Monday, November 22nd, 2004


M. Borries (CO), M. Nash (KB), K. Madden (SI), A. Bielskas (BMCC), J. Fitzpatrick (GC), L. Klusek (BB), M. Corpus (BC), E. Wallace (LE), M. Kiriakova (JJ), I. Shpilko (QC), L. Finder (HC), A. Leonard (NYCT), K. Schlesinger (LG), L. Lawton (BX), E. Sexton (JJ), R. Laruich (CC), D. Su (YC), M.L. Hom (HC), A. Wolfe (CC).
Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies.
Acceptance of agenda.
Minutes of October 22nd, 2004 was approved with corrections.
President’s Report: (Kenneth Schlesinger)
  • Short announcement: would like to thank everyone who has made contributions with the various LACUNY programs.

Vice-President's Report: (LaRoi Lawton)
Chief’s Librarian Meeting Report: (October meeting)

  • Will have the report posted on the web but K. Schlesinger gave the highlights of the meeting:
  • Counsuela Askew (chief librarian at MEC) did a presentation on LibQual+.  It shows on-line survey in library services.  C. Kendrix  proposed the undertaking of the survey.
  • Pat Young reported that Alelph 7 would be installed over Christmas break.
  • LILAC is still in process and probably won’t meeting until spring semester.  LILAC is a CUNY wide information literary group. L. Zoe (HO) is the committee chair on this.
  • SUNY has signed a license with ArtStor.
  • J. Cunningham (GC) reported on the OCLC Membership Council she attended as a Nylink alternate.  There are many cultural issues that are affecting OCLC services in other countries.         OCLC are looking at segmenting WorldCat into disciplines (ie, health sciences and humanities).  They are also looking at marketing ContentDM as a way to manage some copyright issues.  WorldCat is now available through Yahoo and they are working on an arrangement with Google.
  • The NYSHEI annual meeting is May 3-4.
  • C. Kendrix is pushing a new Nylink contract for all CUNY libraries.  He’s hoping to build a strong information literacy component.  He has also been asked to co-chair with George Otte the Steering Committee for Online Resources and Education.
  • S. Vaughn reported that ProQuest trial has been extended.  CUNY is signing contracts for JAMA and NWJM.  Pricing for BIOSIS is still high.  The chiefs are hoping that NYSHEI will be offering Web of Science soon.

Treasurer’s Report (Ellen Sexton)

  • More checks for joining LACUNY has been coming in for a total of $2,290.00.  So far there are 186 signed members.
  • A discussion on having a deadline date for membership renewals was brought up and what was agreed was to note that on the renewal forms for next year.  The date is from September 1st through December 31st.


  • The November 12th program at Brooklyn College titled “Electronic Information Services” unfortunately poorly attended but was informative.  Sylvie Richards was the instructor and what was discussed was the CUNY portal and blackboard.
  • A reminder that the December membership meeting will be on Friday, December 10th at Hunter College Social Work Library (129 East 79th Street, between Lexington and Park Avenue).  Title of the program “Faculty Sabbaticals”.  Also, on April 22nd, 2005 there will be a program over at City College on multimedia titled, “Format Remastering”.
  • The LACUNY Dialogues are still to be discussed.  A tentative schedule for the first talk will be Friday, January 21st at City College.
  • Budget for the Professional Development Meeting was voted and approved.  The meeting has been set for April 1, 2005 and has been tentatively scheduled take place at BMCC.
  • The LACUNY Institute program is scheduled on May, 20th, 2005 at Baruch College.  Keynote speaker is from Sloan Kettering.

Committee Reports:

a. EIS – A reminder to encourage new faculty to join LACUNY.
b. Instruction – There will be a program on March 11th, 2005 on literacy programs.
c. Legislative Action – No report.
d. Professional Development – A proposal of a LACUNY Professional Development Grant was passed out to the executive board for approval.  A discussion ensued and what was proposed was some word changes that should say “includes travel  for the purpose to cover the cost of related to library/professional development” and not exclusive to travel.
     The executive committee agreed to the changes and the proposal goes back to the committee for the final draft.  The draft will be sent via e-mail for member approval and if the executive group approves the grant will be announced at the December membership meeting.
     LACUNY Scholarship grant proposal was discussed.  A copy of the proposal were given out to members.  A discussion followed.  The executive board approved the grant and will also be announced at the December membership meeting.  The committee members will be R. Laurich (CC), M.L. Hom (HC), L. Lawton (BX), L. Klusk (BB), and A. Leonard (NYT)
e. Publications:
–LACUNY Directory – mentioned in the vice-president report.
–News from CUNY Libraries – maybe ready by December 10th, 2004.  It will be an on-line publication. It will also be saved on the LACUNY site.
ULJ – There was a meeting with the new co-editors (M. Corpus and B. Evans) with J. Bornstein on getting the journal ready for an on-line version and just to get to know how to get it up to speed.


  • Acquisitions – No Report.
  • Archives and Special Collections – there will be a meeting at 80th street on record management through an electronic venue.
  • Cataloging – There will be a meeting on December 9th. Location and time has been sent out via e-mail.
  • Interlibrary Loan – A new system will be in place by May 2005.
  • Multimedia – Committee is getting ready to get together a workshop in the spring semester.
Old Business: None.
  • K. Schlesinger proposed a revival of the Archives and Special Collections Roundtable.  The proposed date for the first meeting is April 30th at LaGuardia Community College.

New Business:

K. Mournir (CC) has asked the LACUNY executive committee to consider a roundtable for the disable library users.
Meeting adjourned: 11:55am