LACUNY Executive Council Meeting

March 12, 1999



Present: Kathy Killoran (JJ), Ed Wallace (LE), Morris Hounion (NY), Laurel Franklin (CC), Kate Conahan (HC), Barbara Linton (BM), Jeanne Galvin (KB), Terrie Ashley (HC), Mark Padnos (BX), Micaela Waldman (BB), Jane Davenport (JJ), Jocelyn Berger (BC), Men-Sze Butt (GC), Jose Diaz (HO), Gerry Jiao (BB), Roberta Pike (KB).


1.  Agenda was accepted unanimously.  Minutes of the February meeting were accepted with no changes.



2.  President's Report - Jeanne Galvin

No report



3. Vice President’s Report - Kate Conahan


Council of Chiefs met this past Monday.  Howard Dillon, chief at FIT is the new SUNY liaison to

the Council.  The electronic collection development policy draft was distributed to the Chiefs.

Immersion 99 - 1 track 2 librarian was selected (Beth Evans, BC).  The Council was asked to extend funding to the 3 track 1 librarians who were selected.  Dan Rubey will speak to those selected and their Chief Librarians and select 2 who will receive funding.


The SUNY RFP is out and 9 vendors are interested in bidding. A summary of Anne Woodsworth’s (METRO Consultant) survey regarding continuing education needs for librarians was distributed from the last meeting:  relevant topics identified were: program evaluation, outcomes assessment, digital collection development, budgeting, restructuring roles, web pages, and computer hardware/soft ware. 


Mike Ribado reported that $10.8 million dollars which was already allocated is not really available, may kick in at new fiscal year, but probably in 4 equal segments over 5 years, the integrated library system has been put on hold.  WebPac is now available - patron empowerment features available through NOTIS this summer.  The money for the first segment will be spent on replacement of terminals and infrastructure at each campus, smart classrooms, and acquisitions of digital resources.  The Council of Chiefs will come up with list of their priorities for Ribado.  Hot links from the 856 fields will be active in WebPac, reporting system, the Central Office has hired an SAS expert and a someone to assist Liborio so he can work on NOTIS program glitches more seriously.  Ribado felt that the RFP should go out anyway, but the Chiefs were concerned with not proceeding if CUNY is not going to fund the change. 


A new special interest group in the metro area is being formed called the Information Alliance which would be concerned with increasing the visibility of information professionals, it is currently in the exploration stage, LACUNY was asked to join and send a representative.  A suggestion was made that the representative be the past or incoming president.  The fee will be $50-100 per year to be used to run the organization.  A motion that LACUNY join and send a  delegate was passed unanimously.



3.  Treasurer's Report - Barbara Linton

Membership is approximately 200 for this year. 


Opening balance                                   $13,684.94

Income/credits to date                  1,165.00

Expenditures/debits to date                            63.71

Current balance                                    $14,786,23



4.  Committee Reports


EIS Committee met last Friday and is planning a workshop on bibliographic software. 


Institute Committee - checks were received from more vendors, a draft of the flyer has been done, a Web page has been created for the institute and will be mounted on the Web server at Bronx or Staten Island which will include registration information.  They are working on identifying listservs and mailing lists on which to post.  The Internet connection problem for vendors is almost resolved: a vendor which works with IBM will probably be able to hook the vendors into the Internet.


Legislative Action Committee - The METRO Advocacy workshop was canceled due to lack of interest.  Committee members will be going to the library lobbying day in Albany in April but a budget request in needed from the committee.


Professional Status Committee - Claudia Lasker, Luis Ramos, Linda Roccos, David Konigstein, Michael Adams and Kate Conahan have volunteered to serve on this committee.  They will work on getting some grant information up as part of LACUNY’s website (in progress), establishing a formal liaison with the PSC, work on mentoring, Conahan will pursue with this committee. 


ILL Roundtable - met and reviewed using various document providers (such as: SISTI, Carl), did a walk through of the OCLC Prism software for newer ILL librarians.  Council of Chief Librarians is doing an ILL survey of CUNY so the survey by this committee will be subsumed by that and will be worked on with the Chiefs. 


5.  Old Business

Michael O'Donnell proposed that LACUNY ask Marsha Ra to look into the proposal that each campus be given a line for an instruction librarian which was proffered during the tenure of Chancellor Reynolds.  Galvin spoke to him again but the feeling of the Executive Council was that there was not enough interest to pursue this at this time.  


Nominations committee for LACUNY officer elections has been established and will consist of Stanton Biddle (BB), Francine-Egger Sider (LG), Herman Cline (CC), and Michael O’Donnell (SI).

Immersion Institute ‘99 - Only one of CUNY’s three track 1 candidates which were allotted funding by the university was accepted to the Institute.  Entrance was highly competitive.  Three other CUNY librarians were accepted into track 2 (for new instruction librarians).  Executive Council suggested that all three track 2 librarians receive funding as well as the track 1 candidate who is Beth Evans (BC).  CUNY should be proud that four of its members were accepted to this prestigious national conference.  The position of LACUNY will be communicated to the Council of Chiefs and Marsha Ra. 


6.  New Business

PSC-CUNY Management Technology Committee - Jane Davenport who serves as an elected member on the PSC is one of its representatives on a committee of 5 administrators and 5 PSC members created to investigate faculty issues about technology which impact remuneration.   Jane is the only librarian on committee, she would like to convene a small committee to address librarian issues related to technology and work roles.  Issues:  training, terms and conditions of employment, increased teaching load, credit courses as part of regular duties, team teaching.  The executive council referred this issue to the professional status/grants committee which will work with Jane and ask for volunteers to serve on this committee.  The committee will investigate the issues, collect data about what is happening on our campuses, how these issues are being dealt with at other institutions.  Input will be asked for from various LACUNY committees and roundtables. A message will be sent out on CULIBS-L for interested parties to join the committee.