Friday, February 4th, 2005
John Jay College, Room 610

Louise Klusek (BB), Amanda Bielskas (BM), LaRoi Lawton (BX), Katherine Parsons (BX), Martha Corpus (BC), Robert Laurich (CC), Amy Wolfe (CC), Jane Fitzpatrick (GC), Mickey Laskin (HO), Mee-Len Hom (HC), Lisa Finder (HC), Ellen Sexton (JJ), Maria Kiriakova (JJ), Madeline Nash (KB), Kenneth Schlesinger (LG), Ed Wallace (LE), Anne Leonard (NYCCT). Ronnie Gomez (GC), Sheila Beck (QB)

Central Office, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, College of Staten Island, CUNY Law School at Queens College, Medgar Evers College, Queens College Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, York College

Acceptance of agenda

Minutes of November 22nd 2005 were approved with corrections. Mounir Khalil name misspelled and full names of executive members will now be added into the minutes.

President Report: (Kenneth Schlesinger)
–A brief re-cap of what LACUNY has done.
--LACUNY has revived the CUNY news through electronic format. Thank you Michael Adams (GC), Valeda Dent (HC), and Scott Johnston (GC) for getting the electronic news going again. The goal is to have this publication published once a semester.
--The ULJ journal editor duties are being shared by Martha Corpus (BC) and Beth Evans (BC).
– This semester there were various roundtables that were created or revived. Prof. Schlesinger would like the roundtables chairs to have a meeting once a semester so that it can report back to the LACUNY executive committee.
–For the most part I am gratified to see a higher turnout for these events and empowerment of the LACUNY executive committee being more active.
–Prof. Schlesinger would like to see a monthly LACUNY event. If you are planning an event that requires refreshments you should have submitted a budget to the budget committee for approval. Round tables are not eligible for refreshments.
–Prof. Schlesinger would like the various roundtables to have chair’s in place. I am happy to see that there are new leaders in the roundtables.
–The LACUNY directory is still moving and that LaRoi Lawton (BX) with a CLT are getting it together.
–Announcements: Congratulations are in order to Sydney Van Nort (CC) who has submitted her master thesis for promotion, LaRoi Lawton (BX) and Kenneth Schlesinger (LG) both upon receiving their tenure

Vice-President's Report: (LaRoi Lawton)
From the December 13, 2004 Council of Chief’s Meeting:
–Committee Reports were stated: --We are in contract negotiations. What was offered from management was a four year agreement which would be upon ratification, $400 in a one-time lump sum, year 1: 0% increase, year 2: 1.5% increase, year 3: 1% increase (to be funded by productivity savings) and year 4: 0%. Response from the chief’s was of dismay and digest.
--LACUNY membership is open to all librarians and that LACUNY encourages all to join.
--Curtis Kendrick was asked by the chief’s the pricing data once a vendor has been chosen. He was not sure but would inform the Council as soon as a decision was made.
–Universal borrowing among the SUNY campuses will be implemented as well as an increase of usage via SUNY connect. This is a joint initiation with SUNY’s Office of Lib. & Infor. Services with 64 campuses. It is to create a one common library management system. This would allow for universal access from any SUNY campus.
–ExLibris ALEPH system has been selected by SUNY.
–The Aleph Reporting Center which is web based is to expensive but is good in producing reports that deals with statistics.
–Curtis Kendrick discussed the budget for next year and it is bleak. 1.3 million dollar request for CCIP with a three year commitment for electronic resources was suggested. The matching funds request is in the works . The following colleges, City, Brooklyn, Hostos, Hunter, John Jay, and Queens College had reassignment proposals approved.
–Pat Young reported rebuilding and testing are being done with Ex Libris. SFX is moving and should be up by next month. One rep from each CUNY campus libraries will be appointed to the SFX committee to test the proxy servers.
–S. Vaugh reported that a ERAC survey will be posted on CUBLIS. Please make sure to complete it. Then there was a Sci. Direct discussion with the chief’s.
–There is a master plan to improve increase access to electronic resources, such as share print and non-print resources. This provides a state-of-the-art system access through CUNY+ and through the CUNY portal.

Treasurer's Report: (Ellen Sexton)
–Discussion ensued concerning payment of various LACUNY functions through a credit card.
Should LACUNY work with the organizations current bank of Chase and open a Chase merchant account.? It is expensive due to various monthly fees. Another option is to choose one of the e-commerce service providers. The various fees are very similar to Chase and can be expensive. Finally, to have a Pay-Pal account. Fees are low. A vote was taken and Pay-Pay was selected for credit card transactions.

Nominations Committee:
A committee was formed and voted to select next year’s slate of candidates. The committee includes, Robert Laurich (CC)–chairing, Shelia Beck (QB), Jane Fitzpatrick (GC), and Amy Wolfe (CC).
We need a slate for vice-president/president, secretary and a new editor for ULJ.

Programs and Workshops:
–A general overview on the following events that have taken place since the last executive LACUNY meeting:
–December Membership meeting, “Faculty Sabbaticals,” December 10, 2004 was interesting and well attended.
–LACUNY Dialogues, January 21st 2005, at City College was interesting and more dialogue meetings should be planned.
–Professional Development Publishing Workshop, BMCC, April 1st is shaping up. So far some of the guest speakers are from Neal Schuman, an editor from Choice and a Library Journal editor. Catering request have been approved.
--Multimedia Format Remastering, April 22nd, City College. The roundtable will meet on that day to work out the logistic on the April 22nd workshop. It will be there first CUNY wide presentation.
–LACUNY Institute, May 20th Baruch College are going well. The morning panel discussion and breakout sessions are in place. Maximum registration amount is 175. Cost is a little lower this year. LACUNY members cost will be $30 and non-LACUNY members will be $40.
–Spring Membership meeting, June 10th, at the Hostos Art Gallery. The Baruch’s program on “Minor in Information Studies” would be a topic of discussion. Mickey Laskin (HO) will be local arranger.

Committee Reports:
–Electronic Information Services – Blackboard presentation: Since turnout was low for the last workshop a possible March, LACUNY workshop could be a re-presentation of what Sylvie Richards (BC) had done. –Instruction -- LILAC: Need more information from the Council of Chiefs on this. –Professional Development–LACUNY Grants: Discussion ensued on who can and cannot apply for this grant. A vote was taken by the executive committee and what was agreed upon was that LACUNY executive officers and the members who are on the professional development committee are ineligible to apply.
Scholarship: There will be a few more announcements on the web. There have been callers who are interested in the scholarship but no applications. The deadline is March 1st.

Publications: –LACUNY Listserve: The current guidelines in the CUBLIBS listserve is to restrictive. For example, should information concerning contract negotiations be able to be sent out via CUBLIBS? Discussion ensued and was tabled until the next meeting.

–The reference and disability roundtables were approved and voted by the LACUNY executive committee to be formed.
A discussion ensued concerning the amount of roundtables being formed. What was suggested was to re-activate the committee on Constitutional by-laws of LACUNY. Linda Roccos (SI) is the chair of this committee. The executive committee should look into the differences between a roundtable and a committee.

New Business:
–Rick Uttich (CC) is leaving after 12 years of service. He is going to Oneonta College. His last day at City will be February 15th.

Meeting Adjourned 4:50pm
The next LACUNY meeting will be Friday, March 18th at 2:30pm at John Jay College in room 610.