CUNY. This will pay for the Gale Literary Resource Center.

Personnel & Budget - no report. Louise Sherby mentioned that an Information Systems Assistant was hired in an academic department. L. Sherby will discuss this with the chair of the department and give feedback on this matter.

Public Services - no report

Technical Services - no report

Information Literacy - (Darrow Wood) M. Regalado and committee are working on the tutorial. Modules 1-4 are in draft form expected in November. Chief Librarians are asked to contact D. Wood about the Information Literacy White Paper; he is interested in how campuses are responding and any new initiatives.

Aleph 500 Implementation - Completed implementation of Ex Libris expected June 2002, with a preview in May 2002. Technical services is expected July 2002.

Treasurer's Report (Ed Wallace)
Started out with $11,505.65 and gained $990.00 from membership dues.
Interest from the CD is 197.67. The total balance is $12,794.32.

The President stated that three requests have been made to the budget committee and prior to the executive council meeting they have been approved.

ULJ is requesting money for the cost of having the next issue typeset. In the past someone from Hunter College was used and meeting deadlines were not met. The budget committee discussed using somebody else. Loren Mendelsohn's wife came up because she does typesetting as a career and she guarantees a 3 to 4 day turn around time. The cost was comparable to what we are paying now.

Wanted to bring up the fact that we were using a wife of a LACUNY member and may be a conflict of interest. The budget committee did not feel it was a conflict of interest. In fact it was the same price with better service.

Pres. Laurich wanted to open it up for discussion. $3000 is requested for the next two issues, one for the fall and one for the spring semester. I reserve the right to come back later for adjustment because it has been awhile since an issue has come out. Due to inflation we may have to ask for some more funding but at this point J. Bornstein feels confident that $3000 request will cover both issues.

J. Bornstein stated that he approximately will raise $3000 in terms of ads.

Budget request for ULJ was voted for and approved.

EIS budget has requested $300. It is for two events in November. The request covers a honorarium for the Hunter College distance learning center, two speakers (each at $50), two computer technicians to help out in the distance learning center and $90 for refreshments.

Budget request for EIS was voted for and approved.

LACUNY Directory
Final request is for the LACUNY directory. The group met at CC to discuss this and in the past the cost is approximately $1000 to put out the directory. The photocopying center at CC campus charges 2 cents a page and will be done there.
Thus, it would be a savings if we do it in-house. This will allow the cover of the LACUNY directory to be on high gloss paper and also to hire a technical assistance for the conversion project of word perfect 4.1 to Microsoft Access. Rick Uttich will start on it but he will have to hire someone for the conversion.

Budget request for LACUNY directory was voted and approved.

Status Reports on Committees

EIS: We went over the events the last time and the EIS events will have happened by the next time we meet. Encourage members to participate. The two events in November will be sent through CUBLIS and on the LACUNY web page.

Publication Committe: ULJ next issue will be out beginning of November. Spring issue is in preparation. Speakers at ALA conference have been asked to submit articles for publication. Wiley is interested in giving $500 for an ad in the next issue.

LACUNY Directory: Have to get from the various campuses the updated membership list. The delay in receiving this information may also delay the directory to be published. Please e-mail the list to M. Helgesen at City College.

LACUNY Institute: Seeking volunteers. All are welcome, encourage your colleagues at work to volunteer to help the Institute. The theme for this years Institute is on technology and the impact on librarians in the new millennium.

Election: Committees on Committees: C. Lascar(CC) and M. Berger(NY) were nominated and both were elected.

Election: Constitution and By-Laws Committee: I. Weintraub(BC) and M. Corpus(BC) were nominated and both were elected.

Discussion ensued concerning LACUNY membership. The matter will be taken up with the constitution and by-laws committee.

New Business:
M. Berger recommends a creation of a new round table of library webmasters, systems librarian and information technicians. Round tables are opened to members and non-members of LACUNY. It will be discussed by the Committees on Committees.

Meeting adjourned at 4pm.