Friday, February 15, 2002
John Jay College, Room 510

Michael Adams (GC), Sheila Beck (QB), Monica Berger (NY), Jocelyn Berger-Barrera (BC), Jerry Bornstein (BB), Michael S. Borries (CO), Jose Diaz (HO), Douglas Duchin (BB), Nancy Egan (JJ), Lisa Finder (HC), Madeline Ford (HC), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Jeanne Galvin (KB), Ann Grafstein (SI), Mee-Len Hom (HC), David Koenigstein (BX), Robert Laurich (CC), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Ed Wallace (LE)

Borough of Manhattan Community College, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens, Medgar Evers College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York College

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of November 16, 2001 was approved with corrections.

President's Report (Robert Laurich):
-- In December we had the membership meeting at John Jay and it went well. There were well over 50 attendees. We had the two government document librarians presenting and a reception followed.
-- A few issues need to be brought out and instead of mentioning it here at the President's Report they will be discussed during the new business. In particular a request from the Council of Chief Librarians concerning the Immersion Program.

Vice-President's Report (Madeline Ford)
Chief Librarians Meeting Report (for a two month period):

  December 10, 2001
-- Public Services End: The student i.d. cards were discussed because there is no central card for all of CUNY. There are problems reading the card on different CUNY campuses, in regards to bar codes. Should the bar codes be imprinted onto the card or not because of the upcoming new system. There are problems bringing up the students record on screen.
-- Bratton group is a security group hired to upgrade security at the CUNY colleges. Hunter College will be the test college because it is an institution that has an open campus where you do not have to show identification to enter into the institution.
-- Copyright: The task force will be submitting their report during the next chief's meeting (4/8) so it can be reviewed by them.
-- Aleph 500: The group are looking over and working on various features to promote the Aleph 500.
-- Office of Library Services: The Magill database is still on trial however, Borough of Manhattan Community College and LaGuardia Community College have bought a subscription to them. Also, the Inforshare database will cost about $500.00 for unlimited users.
-- Coutts contract was presented to the Board of Trustees and nothing was said or decided.
-- Pat Young met with the web design task force to design the web page for the Adelph 500. She will meet with the circulation and ILL committee.
-- Information Literacy Immersion program 2002: Three schools have submitted a proposal and they are Staten Island, City and Lehman and hoping for financial assistance because it is needed.
-- Finance and technology fee: Marcum (SI) suggested that there should be ways to raise money. Lehman College had a run-walk to raise funds. There will be an increase in student fees this coming semester.

  February 4, 2002
-- Daniel Shure spoke at the chief's librarian meeting and he serves as the content manager for the web site (http://www.cuny.edu). The site provides news and information about CUNY schools. Mr. Shure would like input from the various CUNY libraries, which they can send directly to him via e-mail. In the future it is hoped that an Intranet will be created. Mr. Shure shared information about the “Portal Initiative” which Brian Cohen is in charge of. The idea is to create a database driven site. A student and faculty portal is planned with hopes of having this up by next year. Each college will be represented in the working group.
-- A. Downing (BB) is investigating the technology fee at Baruch. The Presidents council is also discussing the technology fee. S. Bonk (QC) announced a list created several years ago on revenue generating/cost saving initiatives. Funding for the portal project will come out of city funds. Goal to have part of the fee going to library.
-- Efficiency savings (S. Bonk) in pilot phase for pooling purchasing that is being done in the Bronx and Queens.
-- Information Literacy: The tutorial is up and running. Access at OLS site or URL: http://ols.cuny.edu/tutorial.
-- LACUNY delegates are encouraged to report back to their libraries on the Council of Chief meetings.

Treasurer's Report (Ed Wallace):
-- Membership dues so far for December 2001 and January 2002 has been $622.50.
-- With both EIS programs, ULJ and the December membership event over LACUNY has been left with a balance of $11,009.77.

Status Reports on Committees:
Publication Committee:
J. Bornstein, editor of ULJ:
-- Has convinced Wilson Index to start re-indexing ULJ.
-- When the LACUNY Institute event appears there should be another ULJ issue out.
-- Have talked with people from a national advisor panel during the mid-winter ALA meeting and to change the structure and reviewing process of ULJ advisory board. There will be a regional, out of state and international people on the board.

LACUNY Directory:
-- The conversion problem has been completed by Rick Uttich (CC).
-- M. Berger (NY) is working on a new cover.
-- Cost of the directory will be less due to in-house duplicating at City College.
-- By the next meeting a budget request will be asked for the cost of the directory.

Other Committees:
-- Constitutional by-laws committee:
Should be meeting soon so that the exact words concerning membership can be opened up for discussion on CULIBS and then voted in the June election.

-- LACUNY Institute:
M. Ford stated that it is still in the working process so there is no report.
Pres. Laurich stated that by the next meeting there should be more information. I will be contacting M. Brooks for her EIS committee to help out with the event.

Old Business:
Not official but Bronx Community College may have a new chief librarian (Theresa McMannus)

New Business:
--A nominating committee was formed to prepare a June election to put together a slate for the Spring. The LACUNY executive board voted and approved the following:
  -- Kenneth Schlesinger (LG)
  -- Mariana Regalado (BC)
  -- Jose Diaz (HO)
  -- Lisa Finder(HC)

-- Council of Chiefs Request concerning the Immersion Program
   A discussion ensued concerning this issue. The outcome of the meeting was that funding for the immersion program through LACUNY did not seem proper.
-- The proposal that L. Sherby (HC) proposed to Pres. Laurich seemed it should have come from the home campus through professional development.
-- The immersion program benefits the individual institutions and not CUNY wide.
-- There was also concern that it should be a discussion to the other librarians in CUNY before the vote, but a few members of the LACUNY executive board felt that it was not necessary.
-- Another proposal that was brought up was instead of funding individual programs, LACUNY could start with a scholarship fund where the organization can give a X amount of money to someone in CUNY to help fund a conference or even a library school student. This will all depend on budget.
   A vote was taken for funding the immersion program. The results were 10-No and 1 Abstention.

A discussion of what will ensue during the June meeting and they are:
-- Elections and ballot counting
-- Program (possible topics: going over the CUNY tutorial, the revised CUNY portal website with Brian Cohen) with an in-house discussion between 20-40 minutes of talk.
-- Reception following

Meeting adjourned: 3:40pm.
Next meeting will be March 15, 2002.