Friday, November 22, 2002
John Jay College, Room 531

R. Ormsby (BB), J. Bornstein (BB), M. Regalado (BC), I. Weintraub (BC), R. Laurich (CC), L. Roccos (SI), S. Johnston (GC), L. Finder (HC), M. L. Hom (HC), M. Laskin (HO), N. Egan (JJ), J. Galvin (KB), M. Ford (LE), E. Wallace (LE), S. Clover (ME) K. Muchowski (NY), S. Beck (QB).

Borough of Manhattan Community College, Bronx Community College, Central office, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Kingsborough Community College, LaGuardia Community College, Queens College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York College.

Acceptance of agenda

Acceptance of October 18th, 2002 minutes was approved with corrections of S. Vaughn misspelled name.

President Report: (Madeline Ford)
- The December membership meeting will be on the 13th and the location will take place at Hostos Community College. The College is located at 149th street in the Bronx. The program will be held in the faculty dining room.
- A discussion ensued on the topic for the December General Membership Meeting. A vote was taken to decide topic, and two selections were decided: (1) stress with the usage of the Aleph system and (2) a brief overview of the Patriot Act.
- As mentioned in the last meeting there has not been a LACUNY dues increase for quite a while and an increase of $20 for full members and $10 for associated members is requested for the following academic year (July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004).
A vote was motioned and approved.

Vice-President's Report: (Linda Roccos)
- Report from the Council of Chief's Meeting will be e-mailed.
- New Aleph system is up, December 1
st, 2002 is the official start up date. The Notis system will be working together with Aleph.
- M. Ra has stated there has been a budget crisis–there is little money available.

Treasurer's Report: (Ed Wallace)
- The opening balance is $19, 123.81. There was an income of $915.00 coming from membership dues. The total balance is $20, 038.81
- There were two budget requests:

- The first one is for ULJ. The cost for having the journal copied is $3141.00.
Motion to accept the budget was approved.

- The second budget request is for the cost of holding the December 2002 meeting. The breakdown is:
Rent the room in Hostos: $200
Refreshment: $250
Honorarium: $100
Total cost: $550
Motion to accept the budget was approved.

Status Report for Committees:

ULJ: (J. Bornstein)
- The editorial board was ambivalent towards the switch towards electronic format. It was not up to the board to decide. The cost in electronic format is more.
- If ULJ was going towards an electronic format Wilson will still continue to index the journal, if the following conditions were met. One of them is the journal should have a publishing schedule (2 times a year), secondly, the articles should not be published in piece-meal. The whole issue would appear on the web, and lastly there has to be an archive maintained.

- Handouts with the EIS presentation titled “Cookie Monsters & Multimedia for Online Education” can be found on the LACUNY web page. There was an attendance of 25 participants.

LACUNY Institute:
- Proposal's for topic discussion were sent out.
- The Institute will be on Friday, May 16, 2003 at LaGuardia Community College. The keynote speaker is Stephen Abram from Micromedia ProQuest and Siva Vaidhyanathan from NYU.
MOMA is willing to give tours of the museum during the Institute meeting.

New Business: - From L. Roccos (SI): Tenure guidelines from all CUNY institutions should be collected so that there can be some kind of documentation of uniformity for tenure. The Professional Status Committee should look into this.

Old Business
- All CUNY institutions have been received to be placed in the new LACUNY Directory. Printing will be done at City College. M. Berger (NYT) will go to Staples to have the cover printed.
If all goes well, members should receive the directory at the end of December.
- The new LACUNY web page will make its debut at the December membership meeting.
- There was in agreement with the executive council to decrease the amount of meetings. The By-laws does not state the number of meetings that need to be held in a semester. What was decided was to skip the October and March meeting.
Motion to accept in having less meetings was approved.

Meeting adjoined at 4:10pm.
Next meeting will be February 21
st, 2003 in room 610.