L. Ellis (BB), J. Adekola (BX), R. Laurich, S. Van Nort (CC), L. Finder, M.-.L Hom (HC), M. Kiriakova (JJ), K. Schlesinger (LG), E. Wallace (LE), R. Hickerson (ME), K. Muchowski (NY), S. Beck (QB), R. Gomez (QC), L. Roccos (SI)

Not Represented:
Borough of Manhattan Community College, Brooklyn College, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Kingsborough Community College, Hostos Community College, York College, and Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies

Acceptance of agenda.
Acceptance of September 19th, 2003 minutes with changes.

President's Report: (Linda Roccos)
PSC Committee is working on the new contract for two-year term. Reassignment Leave statistics regarding length of leave and the deadline for leaves reassigned and the length of time will be collected by LACUNY members. This information will be prepared in order to educate library faculty and will be posted on the LACUNY Website.

Vice President's Report: (Kenneth Schlesinger)
A new City University Chief Librarian has not been chosen

Treasurer's Report:
(Ed Wallace)
Financial Report – New income was largely due to dues from 100 new members. Expenditures were for Marsha Ra's retirement gift, grant workshop refreshments, and supplies.

Budget Requests – Legislative Action Committee members request for travel allowances to send delegates to attend NYLA lobbying session in Albany, to attend Albany Day, and to National Library Legislative Day sponsored by ALA in Washington, DC. The travel request for one person to attend the NYLA lobbying session at the State Legislative Day was approved ($175.00). The request to send a delegate to Albany was not approved. The request to send a delegate to Library Legislative Day was tabled until the February meeting.

Urban Library Journal – J. Bornstein, ULJ Editor requested $2,676.00 in order to publish the Spring issue. This would help keep the Journal on schedule. The web-based version of ULJ will appear soon via the LACUNY website. In the future, only the web version will appear, reducing production costs. This budget request was approved.

The LACUNY Directory – An individual familiar with the database that contains the member information is needed to correct the data and produce the Directory entries suitable for sending it to the printer. An allotment of $500.00 for forty hours of this individual's time at $15.00 should be set aside.

M. Helgesen has been contacted about making the changes. The current entries are based on last year's data and the Web design. The entries for library faculty and Gittlesen members were mixed together in the database. M. Berger is willing to work with the printer on the corrections. New page proofs can be ready February 1
st in order to have an issue ready May 1st, 2004.

Committee Reports:
Electronic Information Services Committee – Their November meeting was cancelled. The technical problems regarding the workshop will be resolved before the re-scheduled meeting is held during February.

Committee members planning workshops should be aware of the LACUNY Events page and try not to book a date that interferes with another LACUNY event. This might cause the same speaker to be scheduled for two conferences on the same date.

The Library Instruction Committee will be held on October 24
th at Baruch.

The Professional Development Committee has new co-chairs, Scott Johnston Lisa Finder. They will hold a meeting November 14
th at Hunter College to discuss their March program. It will be similar to a program done fourteen years ago and will be held at John Jay.

Publications Committee – The chairholder of this committee was not certain. It may be S. Bowdoin. They may not have held a meeting recently. The Directory has already been discussed. The LACUNY Newsletter will be published as a Web version. The report regarding Urban Library Journal has been already heard. The fall issue is in press, and the next issue will include the reports from urban libraries.

LACUNY Institute:
The LACUNY Institute will be held May 21
st, 2004 at Baruch College. The planning committee needs additional members to make up a total of eight to ten members. The themes for this meeting have not been decided yet. Co-chairs E. Owusu-Ansah and K. Muchowski and the current committee members have been discussing ideas for speakers to discuss. The break-out sessions should be accommodated in larger rooms since these sessions were crowded at the previous LACUNY Institute. The rooms on the fourteenth floor of the Baruch Campus are very nice where the Institute can be held.

The size of the registration determines the size of the breakout sessions. It may be capped at 150, allowing forty attendees per break-out session.

There was no further Old Business or New Business to discuss.

The next Executive Council meeting is scheduled on February 6
th, to be held either at John Jay or Baruch College. The meeting following that will be on March 26th, 2004 at John Jay campus.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 pm.