Friday, April 19, 2002
John Jay College, Room 610

Present: Ed Wallace (LE), David Koenigstein (BX), Janey Chao (BB), Sheila Beck (QB), Mariana Regalado (BC), Madeline Ford (HC), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Lisa Finder (HC), Monica Berger (NY), Robert Laurich (CC), Mee-Len Hom (HC), Scott Johnston (GC), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Miriam Laskin (HO), Jerry Bornstein (BB), Linda Roccos (SI)

NOT REPRESENTED: Borough of Manhattan Community College, Central Office, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York College

Agenda was approved

Minutes to the March meeting was approved.

President's Report: (Robert Laurich)

- The new contract makes no provisions for librarians as it does with teaching faculty. The same percentage increases for salaries was given to librarians.
- R. Laurich met with PSC President Barbara Bowen and commended her on the work she has done to improve the PSC CUNY contract, but stressed that librarians were excluded from much of the incentives. President Bowen admitted that the union felt the librarians were the least likely group to complain and that they did make every effort to keep the current annual leave in tact.
- R. Laurich cited the time and hard work that J. Davenport (JJ), L. Zoe (HO), and S. Swacker (NY) have done to secure better representative for the contract.
- President Bowen promised that the needs of librarians would be discussed during the next contract negotiations.
- President Bowen was reminded that librarians must publish and follow the same guidelines for tenure as teaching faculty. President Bowen agreed to provide additional funding for PSC-CUNY grants as a concession.
- President Laurich extended his thanks to the LACUNY Executive Council for making his presidency a wonderful experience.

Vice-Presidents Report: (Madeline Ford)

- Aleph 500 implementation: A. Downing (BB) will send to each CUNY campus a diskette with promotional materials. The materials include: a Word document highlighting the new features of the system; a PowerPoint presentation that is based on the students perspective of the new system it will include a top ten format as used by David Letterman.
- The ERAC meeting held on March 22nd introduced several products that are currently on trial, the include: Granger's Poetry, Women Writers, Ulrich and Children's Literature. The next meeting is scheduled for May 17th. ERAC is waiting to see if monies will be collected from Technology fee to support the purchase of additional electronic resources. Approximately $9000 is expected from CISTI (ILL). The distribution is limited to campuses that went over their allocation.
- M. Ra and several library faculty have been involved with the focus groups (includes students) for the portal project. Marsha Clarke and Larry McCluen are working on an inventory of all CUNY sites.
- Technology Fee: Several Chiefs shared information about what their respective campuses will be doing with the collected monies from the technology fee. Mixed reactions in terms of the overall support for the 10% off the top to support library related electronic databases.
- B. Higginbotham (BC), 3rd annual seminar is scheduled or Wednesday, April 24th titled "Getting a Handle on Handhelds.:

Treasurer's Report: (Ed Wallace)

- The current available is $11, 223.95.
- The CD is currently accruing at a rate of 1.9%
- Additional sources of income includes membership dues ($105), CD interest ($104.71) and from ULJ ($48) for a total of $257.71.
- The executive committee approved $400 towards refreshments for the June membership meeting.
- The executive committee approved $1023.75 for the printing of the LACUNY directory.
- The executive committee approved $50 to purchase stationery for upcoming elections.

Status Report on Committees:

Urban Library Journal:

J. Bornstein (BB)-- the next issue of ULJ will be out in June. He is also in contact with Wilson concerning re-indexing the journal.

LACUNY Directory:

- Please report any mistakes in the directory to R. Laruich (CC) (rlaurich@ccny.cuny.edu). R. Laurich acknowledged that the directory has several mistakes including a missing index. M. Berger (NY) was thanked for her work on the LACUNY Directory cover. R. Uttich was thanked for his work on the conversion for the directory.

Professional Status and Faculty Development Committee:

- L. Roccos (SI) is the new chair of the committee. The committee met during April and is planning two workshops to support and foster the professional development of the junior faculty. The first workshop will be on publishing and the second workshop will be on grants. Both workshops will be held at Baruch College Library.
- The committee also discussed sponsoring a scholarship for professional development.
- The Committee presented a proposal to create a scholarship to a library school student for $500 and two $500 grants for the library faculty for professional development.
- The committee would have a subgroup chaired by Claudia Lascar (CC).
- Library faculty must submit a written proposal describing the purposes for which the grant would be used, an example, presenting a paper. The library school student would submit an application and essay. The exact topic/questions are still in discussion. Application would be due in February and notification by May 1st. A presentation of awards would be done during the June meeting.
- Specifics of the grants and scholarships will be presented after initial approval of the executive committee.
- The executive committee approved the Professional Status and Faculty Development Committee to continue flushing out the scholarship and grant proposals.

Nominating Committee:

- K. Schlesinger (LG) presented a slate for the upcoming election: Linda Roccos (SI), Vice-President/President Elect, Ed Wallace (LE), Treasurer and Mee-Len Hom (HC), Secretary.
- The executive committee voted to accept the slate. M Hom will forward ballots to delegate next week.

LACUNY Institute:

- Three different dates have been chosen for the May 2002 Institute. The committee has begun looking at venue to hold the Institute and is hoping to hold the Institute at Brooklyn College. The theme of the Institute will be on technology and libraries. The format will include keynote speakers, a panel discussion and several breakout sessions.
- M. Ford (HC) will be meeting with the EIS committee to seek their inclusion in the Institute. CULIBS, METRO and ACRL/NY listservs will be contacted about the cancellation of the Institute this year.
- Maria Kiriakova (JJ) and Kenneth Schlesinger (LG) will serve as co-chairs of the 2003 Institute.

By-Laws and Constitutional Amendments:

- After lengthy discussion the executive committee approved the changes to the Constitution and Bylaws for LACUNY that will be included on the ballot for the upcoming election.

Old Business:


New Business:

- Executive committee members feel that a formal letter should be written to President Bowen acknowledging the dissatisfaction of many librarians over the contract.
- R. Laurich will recommend that librarians have a representative on the negotiation committee for the next contract.