Friday, November 16, 2001
John Jay College, Room 510
Madeline Ford (HC), Robert Laurich (CC), Douglas Duchin (BB), Ed Wallace (LE), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Irwin Weintraub (BC), Mee-Len Hom (HC), Janey Chao (BB), Monica Berger (NY), Lisa Finder (HC), Nancy Egan (JJ), Ann Grafstein (SI), David Koenigstein (BX), Sheila Beck (QB), Carlton Lula (ME), Michael Adams (GC), Michael S. Borries (CO), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Jerry Bornstein (BB)

Borough of Manhattan Community College, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens, Queens Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York College

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of October 19, 2001 were approved with corrections.

President's Report (Robert Laurich):
-- Discussion of December's membership meeting. Membership meeting set for Friday, December 14th at John Jay, room 650.
-- The caterers that were used from the past have been contacted and the cost will be $400 and that will cover about 50 members.
-- The topics of the membership meeting will be on the various upcoming electronic sources on government documents. There will be two government documents librarians (Grace Ellen McCrann (CC) and Nancy Macomber (QC) presenting.).

Vice President's Report (Madeline Ford)
Chief's Librarian Meeting Report:
-- At Hunter College in the Film and Media Studies department they have hired a film and media specialist with a title, of information systems. The problem is that it is on a HEO line and not a faculty which it once was.
-- There will be a test for information aides but no one has information on where they work or what they do. They are not Gittleson's.
-- A charter was passed around concerning the white papers. D. Wood (NY) wanted to know overall, which CUNY colleges were implementing the white paper. Some CUNY colleges were hopeful that it would be incorporated in the general education requirement and some being re-evaluated this and next semester.
-- The responses to the Information Technology Report from George Ott, were that there were funds available and have created different lines such as Information Technology Specialist and Technology Fellows. What is unclear is how, and who is this person and where can the person be found. They are supposed to help faculty design distant learning courses.
-- Aleph 500 committee will have training on selected campuses in each borough.
-- There will be a ERAC committee meeting on 1/30/01 to view and demonstrate two products and they are Inforshare and McGill's Masterplots.
-- B. Higginbotham (BC) would like a committee to be formed with librarians and chief librarians throughout CUNY concerning copyright policy. Would like to create a policy that can be used throughout CUNY.

Treasurer's Report (Ed Wallace):
-- Refunded non-professional membership money to Brooklyn College.
-- EIS went over budget of $115.00 with food.
  Over budget payment was voted and approved.
-- $400 was requested by the President for the December membership meeting event.
   Budget request was voted and approved.
-- ULJ requested an added expense of $79 for delivery of materials and $40 for use of the cover design.
  J. Bornstein noted that he will receive $900 from EBSCO for two issue ads. He will also receive $500 from Wiley and Coutts who is also interested in a future issue of the journal.
  Over budget payment was requested, voted and approved.

Status Reports on Committees:
The two events were very well attended. There were 26 people who attended the distant learning workshop at Hunter and 35 (with overflow) attendees at John Jay. Hopefully this committee will help with the LACUNY institute spring event.

Publication Committee:
Jerry Bornstein, editor of ULJ:
-- The journal should be out sometime in the first week of December. There are approximately 20 subscribers through EBSCO and 55 direct subscriptions. In the spring there should be more subscribers.
-- President Laurich asked for clarification on who is the chair of the publication committee because the directory and newsletter should be under this committee. Bornstein recollection is Sally Bowdoin (BC) but 3-4 years ago the publication committee and ULJ were separated.

Committee on Committees:
-- A possible name change with the EIS to library instruction.
-- S. Warwick does not mind stepping down as chair of the legislative committee. Thus, Grace Ellen McCrann(CC) and Lisa Ellis (BB) will take over and re-organize the committee.
-- New roundtable with web page designers and library systems head. This is open to everyone. Want to create a roundtable instead of a committee due to the structure in our by-laws on membership.
  A vote on this new roundtable was put forth and approved.

Library Instruction Committee:
R. Johnson wants to re-vamp the committee and M. Ford will talk to her to see if she still wants to continue the committee and how R. Johnson and others on the committee would like to re-vamp it to get the committee moving.

Constitution and By-Laws:
-- Would like to have re-structuring of the by-laws concerning a two tier system. The words would match with ALA as opposed to having to indicate each and every area that a person could or could not be in. ALA states that if a person works in a library and has a library degree then they can be in tier one, otherwise they would fall into the next tier.
-- After this segment has been re-worded it will be opened up to the membership for an open discussion and to make a motion to have it come to a vote in April.

LACUNY Institute:
-- Working on a topic but it may deal with anxiety with technology. Would like a keynote speaker that has a point on this issue. Would like a breakout session instead of a panel discussion. Breakout sessions would be in the morning and afternoon with some hands-on.
-- Some suggested topics are copyright laws, traditional librarians who have anxiety with technology, plagiarism, librarians and faculty working together, distance learning, cataloging electronic multimedia resources, training of support staff and vendor presentations.
-- Space is a problem. What is needed are electronic classrooms. Baruch College, Graduate Center and Science Industry, & Business Library (SIBL) was suggested.
-- May 17th is the LACUNY Institute event.

Old Business:
-- Discussion of membership program

New Business:
-- Meeting adjourned at 4:05pm.
-- Next meeting will be December 14, 2001.