R. Ormsby, J. Bornstein (BB), L. Lawton, J. Adekola (BX), J. Berger-Barrera (BC), M. Borries (CO), A. Wolfe, S. Van Nort (CC), L. Roccos (SI), M. Laskin (HO), N. Egan (JJ), J. Galvin (KB), K. Schlesinger (LG), E. Wallace, M. Ford (LE), K. Muchowski (NY), I. Shpilko, R. Gomez (QC), S. Beck (QB), J. Dunkley (YC).

Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Graduate Center, Hunter College, Medgar Evars College, and Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies.

Acceptance of agenda.

Acceptance of April 11th, 2003 minutes with changes.

Presidents Report: (Linda Roccos)
- The approval of the Executive Council was requested for the expenditure proposed by the Budget Committee for a retirement gift to be presented to Marsha Ra, Director of CUNY Library Services, at the party in her honor to be held later that day. The gift is to consist of a lifetime membership in LACUNY, for which a framed certificate had been drawn up, and a $100.00 American Express Gift Certificate. The expenditure for the Gift Certificate was approved.
- The date for the next Executive Council meeting on October 17, 2003 was announced, the fact that the November meeting will not be held was confirmed. It was suggested that business could be conducted by the members by electronic mail. The following meeting will be the open membership meeting and program on December 12, 2003 to be held in Room 630 at John Jay College.
- A question was raised as to whether the LACUNY Newsletter fell under the responsibility of the Publications Committee.
- Announcements regarding the LACUNY Institute, 2004. The venue will be the Baruch College Library, seventh floor conference center, to be held on May 21, 2004. Edward Owusu-Ansah will send announcements. The LACUNY membership was encouraged to join the LACUNY Institute planning committee.

Elections to vacancies on three Standing Committees:
- The Committee on Committees
The term for two members, S. Beck and M. Berger, have expired and they need to be either re-elected because they can serve two terms or replaced. S. Beck was nominated for a second term. It was indicated that M. Berger was probably unwilling to serve a second term. K. Madden of the College of Staten Island was nominated. Both were elected unanimously.

- The Budget Committee
Two members of this committee need to be elected. One of those members must also be a member of the Committee on Committees. The terms for S. Beck and R. Ormsby have expired.
K. Muchowski was nominated. S. Beck has to continue serving on this committee because she is also a member of the Committee on Committees. R. Ormsby continues her two-year term from 2003-2005. She had previously been elected to fill out the term that M. Regalado had been elected to prior to her leave.

- The Constitution and Bylaws Committee
The term for L. Lawton has expired, therefore a replacement needs to be elected.
M. Brooks from John Jay College was elected.

Vice-President's Report: (Kenneth Schlesinger)
- The position announcement for a new University Librarian has been posted with a different title. A search committee has been formed with five or six members. J. Galvin is a member of this search committee. Marsha Ra continues on the CUNY payroll until March 2004.
- The Guidelines for CUNY Libraries have been officially approved by the Chiefs. J. Cunningham submitted it to the CUNY legal office for review. J. Davis simplified the document and subsequently approved it. It is now official CUNY policy. It is up to each Chief Librarian to decide how to implement these guidelines on their respective campuses.
- The tutorial module regarding CUNY+ is being completed for Information Literary instruction use.
- A cooperative collection development policy The librarians of SUNY have again requested access to CUNY libraries for their students. The CUNY Chief Librarians think this is a lopsided arrangement because CUNY students have not been granted access to the libraries of the SUNY system.
- J. Cunningham is the CUNY representative to NYLINK.
- There is a backlog of invoices submitted through electronic ordering.
- The CUNY Media Consortium with the $5.00 coupon exchange is not working smoothly among the CUNY libraries. Then Chief Librarians see CUNY as one system where the Inter-Library Loan operations should not pay the costs of this program.

Treasurer's Report (Ed Wallace)
- LACUNY membership forms were sent to each campus at the beginning of the semester.
- Since the April 11, 2003 meeting, additional income has been received, mostly from the LACUNY Institute ($7,628.00). There were a number of expenditures, the largest share due to the LACUNY Institute ($5,586.38), generating a net income of $2,041.62.
- Membership fees were received during April.
- Income was received from Urban Library Journal in the amount of $48.00.
- The travel costs for three representatives to attend Lobby Day in Washington, DC was a modest expense incurred.
- The refreshment costs for the June meeting were expended.
- Reimbursement was provided to B. Evans in order to attend the scholarly publishing seminar on the web, in accordance with prior approval by the LACUNY Executive Council.
- LACUNY finished the previous academic year in the black.
- A fall issue of Urban Library Journal has not appeared, therefore those production expenses have not been requested or expended, nor have the printing costs of the LACUNY Directory because that has not been published yet.

Status Report on Committees:

Budget Committee:
- Prior to this meeting the Budget Committee met and discussed these requests submitted by two LACUNY Committees for expenditure approval:
- The Professional Development Committee requested $300.00 for program refreshments to be served on March 19, 2004. - The Professional Development Committee requested $300.00 for producing a brochure regarding the program on March 19, 2004. - The EIS Committee requested $300 for the refreshments to be served at the Photoshop programs during February and March, 2004 meetings. - J. Bornstein asked if the Publications Committee has responsibility for all publications, including brochures, issued by any LACUNY Committee, or does each committee have responsibility for their respective brochures?
- It was stated that any committee can ask for money, including a request for the expense of printing a brochure, but that budget request might not be granted.

Professional Development Committee:
The Professional Staff and Development Committee met to change the name to the Professional Development Committee.

Electronic Instruction Services Committee:
The next program is scheduled for November 7, 2003 at Brooklyn College from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Four presenters including P. Swan, M. Wood, and R. Hickerson will be on the program. Thirty people have already registered for this meeting.
- The Powerpoint workshop program with refreshments will occur under the direction of Maria (?) at John Jay College. M. Berger was unsure of her participation due to her schedule.

Urban Library Journal (J. Bornstein)
The next issue (Fall 2003) will be a great issue. An annotated bibliography on urban libraries will appear in it.
- The Association of College and Research Libraries granted awards to three urban libraries. The director of each of these library systems were invited to each write an article on the significance of the award to them and their programs. These articles will be included in a future issue.
- Twelve to fifteen pages have been allotted for this issue. It has been typeset and it will be out by the end of September. It will be smaller than the sixty-four page issue, it will be forty-eight pages.
- The Spring 2004 issue will be a double issue with sixty-four pages in order to get back into the sequence of the issue numbering sequence.
- There are two articles in the pipeline for this issue.
- Two new people participated in the CUNY program at the June meeting.
- An inquiry was raised regarding the web publication schedule. J. Bornstein indicated that B. Evans is in charge of this feature. This next issue may be the one to try issuing in this medium. Permission is needed from each of the article authors regarding the significance of the ACRL grants to their libraries.

LACUNY Directory
- The directory had been delayed due to M. Helgesen's injury. M. Helgesen had the directory information entered into a database that is now at Brooklyn College Library. It needs approval and editing. Every effort will be made to get it issued this year.
- All the information had been compiled in response to the survey information forms received. Now this information is a year old and has to be confirmed.
- Compiling this director is a LACUNY-related activity that takes time away from other work duties. The various Chief Librarians need to understand the importance of these activities and the time required in order to fulfill them.

M. Ford has been trying to recruit someone to do a LACUNY Newsletter. Volunteers were requested. A. Wolfe has been approached.

Legislative Action Committee:
A point of clarification regarding the by-laws was requested regarding a committee that has not convened for a period of time, such as the Legislative Action Committee what is the status of that committee? This is a matter to be determined by the Committee on Committees.
- The current chair of the Legislation Action Committee is coming up for tenure review. If a chair does not hold a meeting for a period of time, the committee members can elect a new chair. Inquires had been made in order to locate a new person to chair this committee. A few individuals expressed interest, but it has not been confirmed.

December Meeting:
A speaker is needed for the December 12, 2003 meeting because D. Bergen is not available. A topic needed to be decided. John Jay College has agreed to host this meeting.
- After some discussion regarding various proposed topics, it was decided to present a set of excerpted scenes from various films depicting librarians. These film clips have been compiled by J. Bornstein and he agreed to introduce them briefly.

LACUNY Institute:
- K. Schlesinger began his report by thanking his committee co-chair, M. Kiriakova of John Jay College and the other extremely hard-working members of the committee. The attendance actually sold out at 160 people. The evaluations were mainly positive, but were somewhat mixed regarding the afternoon breakout sections. There were too many introductions and welcome, and some complaints about the facilities and operations. The lunchtime tours of the research library at the Museum of Modern Art were too ambitious.
- For many members it was a fun day to have it at LaGuardia Community College. The library staff there were honored and thrilled to host it. The planning committee was thinking of having the 2004 LACUNY Institute at the College of Staten Island, but Baruch College has been secured as a host site instead. The success of the Institute was able to overcome the mindset of “never been to Queens – it wasn't so bad.” However, for LACUNY members traveling from Brooklyn, the one-hour subway ride was a factor.

Old Business:
There was no old business to discuss.

New Business:
- J. Galvin entered a statement regarding J. Clune, a former president of LACUNY and former Chief of the Kingsborough Community College, who passed on in May of 2003.
- A question arose regarding whether or not it was appropriate for CUNY to produce and place a plaque in his honor. J. Galvin then stated that the College would do something about the plaque.

- K. Schlesinger opened a discussion regarding a new directive from the administration from the LaGuardia Community College Library stating that due to a new opening time for that library of 7:30 a.m. and that a member of the professional staff must be on duty at the information desk at that time. This led to a discussion as to whether or not the reporting time for professional staff who work 35 hours per week should be driven by a desire on the part of library administrators to provide information desk coverage for the maximum number of hours possible that the respective library is open. There was further discussion regarding the factors that lead to the expansion of hours of operation for CUNY libraries, particularly requests from Student Government Association officers, for the provision of a quiet place for students to study and to have access to computers.

A motion was entered to adjourn the meeting at 12:10 p.m.