FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2003

M. L. Hom (HC), R. Laurich (CC), S. Beck (QCC), I. Weintraub (BC), J. Dunkley (YO), S. Johnston (GC), E. Wallace (LE), L. Roccos (SI), M. Ford (LE), M. Laskin (HO), K. Muchowski (NY), J. Adekola (BX), C. Steel (ME), S. Van Nort (CC).

Borough of Manhattan College, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Kingsborough Community College, and Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies.

Acceptance of agenda

Acceptance of February 21, 2003 minutes.

President Report: (Madeline Ford)
-- Response from B. Bowen concerning contract will be talked about during new business.
-- LACUNY Newsletter: two candidates are interested in the position (one from QC and the other CC). I will talk to each person further to see if one or both want to edit/write the newsletter. The newsletter could be done electronically. Former editor of the newsletter L. Fluk will work with whoever on this.
-- There are group who would like to form a roundtable that would consist of webpage creators, webmasters, etc. (an ad hoc committee).

Vice-President's Report: (Linda Roccos)
From the March 10, 2003 Chief's Meeting:
– Colette Wagner came to talk about the CUNY Portal. This will make information about CUNY more accessible to anyone. Users manage their identities through the portal login, which requires a social security number, but gives the users access to all relevant applications. The SSN needs to be entered one time only but it is necessary as an identifier.
– Susan Solomone from METRO spoke about their professional development programs and the new METRO-Magnet program. METRO Magnet is a grant-funded program to create resources to recruit and retain librarians in the New York Metropolitan Area (it is a mentor/mentee relationship).

– There was a clarification on the hiring freeze; tutors can be hired if necessary. Full-time and part-time CLT's (College Laboratory Technicians) in academic departments are now exempt from the freeze. College assistants, non-teaching adjuncts, and graduate student assistants may be re-appointed.
– The final draft of the Guidelines on Copyright are available and will be distributed electronically before posting.
– The “Electronic Resources to be Recommended” list for Vice Chancellor Mirrer is not in final format and not quite complete. CUNY Libraries are recommending central support of $3 million dollars work of electronic resources beyond what OLS is currently spending. The Council of Chief Librarians endorsed the list.
– The CUNY Univ. Faculty Senate Infor. Literacy and Technology Committee wanted to survey the Chiefs on a number of issues involving the “integrated university,” resource sharing, and budgetary considerations. The Council could not support a survey, but agreed that documents already in existence should be included in the response to the UFS committee to demonstrate the extent to which libraries already cooperate more than any other department or program in CUNY.

Treasurer's Report: (Ed Wallace)
– Financial Report: Current balance is $18, 354.53. There was income coming from membership dues and subscriptions to Urban Library Journal for a total of $381. Expenditures were from the cover layout, printing and other things from ULJ for a total of $2437.78.
– Budget request for two items:
a) Washington Legislative Action Committee to attend “Lobby Day” in Washington, DC on May 12th and 13th.
Maximum of 4 people - may be only 3 people –S. Johnston (GC) volunteered to be one of the person going besides S. Warwick (QC Lib. School)
3 regular fares on unreserved train - $144.00 x = 432.00
1 senior fare on unreserved train - $122.40
2 double hotel rooms at ALA discount rate $214.00 x 2 = 500.00
Cab between station and hotel - round trip (estimated) = 28.00
A vote was taken and the budget was approved providing that a report will be supply on who went and who was visited.

b) Scholarly Publishing and Archiving on the Web Symposium: (Beth Evans went)
The day long symposium focused on the changing nature of academic publishing and scholarly community. It was held at Albany's Campus Center on April7th, 2003
Travel - app. $100 (r/t Amtrak)
Registration Fee - $50
Lodging - app. $100 (1 - night)
A vote was motioned and the budget was approved for the symposium.

Status Report on Committees:
None to report

LACUNY Institute:
Registration is moving along. So far $2100 has been received by the vendors who will be attending the Institute.

New Business:
– As reported by R. Laurich a slate for next year's election has been formed and it is:
Vice-President/President Elect – Kenneth Schlesinger (LG)
Secretary – Sydney Van Nort (CC)
Editor of ULJ – Jerry Bornstein (BB)
Loren D. Mendelsohn (CC)

– PSC-CUNY Librarians Committee
S. Swacker (NYCT), J. Drobnicki (YO), H. Cline (CC), J. Diaz (HO), D. DiMartino (BB), R. Laurich (CC) are the librarians committee. There was a discussion via telephone with B. Bowen to discuss some issues. The union heard the issues and will try to meet the needs beside the benefits. Some of the issues are as follows:
–Differential pay for weekends and evenings
–In the next contract do not clump us with the counselors we are teaching faculty.
–Our title should be faculty librarians not staff nor librarians.
–The librarians workload should be as the faculty calendar which would be 10 months instead of 12 month calendar. The librarians would accept 8 weeks off if we can't get the 10 month work calendar. Also, the librarians should have the right to have flexible time.
–Reassignment for one full semester for new hires should also apply to librarians since the librarians also have the same guidelines in publishing as the rest of the faculty.
–Sick leave for adjunct teaching and non-teaching faculty should be restored.
–The librarians committee are pushing early on this.
–When negotiation starts one person from the library committee may be part of the contract negotiation.
–Transit checks are a problem because of Albany, CUNY cannot use the check. There is a law on this and members should contact their legislators in Albany.

–Venue and date for spring meeting
The meeting will be on Friday, June 6th at Hunter College at 2:30pm on the 3rd floor browser lounge.

–Programs ideas for the Spring Meeting:
–Rolando Perez to talk about his books or to have a reading.
–A talk concerning accounting for informational change
–M. Filbert to talk about web accessibility with, science research.
–Norman Oder who is the senior news editor of Library Journal give a short and amusing talk.

–Proposed Meeting Dates for the next semester:
9/19, 10/17, skip November, and 12/12

–Old Business

–Meeting Adjourned: 4:05pm