Minutes of the LACUNY Executive Council

October 16, 1998


Place: John Jay Library Conference Room


Present:  Present: Kathy Killoran (JJ), Ed Wallace (LE), Constance Brice (QB), Morris Hounion (NY), Cecilia Salber (KB), Mike Johnson (LG), Laurel Franklin (CC), Jose Diaz (HO), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Michael Borries (Central), Michael Adams (GC), Kate Conahan (HC), Barbara Linton (BM), Jeanne Galvin (KB), Mark Padnos (BX), Terri Ashley (HC), Gerry Jiao (BB), Jocelyn Berger (BC), Lucinda Zoe (BB), Beth Evans (BC).


1.  The agenda was accepted and minutes of September 18th, 1998 approved with the following change:  amount of lump sum payment negotiated in the new contract for librarians should be $1,250.   


2.  President's Report - Jeanne Galvin

The LACUNY directory is coming along, Galvin discussed CUNY Central subsidizing the printing costs of the directory.  Marsha Ra explained that in the past they had their own print shop so the directory was printed there for no charge.  Since this is no longer the case, the Central Office can not afford to subsidize it. 

The Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at Queens College is having a reception to honor new and old faculty.  Galvin has been invited to attend and represent LACUNY. 

The university has subscribed to the American Chemical Society journals, and the proxy server, for faculty access to full-text databases from their homes, has become a reality and seems to be working well.

Galvin received an inquiry from a librarian requesting LACUNY take a survey about patterns of reference desk coverage at the colleges when classes were not in session.  The Executive Council was disinclined to do this. 



3.  Vice  President's Report - Kate Conahan

The Council of Chief Librarians did not meet as yet this month, they will do so on Monday, October 20th.  The Committee on Committees has not met yet but phone calls were made and several committees have already been convened.


4.  Treasurer's Report - Barbara Linton


Opening balance (June 19, 1998) - corrected balance     $14,221.49

Income/credits to date                                                  976.00

Expenditures/debits to date                                                    1,662.49

Current balance                                                                 $13,535.00


A list prepared by last year’s treasurer, Nancy Macomber, was distributed which corrected LACUNY account balances slightly over the past two years. 


5.  Election of Standing Committee Members


Jerry Bornstein was elected to another term as a member of the Budget Committee and Marvie Brooks was elected to serve on the Committee on Committees.  



6.  Committee Reports


EIS Committee - met this morning and has scheduled a workshop for Fri. November 6th.  Details will follow. 


IRI Committee will meet next Fri., October 23rd at the Graduate Center.


The Urban Library Journal local advisory board met to give advice to editor.  A statement affirming the existence of the journal, revised mission statement and a call for papers will be advertised soon.


Cataloging Roundtable will meet Nov 11th, 1998. 


Michael Borries and Kate Conahan reported on the CUNY Serials Librarians meeting held this morning.  They discussed the method for handling electronic journals and electronic versions of print journals.  A solution discussed focused on setting up a new processing unit for cataloging electronic resources that are available to the whole university.  A new location code would be added to CUNY+ (AL- for all), it would appear first in any index and would also be included in all the local catalogs.  They tentatively plan to hold joint meetings with the reference staff to further discuss this issue. 

Baruch’s ILL department is creating a master list for all serials on LEXIS-NEXIS, Searchbank, and Dow Jones for use at Reference.  Several council members expressed interest in gaining a copy both in print and on disk of this master list.  Lucinda Zoe offered to talk to Eric Neubacher and Ester Ramos about the possibility of sharing their work.  Cecilia Salber mentioned that there is a book called, Bibliodata Fulltext Sources Online, which lists journals and where they are available electronically.  Borries mentioned that EBSCO can create a customized list of your library’s journals and where they are available electronically if asked, and if they are available for free or for fee.  EBSCO will even enroll you with them.


Institute Committee - Mounir Khalil, Institute Chair, can not attend today’s Executive Council meeting but the Committee has met and sent a report with Jeanne Galvin who is a member of that committee.  IBM will provide LACUNY with a room for the institute free of charge.  Some possible speakers have already been contacted, the date is tentatively set for Friday, May 21st.  More volunteers are welcomed to serve on the Institute Committee.  Regret was voiced by council members that Mounir did not make a proposal to this group since it is the Executive Council that approves the Institute topic.  Conahan objected to the process that was employed this year in dealing with the Institute - there was no open discussion of alternative Institute topics, no excitement generated by a discussion to encourage other LACUNY members to participate in the planning process.  It seemed predetermined.  It was pointed out that dynamics of the Institute Committee  vary from year to year.  It was also mentioned that most of those who have volunteered this year had never worked on an Institute before and it is attracting participation from a variety of members.  Zoe said the committee seems open to other participants, but the topic as described seems narrow, that is may only appeal to serials librarians, etc.  Zoe suggests that date is good , and the Executive Council ask the Institute Committee for more about the topic and content so it can be voted on at the November Council meeting.  Galvin will carry these suggestions back to the Institute Committee. 



7.  Old Business


Web page for LACUNY - Beth Evans (BC) had agreed to chair a LACUNY committee that would work on a LACUNY Web site just prior to her sabbatical last year.  In Spring of 1997 a committee met and created an outline of content for the site.  Two issues remain unresolved:  who would design the page and where would it be housed?  Michael Adams, ULJ editor, and Mounir Khalil, Institute Committee, both would like to make use of a page as soon as possible.  Michael Borries agreed to speak to Marsha Ra about housing the Web page on her server.  $500 was approved in Spring of 1997 to hire someone to design the initial page, however, Evans sees the resource issue as more a matter of maintenance, who would update the pages?  Evans agreed to continue developing the page, Killoran volunteered to continue also. 


The Budget Committee has received a budget request from Marvie Brooks for the EIS committee.  They requested $250 to run their programs for the year, four members of Budget Committee approved.  The Council approved the request unanimously.  A payment of $670 was also approved to pay for the preparation of copy for printing the ULJ Spring 1998 issue.



8.  New Business


Mount Sinai School of Medicine is ending its affiliation with CUNY, they will affiliate with NYU as of next year. 


Respectfully submitted,

Katherine Killoran, Secretary