L. Ellis, R. Ormsby (BB), J. Adekola (BX), J. Berger-Barrera (BC), M. Borries (CO), R. Laurich, S. Van Nort (CC), L. Roccos, J. Kaser (SI), M. Laskin (HO), L. Finder, M.-L. Hom (HC), N. Egan (JJ), J. Galvin (KB), K. Schlesinger (LG), E. Wallace (LE), K. Muchowski (NY), I. Shpilko (QC), S. Beck (QB)

BMCC, CUNY Law School, Graduate Center, Medgar Evers, Queens College GSLIS, and York.

Acceptance of agenda.

Acceptance of October 17, 2003 minutes with changes.

Announcements: (Linda Roccos)
  1. New names will be added to the list of LACUNY Members on the website.
  2. LACUNY Dues Associate Membership $10.00 for library staff and retired faculty; $20.00 for faculty and HEO's
  3. Delegates need to remind colleagues to support this unique CUNY-wide organization with their membership dues
  4. Reassignment Leave survey results – yearly total is 33; an increase of 10 from previous year; the total cap is 50. Some CUNY campuses have increased their numbers to 3 to 4 each, but the community colleges need more applicants. Library faculty from all campuses were encouraged to apply. Council members noted difficulties in approval of these leaves by library administration in terms of reassignment of their duties during the leave period to other personnel and needed budget approval for adjunct funds for temporary replacements.
  5. L. Roccos and W. Gargan went to one of the PSC contract negotiating sessions as observers. Twenty CUNY faculty members were at the table and only four from CUNY Management. The PSC-CUNY contract demands are on-line under the on-line version of Clarion.
  6. Attendance at any PSC-CUNY meetings or related union activities must be deducted from annual leave time, not professional leave time.
  7. June 11 is the possible date for the annual May meeting. The location and speaker need to be determined. The names of two or three possible speakers need to be discussed at the March 26th meeting.
  8. A Nominating Committee for the LACUNY annual elections needs to be formulated and a slate of candidates presented. Officers for these positions on the Executive Council need to be elected at the Annual Meeting: President-elect to serve as Vice-President; Treasurer; and Secretary. N. Egan, J. Berger-Barrera, E. Owusu-Ansah, and M. Laskin were elected to serve on the Nominating Committee.

Vice-President's Report
(Kenneth Schlesinger)
  1. K. Schlesinger reported on three previous meetings of the Council of Chief Librarians. General reports regarding ongoing issues were submitted. Special issues such as visitor access to the CUNY libraries were discussed.
  2. At the October 20, 2003 meeting the CUNY Portal Project was discussed.
  3. At the November 10, 2003 meeting, a report on the development of a CUNY+ Information Literacy Tutorial for the Aleph 500 system was submitted.
  4. Update on points raised in the Council of Chief Librarians White Paper issued one and one-half years ago: A draft on open access at CUNY is being compiled; LACUNY serves as a positive model for cross-campus collaboration within City University; Advocates for sustained funding for University research, facilities for visually impaired individuals, CUNY-wide archiving project and formulating archives and records management policy, special collections management, implementation of CUNY Master Plan and flagship program environments, emphasis on research resources.
  5. At the December 8, 2003 meeting points raised by the New Centuries Libraries Act and how CUNY libraries are fulfilling these mandates was discussed.

Treasurer's Report (Ed Wallace)
  1. E. Wallace submitted the report. The current balance is $21,157.01.
  2. J. Bornstein, Urban Library Journal submitted a budget request for $2,676.00. This expenditure was approved.

Status Report on Committees:

  1. The Electronic Information Services committee has not reported in since their program was postponed.
  2. The Instruction Committee posted minutes of their meeting on the LACUNY website.
  3. The Professional Development Committee announced their program for March 19, "Climbing the Ladder of Success for CUNY Library Faculty."
  4. Publications Committee – the LACUNY Directory may be issued next May. J. Bornstein previously submitted a budget request for publishing the next issue of Urban Library Journal.

LACUNY Institute
  1. The LACUNY Institute will be held on May 21, 2004 at Baruch College. The next planning meeting is scheduled for February 20, 2004. Members of LACUNY were encouraged to join the planning committee.

Old Business:
  1. The job description for the CUNY University Librarian was distributed. The search committee continues its work. This individual will have an office at 535 East 80 Street in order to facilitate access to Louise Mirror.

New Business:
  1. K. Schlesinger proposed a Multimedia Roundtable program to replace the video consortium. This roundtable will be a forum for discussion and exchange of information rlated to the administration of multimedia collections within CUNY. This issue was referred to the Council of Chief Librarians who will discuss it at their next meeting in April.
  2. Chancellor Goldstein has proposed a seven-year tenure review for new faculty members hired by CUNY instead of the present five-year tenure review process. The implication of this policy change in terms of the relationship of CUNY with the New York State legislature and for present and future faculty members was discussed by Executive Council members.

A motion was entered to adjourn the meeting at 3:50 p.m.