LACUNY Executive Council Meeting

February 19, 1999



Present: Kathy Killoran (JJ), Ed Wallace (LE), Morris Hounion (NY), Cecilia Salber (KB), Laurel Franklin (CC), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Kate Conahan (HC), Barbara Linton (BM), Jeanne Galvin (KB), Mark Padnos (BX), Terrie Ashley (HC), Rick Uttich (CC), Ellen Sexton (JJ), Micaela Waldman (BB), Michael Borries (Central), Mounir Khalil (CC), Constance Brice (QB), Ken Riccardi (LG).


1.  Agenda was accepted unanimously.  Minutes of November were distributed at the December membership meeting and members contacted the Secretary with any changes.  No minutes at the Fall membership meeting.



2.  President's Report - Jeanne Galvin

Three librarians were chosen by a committee comprised of Chief Librarians and members of the LACUNY IRI Committee to receive funding to attend the Institute for Information Literacy’s Immersion ‘99 conference this summer in Plattsburg.  Each candidate must still be accepted to one of the 90 slots for the conference.  Dan Rubey, Chair of the Council of Chief Librarians, wrote a letter to the conference supporting their candidacy for acceptance.  Those accepted will  be notified in Late February.


Jane Davenport and Jeanne Galvin both submitted testimony before the Beno Schmidt hearings regarding funding for libraries. 


LACUNY web page - Marsha Ra suggested Beth Evans (BC) get in touch with Collette Wagner regarding space on the CUNY Web server.   She is waiting to hear back from Collette.  LACUNY will have to provide the material and maintain it. 


Galvin encouraged everyone to participate in the trials of products for the digital library, the more input, the better. 




3.  Vice President's Report - Kate Conahan


December meeting of the Council of Chief Librarians


Dr. Marianne Cooper attended to increase awareness of CUNY’s GSLIS program.  They now have 9 full-time faculty, 450 students and are planning a PhD program.  They offer internships for their students and would welcome inquiries about placing student interns.  Inquiries from CUNY Librarians about teaching in the program would be welcomed as well. 


A steering committee of ERAC has been formed and Sharon Bonk (QC) will be the Council of Chief Librarians’ liaison.  Other members of the committee include: Lucinda Zoe (BB), Guy Westmoreland (CC).  Susan Vaughn (BC), Rolf Swenson (QC), Linda Roccos (SI), and Christine Bruzzese (QB). 


P&B Committee - Performance Excellence awards can be awarded in two categories - faculty and HEO.  Librarians would be included as faculty.  The CC  faculty senate voted to recommend that the College President not give them out since they are divisive and no additional funding was allocated so the $5,000 for each is coming out of each College’s regular budget. 


Reclassification for information specialists civil service title is complete.  Salary adjustments seem to be determined on a case by case basis. 


The Internet access guidelines for CUNY libraries was discussed and changes made.  They were approved and the final version will be distributed at the next meeting. 


Brenda Oakley, SUNY liaison, discussed SUNYConnect, their shared resources project.  The SUNY Board of Trustees reduced its budget, they are continuing to lobby for additional funding.  They have completed a draft of the RFP requirements for their new OPAC system, and have had demonstrations from Endeavor, Ameritech, SIRSI, and DRA. 


WebPAC is still not up.  Ameritech gives no support.  Ra has asked for a consultant paid for by Ameritech to help CUNY get this working.


The Council is soliciting input from the discipline councils on selections for digital library. 


The Council agreed to a proposal from the LACUNY IRI Committee for funding for three instruction librarians to attend the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy’s Immersion ‘99 conference.  The librarians will be applying to Track II for experienced librarians.  Rubey and Agbim will join with the LACUNY committee to select the candidates to be recommended. 


February meeting of the Council of Chiefs


Anne Woodsworth attended in her new capacity as a consultant to METRO on continuing education for librarians.  She distributed a survey to the Chiefs about what types of training they would like to see offered.


Ra handed out the RFP for the new system, only minor changes may be done, the presentation will go to the Board of Trustees and she hopes to have a commitment for March 22, 1999 for the full $10.8 Million.


ERAC committee is considering several additional products for the digital library (Ideal DB, Academic Press, Inspec, & Company of Biologists), committee will be ranking the resources and hope to start subscribing to products by late Spring.  Statistics for usage of Lexis/Nexis, ACS and MathSciNet have been distributed to ERAC representatives.   

Three individuals were selected to receive funding from the University for the Institute for Information Literacy’s Immersion ‘99 program.  250 applications were received. 


A new SUNY liaison will be appointed since Brenda Oakley has left the College of Optometry. SUNY’s RFP has been released but their funding is in question.  They are developing a Web-based information literacy course to be shared across campuses. 


Ameritech refused to pay for a consultant to get WebPac working for CUNY - they say it is CUNY’s system that is the problem.  IBM personnel are coming to review the problem, Pat Young is hopeful that we will get it up soon.  This summer’s upgrade for NOTIS will include some patron empowerment features.  There are 525 faculty on the proxy server. 


Bench marking - According to Sharon Bonk (QC) 6% of the university budget goes to libraries, which Rick Uttich added,  is what the ACRL standards call for.  These figures reflect the way money is allocated to campuses.  Many times the University allocates and then the amount is modified when it gets to individual campuses.  The Chiefs designated a committee to identify what should be benchmarked and how to collect the data.  Committee includes Ra, Bonk, Marcum, Wood, Higginbotham and Rubey.


The final version of the Internet Guidelines is now up on the CUNY libraries Web page. 



4.  Treasurer's Report - Barbara Linton


Opening balance (December 10, 1998)             $14,739.00

Income/credits to date                                             525.00

Expenditures/debits to date                                               1,579.06

Current balance                                                            $13,684.94



5.  Committee Reports


IRI Committee - Kathy Killoran gave a presentation at the February meeting on John Jay’s instruction program and demonstrated the new Access database of information resources which will function as the desktop for the Library’s workstations.  Resources can be viewed by title or in a subject arrangement.  The committee discussed and evaluated the instruction video, Navigating the Sea of Information.  The committee is planning a program for March/April, details will follow.


Institute Committee (Mounir Khalil) - met last week, checks were received from several vendors totaling $1,100.    The speakers have been confirmed.  Cliff Lynch & James Neal need travel expenses of approximately $300 each and the total budget looks to be about $4,850.  One problem the committee is working on is that the vendors need Internet connections and IBM can’t  provide enough.  $1,000 was allocated unanimously for Institute expenses (printing, postage, etc.). 


Legislative Action Committee - A METRO workshop is being held on advocacy in which several members of this committee are participating. 


Grants/Professional Status - Conahan received 4 responses to her call for committee members - they are communicating via email and focusing on identifying issues that should be addressed:  advocacy, mentoring, grant writing.  Galvin stated that it is not too early to start thinking about PSC-CUNY grant applications for the Fall.


Urban Library Journal (Michael Adams) - 400 flyers were distributed at ALA Midwinter and Special Libraries Association meetings detailing the journal’s mission and a call for papers.  The journal is focused on urban libraries, so articles submitted, even by CUNY librarians, should have that sort of orientation.  An editorial board has been established and work continues on the advisory board - names have been submitted and invitations have been extended, many asked for sample issues.  Adams distributed a list of both boards. 


ILL Roundtable will be meeting on Mon., February 22.



6.  Old Business


Bibliographic instruction lines for each campus - Michael O'Donnell from SI raised this issue at the November meeting - Galvin spoke to O'Donnell, he suggests that CUNY Central fund another position at each campus for someone to teach us about technology.  A job description would be needed.  O'Donnell will be asked to attend a future meeting to discuss his ideas.  


Since the NYTSL reception is at the Research Library of NYPL and LACUNY co-sponsors the reception, the next Council meeting (March 12, 1999) will be held at the Graduate Center at 1:30 PM.  Michael Adams will take care of booking a room and it will be announced on CULIBS-L. 


7.  New Business


Galvin will be forming a nominating committee for next year’s LACUNY officers.  Kate Conahan will be become President and Michael Adams will serve the second year of his term as editor of ULJ.  The open offices will be VP/President-Elect, Secretary, & Treasurer.


Rich Uttich announced that David Orenstein (formerly of Queens College & LACUNY Treasurer) has an article appearing in latest issue in the Journal of Library Administration on  total quality management.


Respectfully submitted,


Katherine Killoran, Secretary