Friday, October 18, 2002
John Jay College, Room 531

Rita Ormsby (BB), Janey Chao (BB), Jacob Adekola (BX), James Castiglione (BC), Michael Borries (Central), Sydney Van Nort (CC), Mickey Laskin (HO), Mee-Len Hom (HC), Nancy Egan (JJ), Jeanne Galvin (KB), Francine Egger-Sider (LG), Ed Wallace (LE), Clover Steele (ME), Keith Muchowski (NY), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Sheila Beck (QB), Linda Roccos (SI).

Borough of Manhattan Community College, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Graduate Center, Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, York College.

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of the September meeting was approved.

President's Report: (Linda Roccos)
Madeline Ford was unable to attend the meeting due to illness. L. Roccos conducted the meeting in her place.

- CUNY+ Public Services - The new CUNY+ screens are still being developed.

- The NOTIS catalog will continue to function after the release of the new Aleph catalog.

- The executive council discussed increasing the dues. The executive council understands there has not been an increase in a number of years and they don't see any problem with increasing the dues from $15 to $20. A vote was tabled until further discussion on the matter.

Vice-President's Report: (Linda Roccos)
- Aleph 500: There is a delay in the indexing. The start of the new system has been pushed back until November 11th.
- Public Services: User ID number and verification number will be the same. The Chief's agreed to announce new OPAC during the spring semester.
- A discussion was held on the title of the copyright paper (presented at the June 2002 LACUNY program) whether to call it “guidelines” or “policies”. It was decided to call it unofficially “guidelines” until e-reserves is up and running.
- Several CUNY campuses are using QuestionPoint. The Chief's would like to see a joint CUNY group working on this.
- NYLINK: Billing systems will be improved; the LAND (Libraries and Nylink Deliver) service for package (ILL-book) delivery was discussed. Marsha Ra stated that it is more expensive than the current Metro agreement. NYLINK membership will be restructured based on OCLC membership.
- Central: M. Ra stated that budget cuts have been offset by increased enrollment at CUNY. This is a false “good budget year” as some invoices were paid twice, hence there are big credits, and there is no maintenance fee yet for Aleph.
- Metalib and SFX were proposed using capital funds. There was no universal agreement on getting it as the interface is difficult and cumbersome. A committee will look into this and other options for the capital monies.
- Pat Young has started training for Aleph and will have additional sessions, although not at every library.
- Susan Vaughn asked if a Chief was going to attend the next ERAC meeting on November 22
nd, because they will be testing the database Black Drama.
- The Elsevier/IDEAL situation will be resolved.
- Old business: NYS Higher Education Initiative is going ahead, with 33 private colleges already paid and 8 more committed. CUNY has paid and SUNY will be paying. Board membership has not been set yet.
- New Business: CUNY Office of Institutional Research gathered statistics on user satisfaction. Library services was rated the highest with an 88% satisfaction rate.

Treasurer's Report: (Ed Wallace)
- The opening balance was $7118.53. Additional deposits to the account include the non-renewed CD ($10,000), interest accrued ($95.78), and membership dues ($1,909.50). The closing balance for October 2002 is $19,123.81.
- No outstanding bills for the month. The treasury is waiting for a receipt from the Professional Status & Faculty Development for the September event.

Status Report on Committees:
- Professional Status & Faculty Development - Discussion about grants was tabled for the next meeting.
- EIS - A reminder of a program on November 8
th at John Jay in the library classroom titled, “Cookie Monsters & Multimedia for Online Education” from noon to 5pm.
- LACUNY Institute
Steve Abrams from Micromedia Proquest in Toronto and Siva Vaidhyanathan from NYU have agreed to be a speaker for the Institute.
The location of the Institute is still being decided. The committee is investigating the following locations for the Institute: Brooklyn College, Graduate Center, Borough of Manhattan and LaGuardia.

New Business:
- Subject/Discipline specific roundtables - Discussion has been tabled until the next meeting.
- Web Page Design - The executive committee voted for the blue screen (#2) as the new web page.
- Training for catalogers - The executive council discussed providing funding for cataloging workshops. At the last serials meeting they discussed the dramatic changes in cataloging rules. The funding would cover the cost of a trainer and materials. The cost of the trainer includes transportation, lodging, and honorarium. The Executive Council did not think that LACUNY is the appropriate sponsor for training. It is suggested that METRO, NYLINK, ACRL- NY, or the CUNY Office of Library Services sponsor the training.
- December meeting program and location - No decision on speaker or location. E-mail should be sent to the members for suggestions.

Old Business:
- Library faculty need to fill out and send back the PSC-CUNY surveys.

New Business:
- At the last Metro meeting concerning bibliographic instruction, B. Scheele (BC) asked if anyone would like to be a speaker or know of anyone who may be interested in the February event concerning how to get support from faculty through library BI. What is needed are 3 or 4 speakers with short presentations. Please contact B. Scheele if anyone is interested.
- City College has a short memo explaining to future associate members what the LACUNY organization is all about and to invite them to join. For a sample copy, please request them from Robert Laurich (CC) at rlaurich@ccny.cuny.edu
- Discussed meeting electronically with the Executive Council meetings. Also, considered having fewer meetings during the year and/or live chat.
- There was also a discussion on having the minutes posted earlier for the executive council members.

Meeting adjourned at 3:55pm