Minutes of the LACUNY Executive Council

November 20, 1998


Place: John Jay Library Conference Room


Present:Present: Kathy Killoran (JJ), Ed Wallace (LE), Morris Hounion (NY), Cecilia Salber (KB), Laurel Franklin (CC), Jose Diaz (HO), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Michael Adams (GC), Kate Conahan (HC), Barbara Linton (BM), Jeanne Galvin (KB), Mark Padnos (BX), Terrie Ashley (HC), Gerry Jiao (BB), Lucinda Zoe (BB), Rick Uttich (CC), Ellen Sexton (JJ), Micaela Waldman (BB).


1.Agenda accepted unanimously and minutes of October 16, 1998 accepted with the following changes: grammatical error corrected in the Vice Presidentís report and under the Serials Librarians report, the name of the book Salber mentioned is Fulltext Sources Online from Bibliodata.


2. President's Report - Jeanne Galvin

The speaker for the holiday party/Fall membership meeting will be Arthur Friedman, Media Librarian at Nassau Community College and Adjunct Prof. at the Queens College GLIS,on the topic of distance learning.Kate Conahan has arranged for the meeting to be held at the Turtle Bay Grill.Members will be asked to pay $10 / non-members $20, a cash bar will be available.Last year LACUNY spent $250 on refreshments so LACUNY will offset the cost of this event by that amount.Kathy Killoran will create a flyer to advertise, and each delegate will collect the funds at their respective campuses.

Galvin attended the QC GLIS reception fornew and old faculty, they are thinking of starting a program on information and journalism, and the idea of establishing a doctoral program is still alive.



3.VicePresident's report - Kate Conahan


The Council ofChiefs met twice since our last meeting, Kate reports on the Nov 9th, 1998 meeting.

Marsha Clarke was the invited guest at this meeting to answer questions regarding Coutts and centralized technical services.There is a great deal of dissatisfaction with both.Turnaround time with Coutts averages 50 days, as opposed to 27 days with Franklin.The Chiefs are also unhappy that the central office is not handling central resources ‑ particularly electronic resources; Pat Young pointed out that there has been no agreement up until now on how to handle said resources.Central is also limited in the number of foreign languages they are able to handle there.As the discussion wound down it was decided to monitor Coutts and look at the issues again in January.

A draft policy of the CUNY Digital Library Collection Development Policy was handed out.The Chiefs agreed that there can not be a digital library until there was a budget - at present there is none.S. Bonk brought up the issue of how electronic journals would fit into the digital library.Most of the discussion centered on changes made to the draft document.Ra asked that the motion be tabled.It was decided that policy will be edited to incorporate the changes suggested during discussion and a motion passed to postpone further discussion until the policy is revised.

Mary Alice Lynch, director of SUNY/OCLC, was the next invited guest.The organization will be announcing a name change at their annual meeting in December.They are reorganizing ‑ the affiliation between SUNY and OCLC is being reevaluated.

Internet usage policy/guidelines were reviewed and discussed, in particular the problem of uncensored access vs the possibility (or liability) of a sexual harassment suit (as a result of users of the library being exposed to explicit material.)The policy will be revised to incorporate the comments made in discussion.

Migration committee ‑ hopes to have its report done by January.They plan to begin marathon meetings the week of November 16.SUNY is done preparing its specs; a copy is being sent to Marsha Ra.

Susan Vaughan is looking into online subscriptions for ACM and IEEE titles, similar to the arrangement with ACS.

Correction my report on the September meeting: The Graduate Center requested, but did not receive, 2.7‑3 million dollars to support serials holdings at the campuses with doctoral programs.REPEAT: THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL MONEY AVAILABLE.Apologies to all, particularly Susan Newman, who was inundated with calls after my little faux pax.



4.Treasurer's Report - Barbara Linton


Opening balance (October 16, 1998)††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $13,535.00

Income/credits to date††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††† 1,557.50

Expenditures/debits to date†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††† 1,131.00

Current balance††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $13,961.50


A list of the membership as of today was also distributed.Figures by campus are as follows: BB - 5, BC - 15, BM - 1, BX - 7, Central - 2, CC - 18, CL - 7, GC - 11, HC - 2, KB - 9, LE - 4, LG - 8, ME - 4, NY - 3, QB - 16, QC - 14, QCGLIS - 1, YC - 5.Total membership is 139.



5.Committee reports


EIS - held workshop - no one present to report.


IRI met in Oct. and planned for future activities.They will hold another instruction summit in January and preliminarily discussed programs for February, March and April.Fred Bogin will be one presenter at the January Instruction seminar.

Institute Committee met and minutes of the meeting distributed to delegates.John Wiley is offering $250 to give a demonstration as part of the Institute.Discussion ensued on whether we wanted to commercialize the body of the Institute.How vendors would work into the program is still under discussion.Potential speakers include: Clifford Lynch, Richard Hulser, Marjorie Bloss (Center of Research Libraries), Coleen McCool (QC, GLIS) and Rick Goldberg.Their next meeting will be at the IBM building to survey the site on December 4th.


Legislative Action Committee - Shelley Warwick contacted Galvin about sponsoring an advocacy training session.Galvin asked her to send a proposal.


Professional Status/Grants - Conahan asked for suggestions for Chair and topics to be addressed, Laurel Franklin distributed an informational brochure to delegates which was developed by the 1997 committee on steps to promotion and tenure.Uttich suggested that a new flyer be created reflecting the changes in the new contract.One topic suggested for the committee was to study the number of HEOís, Faculty Librarians and Adjuncts staffing our institutions and the trends in that area.Information should be distributed regarding PSC-CUNY Grants and the name of the grants representative for Libraries, and a grant workshop held in the Spring, well before the October 15th PSC-CUNY deadline.


Urban Library Journal - publicity and a call for papers went out on approximately 40 listservs. Twenty-two responses for memberships or interest in submitting articles was received so far.Kate Conahan has agreed to serve as the book review editor.A question was raised about maintaining the same ISSN number due to the title change which will be investigated further.


Acquisitions Roundtable met and discussed their dissatisfaction with Coutts, and viewed a demonstration of an approval plan software from Blackwell.


Cataloging Roundtable met and discussed the AL location in CUNY+ .


Circulation Roundtable met as part of the NOTIS Circulation Committee.Terrie Ashley reported that a wish list was constructed for circulation functions for a new Integrated Library System.Requirements for data carry over from the NOTIS system were reviewed.Some data does get lost in conversion and it is costly to convert more data.NOTIS version 6.5 will be put in over January.The Reserve purge will take place on or about January 19th. 1999.


ILL Roundtable is scheduled to meet next week.They have met twice already this semester.Their planned demos have been canceled to work on the RFP standards for resource sharing for the new integrated library system.The Chief Librarians are discussing intraCUNY loans, andplacing them within the circulation departments at each campus and expanding them to undergraduates.Hopefully, the new system will allow us to do that, but each campus could still decide how they would handle this.Changes will not be instituted until a new system is in place.Louisiana beta-tested the web-based resource sharing package from NOTIS and rejected it.

6.Old Business


Kathy Killoran inquired about the status of our request to Marsha Ra about her providing space for a LACUNY Web page.Jeanne Galvin will contact Michael Borries to follow up.



7. New Business


Institute for Information Literacy - Cerise Oberman, keynote speaker at last yearís LACUNY Institute, and ACRL has established a 4 1/2 day Institute on Library Instruction to be held this July at Plattsburgh State (SUNY).Entrance to the institute is competitive and very costly ($995 for each participant).Individually, campuses can not afford to send anyone at that price. The IRI Committee proposes that the Executive Council endorse a proposal to request that the Central Office of Library Services underwrite the cost of 3 librarians to attend this seminar.Attendees would then share their knowledge and experience with instruction librarians on each campus in a variety of ways including through the IRI Committee.The Executive Council endorsed this proposal unanimously.Kathy Killoran, Kate Conahan and Michael Adams volunteered to draft the proposal and get it to Marsha Ra in the first week of December.Applications for the Institute are due January 8th, 1999.


Instruction Librarian Lines - Michael O'Donnell (SI) sent Galvin a copy of a memorandum which he sent to the College President of SI, Marlene Springer, inquiring about the status of the recent proposal to add an Instructional Librarian line to each campus Library and requested that the issue be raised at the Council of Presidents and the Council of Provosts.O'Donnell requests that the Executive Council raise it as well with the Council of Chief Librarians.Conahan wondered how this would work since some libraries already have a librarian designated as such.The Council will invite O'Donnell to attend the February meeting to discuss this further.


LACUNY Directory - Conahan raised the issue of incentive to become members of LACUNY.It seems that librarians get the same benefits regardless of whether they are a member on not.There is no incentive to become a member except paying less at the Institute.She proposed that the Directory only be distributed free of charge to LACUNY members and it would be available to non-members for $5.Her proposal was unanimously passed.


Respectfully submitted,


Kathy Killoran, Secretary