LACUNY Executive Council Minutes

April 16, 1999


Place: John Jay Library Conference Room


Present: Jeanne Galvin (KB), Cecilia Salber (KB), Ronnie Gomez (QC), Lucinda Zoe (BB), Ken Riccardi (LG), Jose Diaz (HO), Herman Cline (CC), Ed Wallace (LE), Kate Conahan (HC), Morris Hounion (NY), Barbara Linton (BM), Gerry Jiao (BB), Linda Roccos (SI), Mark Padnos (BX).


Agenda was approved.


Minutes of March meeting not yet available. Sec. Kathy Killoran (JJ) unable to attend due to illness in family. Galvin has already sent good wishes from LACUNY.


Vice President's Report - Kate Conahan

Conahan will send typed copy to Killoran.


Treasurer's Report - Barbara Linton

Opening balance (March 12, 1999) $14,786.23

Income/credits to date 75.00

Expenditures/debits to date 716.25

Current balance $14,144.98

Linton also submitted for approval 1998/99 budgets for EIS Committee, Publications Committee, Legislative Committee, and the Institute. These budgets were accepted unanimously by the Executive Council.

Linton also submitted a list of LACUNY membership totals by college as of 4/13/99.


5. Legislative Action Committee Budget

Linton said members already went up to Albany. Trip to Washington is coming up on May 3rd and 4th.

6. Publications Committee Budget

Galvin spoke to Michael Adams on 4/15/99 concerning URBAN LIBRARY JOURNAL. He is not certain that an issue will come out during this budget year. Budget figures may change.


7. Institute - complimentary membership for speaker

Galvin reported that one of the speakers at the Institute is a member of the faculty at the library school at Queens College. LACUNY cannot give honorariums to anyone on CUNY payroll. Galvin suggested a complimentary one year membership in LACUNY. This was approved by the Executive Council.


NEWS FROM CUNY LIBRARIES - inclusion of items from non-members.

Galvin initiated a discussion of whether the newsletter should include news items submitted by non-members. It was suggested that a note be placed in the newsletter stating that items for inclusion will only be accepted from dues paying members of LACUNY. The purpose of this is to encourage membership and to cover the cost of printing the newsletter.


9. Committee Reports


Electronic Information Services

Workshop at John Jay, April 30. Galvin reported that a wonderful workshop is coming up. Roccos reported that it will cover preparation of web-based tutorials and using Reference Manager and ProCite.


Information Resources Instruction

Galvin reported that Michael Adams will announce a workshop to be held in May.



Cline handed out flyers to Executive Council delegates to distribute to members. The Institute has already been posted on several listservs. Sixty have already registered.


Legislative Action

Conahan made the trip to Albany along with Shelly Warwick and Chip Stewart. From talks with members of the legislature and aides to Pataki, Conahan reported that members of the Executive Council should report back to their campuses the importance of in-person visits to the offices of state and local legislators. Students should be encouraged that these visits are more effective than letter writing. Conahan said that Warwick and Stewart did a terrific job for us. Galvin thanked Conahan for joining them on such short notice.


Professional Status/Grants

Conahan reported that she has a committee in place. Members will meet the last week of April. They will work with Jane Davenport. Conahan hopes to start work on a position paper on status of CUNY librarians.


Cataloging Roundtable

Will meet in May.


Circulation Roundtable

No report.


Interlibrary Loan

Conahan reported that there was a meeting several weeks ago. She did not have her notes available.


Old Business - Nominations

Galvin reported that she is working on having two candidates nominated for each office. She hopes to have this ready in the next few weeks. Members may nominate themselves or colleagues. If necessary, candidates may run unopposed. Galvin recommends that anyone thinking of running for office let the chief librarian know first.


New Business - Student memberships

Galvin reported that she was approached by a student at the library school at Queens College who wanted to become a member of LACUNY. A brief discussion followed concerning what LACUNY could offer to student members, how membership would have to be restricted to students at Queens College library school, and how the LACUNY bylaws would have to be changed to allow student members.



Galvin hopes to see everyone at our next gathering -- the Institute on May 21st.

The June meeting will be a membership meeting and will be held on Friday, June 18th. Galvin is open to ideas on location, speakers, etc. for this meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Cecilia Salber