LACUNY Executive Council Minutes

September 18th, 1998


Place: John Jay Library Conference Room


Present: Kathy Killoran (JJ), Ed Wallace (LE), Constance Brice (QB), Morris Hounion (NY), Cecilia Salber (KB), Mike Johnson (LG), Ellen Sexton (JJ), Laurel Franklin (CC), Jose Diaz (HO), Ngozi Igwegbe (ME), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Michael Borries (Central), Ismael Rivera (SI), Michael Adams (GC), Kate Conahan (HC), Barbara Linton (BM), Jeanne Galvin (KB), Mark Padnos (BX), Herman Cline (CC), Terri Ashley (HC).



1.   Members of the 1998/99 Executive Council introduced themselves and the minutes of June 19th, 1998 were accepted unanimously.  Copies of the revised Constitution and Bylaws were distributed to each delegate (they can also be accessed on the Web at:  Agenda was then approved. 


2.  President's report - Jeanne Galvin

Galvin encouraged all delegates to urge membership in LACUNY for all librarians.

As president of LACUNY, Galvin attended the Board of Regent’s (Albany) legislative conference.  Although the conference was geared toward grades K-12, the SUNY-LA president spoke about the importance of funding public libraries so children will have resources to do their studies.  Marsha Ra spoke about the importance of establishing state contracts and the need for more personnel in Albany to work on contracts for library needs. 

Galvin announced that this year’s elected treasurer, David Orenstein, has left CUNY for a position closer to home so he cannot serve his term.  Barbara Linton (BM) has agreed to serve out David's term. 


3.  Vice President's report - Kate Conahan

Conahan attended the Monday, September 14, 1998 meeting of the Council of Chief Librarians.  Dr. Suzanne Nicolescu of Medgar Evers announced her retirement, Deputy Chief, Vanrea Thomas, has been named Acting Chief. 

The Graduate Center has earmarked $2.7 million for distribution to campus libraries which support doctoral programs.  The funding proposal has been sent to the presidents of those colleges; the money is to be spent on serials.

The new computer titles (Information Systems Aide, Assistant, Associate, and Specialist) announced last year are now in effect. 

Internet use proposal has been discussed and has been hampered by a lack of agreement on two points: 1) should libraries offer unlimited internet access?, 2) do open access policies apply to internet access (several campuses restrict internet access to their own patrons, most libraries allow all students use). 

The price of LEXIS/NEXIS has dropped to $1.2/FTE because UMI and Bowker have pulled out.  CUNY Central will hire an assistant to work under Liborio Campisi.  The NY Board of Regents is conducting a two-year study of libraries in New York State.  SUNY objected to a lack of representation; as a result, Marsha Ra, representing CUNY, has been invited to participate. 

ILL taskforce - Wilma Jones has resigned from taskforce, Sharon Bonk was elected to chair, Rick Uttich has been added to the committee as well.  Items the committee may consider include: should ILL be redefined?, should intra-CUNY loan be made into a circulation function rather than ILL?, effectiveness of workflow, validity of unmediated document delivery, etc.   Susan Vaughn announced that CARL has been refunded.  The American Chemical Association is offering a deal for electronic access to its journals.  Pricing is being worked out for CUNY.  

Integrated library systems vendors visited CUNY last spring.  It seems that funding is now available for migration to a new system, $8.8 million was set aside in the budget, Ra says it is urgent to make a decision now while the funding is available.  Ra put together a rough budget as follows: $4 million to rebuild infrastructure at the campuses (electronic classrooms, campus support personnel, etc.), $2 million for wiring and hardware for the 57th St. building, $1 million for the purchase of the new system software, $1 million for core collection purchases, $800,000 for consultants and training.  



4.  Treasurer's report - No report due to the resignation of the treasurer.


5.  Proposed Executive Board meeting schedule was discussed and agreed on as follows.  All

meetings are on Fridays and at 2:30 PM. 


October 16th, November 11th, December 12th (Fall membership meeting),

February 19th, March 12th, April 16th, May 21st (tentative date for Institute),

June 18th (Spring membership meeting).



6.  Committees


IRI Committee had an instruction seminar over the summer.  Two presentations were given, one on working with adult students, and another on ESL students.  Informal discussion took place and general sharing of experiences with library instruction. There were 22 attendees.


7.  Old Business


Urban Library Journal editor Michael Adams has scheduled a meeting for next Friday of a proposed local advisory board for the journal.  Ideas for members of a national board will be discussed.  Library Literature has dropped the ULJ from its indexed titles.  Adams notified them of the title change, publishing plans  and hopes when an issue comes out it will be added back in.


8.  New Business - LACUNY Institute


Jeanne Galvin extended thanks to last year’s institute committee: Michael Adams, Kate Conahan, Barbara Linton, Kathy Killoran, Judy Connorton, Herman Cline, Rick Uttich, Michael O’Donnell, Francine Egger-Sider, and Louise Fluk.


Mounir Khalil (CC) has a proposed topic for the Institute on electronic journals - copyright, archiving, acquisitions, cataloging, etc.  He would be willing to chair and has run past Institutes successfully, Raja Jayatilleke would be willing to co-chair.  Mounir will be invited to the October council meeting to discuss his plans further. 


Mark Padnos (BX) inquired about the lump sum payment ($1,200) to be received under the new contract.  Jane Davenport will be asked to send a message out on CULIBS-L regarding payment dates.


Martin Helgesen (CC) has sent out LACUNY directory information to all the delegates and would like to receive the updated information as soon as possible so the directory can be printed in a timely fashion.


Thanks were extended to Louise Fluk (LG) who does a wonderful job publishing News from CUNY Libraries.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:50 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Killoran, Secretary