Friday, March 22, 2002
John Jay College, Library Conference Room

Stephen Francoeur (BB), Janey Chao (BB), David Koenigstein (BX), Irwin Weintraub (BC), Robert Laurich (CC), Ann Grafstein (SI), Jose Diaz (HO), Lisa Finder (HC), Philip Swan (HC), Madeline Ford (HC), Mee-Len Hom (HC), Nancy Egan (JJ), Angelo Tripicchio (KB), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Ed Wallace (LE), Carlton Lula (ME), Monica Berger (NY), Sheila Beck (QB)

Borough of Manhattan Community College, Central Office, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens, Graduate Center, Queens College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York College

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of February 15th, 2002 approved with corrections.

President's Report: (Robert Laurich)
–Today's meeting reports will be broken down in this meeting.
–The Executive Council saw the contract for the first time last night and also, two library representatives (H. Cline (CC) and S. Swacker (NY)) were allowed to view the contract. They were not allowed to take the papers out of the room. From what was read we will be getting a 4% increase for the first year, 3% increase for the second year, and a 2% increase in benefits only. So in essence we are getting a 7% raise in salary. Unfortunately, it indicates we're not getting an increase in anything else. The bonuses were changes made for the teaching faculty and not for librarians. The librarians have been clumped together as counselors in the contract.
        Question was raised: Did S. Swacker mention anything about all new faculty members getting a month off for research, especially if the librarians were going to get this ? Answer from Pres. Laurich: I really don't know because I couldn't get a hold of Sharon. I did ask H. Cline who said he did not see any indication of this written in the contract. We really will all know in two weeks. The wording in the contract states that we were part of the counselor's contract and not teaching faculty.

Vice-President's Report: (Madeline Ford)
–At the Council of Chief's meeting Brian Cohen (Chief Information Officer) and Colette Wagner (Director of Education & Training for CUNY) were invited to speak on the CUNY web Portal Project and RPA access. RPA (remote patron authentication) is problematic usually during the evenings and weekends. It goes down. The problem is with the communication between machines talking with another machine. B. Cohen is working to solve this problem and what may happen in the future is to go over to another system.
–Portal Project is to bring in all the CUNY colleges on one web page. Just like the NYC web sites where they inter-link with one another. The Chief Librarians had questions concerning with conformity and set standards on how the page would look.
–C. Wagner stated that there has been a setback on this project. However, they expect the portal to be ready within a year. Consultants have been hired to work with the Steering Committee, a contractor has been hired to handle the system administration and they have also hired a quality assurance consultant. These groups are working together to develop the CUNY portal. First draft of the portal should be ready by June 2002, the implementation of a single-user sign-in is expected by December 2002. The September 2002 release is expected to integrate the libraries Aleph 500 system.
–Technology fee: The technology fee has been passed by the Board of Trustees and the Chiefs discussed and formed a resolution that requests 10% of the annual revenue for the expanded purchases of electronic databases to be offered centrally to students. As the funds come in they will be distributed to each campus so depending on your FTE's. What the Chief's propose is that instead of waiting and getting from each individual campus, they want to take off the top 10% of that money and will go into additional electronic resources that can be used CUNY wide. The Chief's felt it was important to take the money before it was dispersed to individual campuses due to the competition that will be going to be among the CUNY campuses.
        They passed a resolution and drafted a letter to Vice Chancellor Mierra and Chancellor Goldstein.
–Pres. Laurich stated that each campus have their own committees to decide on how the money will be spent, i.e. if your home campus is a heavy user in the sciences then it would probably go into it. There is no guarantee there will be a library representation campus wide, unless the chief librarian advocates to be on the committee.
Vice-Pres. Ford stated funding is for new things and not to support what you have currently.

Treasurer's Report: (Ed Wallace)
–The money figures were the same from last month.
–The CD was renewed and will find out the new interest rate for the next six months and will report back to the executive council.
–Sent to L. Roccos the final list of LACUNY members.

–ULJ: Pres. Laurich read an e-mail update from Jerry Bornstein who couldn't be at the meeting.
–There will be a new issue out in May. The theme issue is, 'defining and identifying the main research question of urban librarianship' The journal has a major theoretical review by Beth Posner (GC). An annotated bibliography from L. Fluk and additional articles from the outside contributors.
–ULJ plans on posting B. Posner article on the web and start discussions on the issues.
–After the input of several national advisory boards, they decided to change it a little. In the past they would have the New York base editorial board review the item and then send it out nationally and this would cause a delay in responses. Now, ULJ will send it to both places at the same time.
–There will be a re-structuring on working responsibilities in ULJ for putting out an issue:
        –S. Bodin (BC) and M. Corpus (BC) will handle the business manager and production of the journal.
  1. –L. Mendelsohn (CC) will be advertising manager. They are looking into a breakout session at the LACUNY institute on writing an article for ULJ.

Professional Development Committee:        
–Pres. Laurich called a meeting for April 5th at 2:30pm in Hunter College Library. Reason: There is no chair, therefore, there needs to have an election and deal with some issues, ex., scholarship, grants, having another grant workshop. The meeting is open to anyone who is interested in participating in this committee.
–Wants a program in May. The program may consist of a grant workshop and writing an article for ULJ.
–The people who have applied for the PSC-CUNY workshop last year has gone up. People who attended the workshop had an increase in applications for the PSC-CUNY grants.
–On April 15
th the names of the winners will be announced. In May there may be another grant writing workshop.

Nominating Committee
–At the end of the executive meeting there will be meeting with the nominating committee to select the slate of candidates for the June election.

LACUNY Directory:
--The directory has been updated and properly formatted so that it can be updated in the future without any problems.
--It is at the printers and by midweek it should be ready for distribution and to be placed on the web.

LACUNY Institute:
--Stated from Pres. Laurich: Much trouble this year with the institute. Have put through CULIBS asking for volunteers. At the end very few have shown . Ground work should been done months ago.
–It's late in the year and for an institute to appear it doesn't look realistic. It should be scraped this year and start to prepare now for next year's program. Another problem with the Institute this year is the date. L. Fluk (LG) contacted me that May 18
th is a holy Jewish holiday and could be a problem for members to attend.
–I've received e-mail from J. Borenstein (BB) and D. Duchin (BB) about canceling the Institute this year. They think once the momentum is broken then it'll be hard to re-start the Institute. Just look how hard it was to revive the journal. This is not the first time there hasn't been a large turnout or enthusiasm for the institute.
–Pres. Laurich wants it clear that he doesn't oppose the Institute, but we are working on limited resources.
–A suggestion was made that the Institute may have their event every two years. A problem with this is that technology changes are rapid and if the Institute is done every two years the bulk of the work may happen at the end of the six months. What happened on 9/11 may have had an impact on the Institute and is the underlying cause.
–A fast Institute program in May could be another PSC-CUNY grant writing workshop.
–Conclusion is to table the program this year with the understanding that Maria and Madeline will continue talking what to do for the next year.
–The vendors who have been in business with the Institute should be informed about the Institute program cancellation and there should be an announcement on CULIBS, ACRL–New York website to announce the cancellation. A date for next year's Institute should be decided with the committee.

June Meeting:
–K. Schlesinger (LG), suggested for the spring meeting a program with the Copyright Task Force. They may like the opportunity to present the draft of the policy report to the CUNY librarians. It's a comprehensive document borrowed from other policies and fine tuned it with CUNY access needs. In particular library reserves, multi-media items, ILL, distance education, and intellectual property. The document needs public input and responses, especially from CUNY librarians. Possible presenters would be J. Cunningham (GC) and P. Wonsek (HC).
–The spring membership meeting will be June 7, 2002 at 1pm at the BMW building (same place from last year).

By-Laws and Constitution:
–Pres. Laurich: Changes in the by-laws and constitution with LACUNY was discussed earlier last year and what was proposed was to have a two tier system. Tier I would include the professional librarians and tier II would include individuals who do not have a MLS but who work in a CUNY library, such as clerks, HEO's, retirees, and Queens College graduate library school students and graduate library school students not attending the Queens library school but who are working in a CUNY library.
–Vice-Pres. Ford: What the by-laws and constitution committee did was to go over the document so that everything would gel together correctly. We took into account things we heard in the past about maintaining the professionalism of LACUNY and we also kept in mind the opening up of membership to include other people who did not fall into these categories. To this end we created a two tier system and so the majority of the people who would not fall into the first tier but would fall into the second tier and those would include the retirees, high school teachers who are CUNY affiliated, library school students who are employed at a CUNY institution as well those attending Queens graduate library school. This tier would include all non-faculty library employees so rather than having to spell out all the potential people we just gave it a tier I or tier II grouping.
–Other changes to make in the by-laws is the election of officers. In the past it was stated that the treasurer can have the elected position for two consecutive terms. Since a vote needs to be taken on this we might as well make the changes now so that the treasurer needs to stay at the position for two years, as opposed to one year as it now states.
–The second change had to do with the due structure. As it stands right now the $15.00 annual due has been in place since the beginning of LACUNY. In the current standing, dues can be raised 25% every year. We should take out this line and let the executive board decide how much the dues should be raised. Reasons, the journal is being published on a more timely basis and it cost to have it published. There's no guarantee that LACUNY will be making money from it. There is also, the cost of the directory and the dues cover the cost of the Institute. If we plan to ever get a scholarship going there is no extra money coming in. There has to be a way of bringing in money because we are not a fund raising body. The only way of bringing in the money is thru the dues.
–That is the majority of the changes. All the other changes were to create a two tier system and have the language speak that way. Anyone who is in the two tier category cannot serve as a delegate nor can they chair a standing or non-standing committee. It was created to maintain the integrity of LACUNY but also to have these people participate in the organization.
–Question: What if a maintenance crew or a janitor who works in CUNY, can they join? Answer yes.
–High school teachers who are affiliated with the CUNY campuses can join since they are paid by the state just like the CUNY librarians.
–Discussion ensued in changing the tier titles. A vote was taken and Tier I has been changed to 'Members' and Tier II has been changed to 'Associate Members'.
–When the ballots are sent out in June there will be three separate issues to vote and they are dues, election of officers, changes in the by-laws and constitution.
–If any of your members need clarification on any of these issues they should address it first to the delegates and then to the president or vice-president. Clarification on these issues would be better than posting through e-mail and having rumors going around.

Old business:

New business:
–BMCC contacted Pres. Laurich with a problem. This comes from a vice-president from the college and it seems if the professional and gittlelson staff is taking vacation for ten days or more, you need to tell the vice-president where you're going, why you're going and who's going to replace you when you are away. If you don't you don't get to go on your vacation.
–Has anyone heard anything like this on any of the campuses. It seems this issue concerning vacation came out last May. We are working with both unions to get on to this to move on it.
–PSC-CUNY has started a library committee. If you hear any strange things going on your campus bring it to there attention and something may be done about it. The committee members include, R. Laurich (CC) S. Swacker (NY), H. Cline (CC), W. Gargan (BC), B. Nelson (JJ), and J. Diaz (HO).
–J. Drobnicki (YC) wanted to know if the Library Newsletter is still being published. L. Fluk (LG) who edits the newsletter, said yes. She has been overwhelmed with her own publishing of an article. K. Schlesinger is also helping her publish the next issue which will come out soon. If you have any new news concerning your campus, please e-mail her (flulg@cunyvm.cuny.edu) or Kenneth (kschlesinger@lagcc.cuny.edu).
–For adjunct library instructors–if you've noticed a smaller amount in your check, it's due to the fact that pension money is now being taken out.

Meeting Adjoined at 4:10 pm.
Next meeting will be April 19
th, 2001.