Friday, September 20, 2002
John Jay College, Room 610

Janey Chao (BB), Rita Ormsby (BB), Stephen Francoeur (BB), Irwin Weintraub (BC), Mariana Regalado (BC), James Castiglione (BC), Robert Laurich (CC), Sydney Van Nort (CC), Linda Roccos (SI), Scott Johnston (GC), Mickey Laskin (HO), Lisa Finder (HC), Nancy Egan (JJ), Angelo Tripicchio (KB), Jeanne Galvin (KB), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Ed Wallace (LE), Madeline Ford (LE), Clover Steele (ME), Carlton Lulu (ME), Monica Berger (NY), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Shelia Beck (QB),
Jerry Bornstein (BB)

Not Represented:
Borough of Manhattan Community College, Bronx Community College, Central Office, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, York College

Agenda was approved

Minutes to the April meeting was approved with corrections.

President's Report: (Madeline Ford)
–Opening remarks–introductions and welcoming new and returning members.
–Goals for this year were introduced:
–Establish a grant for CUNY librarians and a scholarship for graduate library school students.
–Strengthen the LACUNY committees and roundtables.
–Update and revise LACUNY web page.
–Establishing a separate listserv for LACUNY and roundtables.
–Update and revise LACUNY web page.
–Establish a listserv for LACUNY.

Vice-President's Report
: (Linda Roccos)
–Council of chief's meeting was held on September 9
th, 2002.
– NYPL will provide a training center at the 42
nd street library, the focus of the training will be towards graduate students and faculty. Orientations are scheduled for October 30th at 6pm and October 31st at 3pm.
–There will be an open house at NYPL sponsored by the New York Library's Club. The open house is on Wednesday, September 25
th, 2002.
–M. Ra will pay for the development fee for JSTOR Arts and Sciences II and Language & Literature.
–Technology fee monies are still being discussed among the CUNY colleges.
–DASNY insurance project aims to place a value on library collections for insurance purposes.

Treasurer's Report
: (Ed Wallace)
-- Opening balance is $11, 222.22
–With the payment of the LACUNY directory and the ULJ publication the current balance is $7,118.53.
–Additional income of $69 from membership dues.
–The 6 month $10,000 CD is due to rollover on 9/25/02. The current interest rate is 1.9%.
–Executive committee voted to remove the monies from the CD and seek other means of investing the monies that may offer a higher rate of return. This will be discussed again in spring 2003.
–Budget requests were voted and approved for the following:
–EIS committee food budget for their refreshments during November program: $150
–Professional Status Committee refreshments budget for September program: $25
–LACUNY Secretary for two rubber stamps to help with the next election: $50
–Submitted forms to the IRS detailing the current status of the organizations account to remain in non-profit status.

Electronic Information Services:
–I. Weintraub (BC) a reminder that on November 8
th at John Jay there will be a program titled “Cookie Monsters & Multimedia for Online Education” from noon to 5pm.

a) ULJ: J. Bornstein (BB)–Indexing is available with Wilson.
-- There will be a December issue. $2250 has been submitted for advertisements in the journal.
–We have approximately 80 subscribers and several institutions have requested additional copies of the journal. The executive committee voted and approved to provide one additional copy of the journal to requesting institutions. Additional copies will require a subscription.
–J. Bornstein will gather information about providing the journal electronically.

b) Newsletter:
–A new editor is needed.
–K. Schlesinger (LG) volunteer to be interim editor until a permanent is found.
–The newsletter will appear in electronic format in the future.

c) LACUNY Directory:
--R. Laurich (CC) – A new directory should be out in November. It will include librarians and Gittelsons with the exception of college assistants and student aides. A form will be sent by M. Helgensen (CC) with submission criteria.
–An electronic version will be available on the LACUNY website without any personal information. It will include name, rank, work phone number and e-mail address.

Professional Status & Faculty Development:
–There was a workshop at Hunter earlier this morning on PSC-CUNY grants. The deadline for new faculty to submit their applications is 12/1/02 for the rest of the colleges faculty is due on 10/15/02.
Other Committees:
Information Resources Instruction: E. Owusu-Ansah (SI) has agreed to chair this committee.
Web Page Developers: In the process of seeking a chair for this committee.

LACUNY Institute: (K. Schlesinger, co-chair)
–The proposed title for the Institute is “The New Library: Challenges and Opportunities.” The proposed date is Friday, May 2, 2003 at Brooklyn College Library.
–B. Higginbotham, chief librarian at Brooklyn College has requested a written proposal detailing the technology and facility needs for the Institute.
–Other possibilities for the Institute include Borough of Manhattan and the Graduate Center.
–Suggested speakers Nicholas Baker (traditionalist) and Steven Abrams (futurist).

New Business -- Elections
I) Committee on Committees: Two members from the general membership voted and approved and they are:
1) Scott Johnson (GC)
2) Lula Carlton (ME)

One member from the general membership to replace L. Roccos, voted and approved:
1) Shelia Beck (QB)

II) Budget Committee: One member from the Committee on Committees, voted and approved:
1) Shelia Beck (QB)
One member from the general membership, voted and approved:
1) Wendy Tan (HC)

III) Constitution and Bylaws: One member from the general membership, voted and approved: 1) Marsha Corpus (BC)

Impact of Midsemester migration on reference, instruction, acquisitions, circulation:
–Discussion ensued with the need for some clarity on the pending changes.

Old Business: None

–I. Weintraub (BC) opened discussion concerning having the LACUNY President serve for two years. This will be discussed by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.