Friday, February 21, 2003
John Jay College, Room 610

J. Chao (BB), J. Adekola (BX), I. Weintraub (BC), M. Borries (CO), R. Laurich (CC), L. Roccos (SI), J. Kaser (SI), S. Johnston (GC), M. Laskin (HO), L. Finder (HC), M. L. Hom (HC), N. Egan (JJ), K. Schlesinger (LG), M. Ford (LE), E. Wallace (LE), C. Steele (ME), K. Muchowski (NY), J. Mellone (QC), S. Beck (QB).

Borough of Manhattan Community College, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Kingsborough Community College, Medgar Evers College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, and York College.

Acceptance of agenda.
Acceptance of November 22
nd, 2002 minutes with corrections of adding M. Laskin on to the attendance and the correct spelling of one of the main speaker (Siva Vaidhyanathan) of the LACUNY Institute.

President Report: (Madeline Ford)
LACUNY librarians should be aware of a letter written from J. Munch (LE) to the Lehman College Chapter Chair of PSC-CUNY (Helene Silverman) and was published in the February 2003 Clarion edition concerning the inequities of professional reassignment leave with other professional staff in the colleges.
This issue should be addressed at the next contract negotiation.

Vice-President's Report: (Linda Roccos)
There were two meeting that were attended since last we met.
During the December 9, 2002 meeting of the Councils of Chiefs, what was discussed was the following: –Hunter High School were using a few databases that were violating the licensing agreements with CUNY and it has been addressed.
–Alumni were also a problem with using the databases from home.
–Serials Solutions is offering MARC records but the libraries agreed to wait for the Aleph records.
–Wilma Jones is collecting Disaster Recovery plans.

The February 10, 2003 meeting:
–In the absence of Arthur Dowling, Stan Biddle announced the Newman Library of Baruch College was chosen as Best ACRL College Library of 2002; a reception will be held in April to commemorate the award.
–ALEPH problems: FIRST union catalog from Ex Libris. They are working to resolve the complaints as well as the new problems.
-EmpireLink will be losing Dialog@Carl (which is ending) and will be choosing a new resource to replace it.
–A letter from Chancellor Goldstein in response to the letter from Manfred Kuechler of Hunter College about how libraries can manage their resources in response to the proposed and already in effect budget cuts.
–M. Ra and S. Vaughn are looking into a way to look into increasing the CUNY wide library resources.
–The CUNY portal is up and working variously, apparently library remote access should go through this, but exactly how is not yet defined.
–Hiring freeze for HEO's, CA's, OA's, etc., affects part timers also.
–Public Services may consider joint online reference in response to Aleph.
SUNY Report from Pat Callahan of Purchase College: They have a 40% tuition increase and some budget cuts. There are JSTOR licenses for all of SUNY now. Storage buildings are in Buffalo and Binghamton. Albany and Buffalo to go with ALEPH soon. SFX for all colleges, some shared servers, not all are up yet.
OLS Report from M. Ra: Binding contract extended with some vendor for another five years; a subcommittee is looking at SFX and similar products; OLS may be submerged within the CUNY portal, with a single signon for ALEPH.

Treasurer's Report
: (Ed Wallace)
Current Balance is $20,411.31. There was income coming from membership dues and subscriptions to Urban Library Journal for a total of $868.50.
Expenditures were from the room rental at Hostos, catering for the winter membership meeting and some transaction fees from the Chase bank account (it will be refunded back to LACUNY shortly) for a total of $496.

Status Report on Committees:
EIS: Nothing to report.

: The current issue is at the printer. The issue should be out and sent to the delegates sometime next week.
The web committee for ULJ favored the electronic version of the journal and will be discussing it further. Hopefully, in a year the print form may be phased out.

Louise Fluk (KG) is stepping down from the newsletter duties. A request for suggestions on who may be interested in writing up a newsletter. This will be sent to S. Bowdoin for some possible names. Delegates ask if anyone is interested in working on the newsletter. It is published quarterly.

LACUNY Directory:
There will be a delay in having the LACUNY directory completed due to Martin Helgesen broken ankle.

Professional Status Committee:
L. Roccos–Haven't met yet.

Other Committees:

LACUNY Institute:
The LACUNY Institute will be held at LaGuardia Community College on Friday,
May 16
th, 2003, and the title of the program is “The New Library: Challenges and Opportunities”. Further information will be posted on the LACUNY homepage and the CUNY portal homepage.

New Business:
a) Location/Program/Date for Spring meeting
Suggestions on where and what program topics for the Spring membership meeting. Possible location would be Hunter and BMCC. Possible dates for this event would be Friday, June 6
th or 13th, 2003.

b) Selection of Nominating Committee
R. Laurich (CC), J. Diaz (HO), and L. Finder (HC) was nominated and voted to serve on the nominating committee to find candidates for the following positions and they are vice-president/president, secretary, and ULJ editor.

c) U.S. Patriots Act and PSC-CUNY
The LACUNY body should take a stance and write a resolution and present it to a Council of Chief's meeting. The Legislative Action Committee should be involved on this issue.

d) Name change for Information Resource Instruction Committee
The committee would like to be known as “Instruction Committee”. A vote was motioned and approved.

E) Archivist's Roundtable.
J. Kaser would like to contact all the CUNY archivists and start the archivist roundtable again.

Old Business:

Meeting adjourned at 4:05pm
Next meeting will be April 11
th at John Jay College in room 610.