LACUNY Executive Council MINUTES

Friday, September 24, 1999


LOCATION: John Jay College Conference Room 511


PRESENT: Lucinda Zoe (BB); J. Galvin (KB); Linda Roccos (CSI); Manny Sanudo (QC); Micaela Waldman (BB): Taian Zhao (BM); Mark Padnos (BX); Irwin Weintraub (BC); Marianne LaBatto (BC); Michael Borries (BH); Beth Posner (GC); Jose Diaz (HO); Kathy Killoran (JJ); Kenneth Riccardi (LG); Edwin Wallace (LC); Morris Hounion (NYT);


L. Zoe called the meeting to order at 2:40pm. 

The Agenda was approved with revision to indicate a Treasurer’s Report

The Officers and Delegates introduced themselves around the table.




L. Zoe gave an update on how we may proceed in the present situation after the sudden death over the summer of our elected president, Kate Conahan.  In a similar situation, Stan Biddle took over as President when Dan Rubey resigned to become head of Lehman College Library, and it was agreed that Zoe could do the same, since she so agreed.


K. Killoran moved to appoint Zoe as Acting President for this year and to resume her year as President next year.  This was voted on and approved unanimously.


There was a discussion on how to proceed with a memorial to Kate Conahan.   Zoe will continue her efforts with the Professional Status and Grants Committee.  The upcoming LACUNY Institute may be held in her honor.  The delegates voted to send a donation to the Epiplepsy Foundation and to purchase a bond for Kate’s son Billy.  A notice will be posted to CULIBS for others to add to the base amount if they wish.  L. Roccos will find out how Hunter did it.


J. Galvin reported on the Council of Chiefs meeting held on Monday, September 13, 1999.  Dan Rubey has resigned due to a move to Hofstra University.  Marsha Ra spoke on the Digital Library, of which we see many new online resources already.  Four of the five CUNY librarians who attended the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy, “Immersion ‘99” last July at SUNY Plattsburgh, reported on what they learned there.


The upcoming meeting schedule was adjusted due to the Easter and Passover holidays and the college spring breaks.  Friday, April 14, 2000, was settled on, with the March date to be coordinated with another organization.


M. Sanudo gave the Treasurer’s Report, which was circulated.  Due to the size of the LACUNY Institute last May, with over 300 attendees, there is an increase of nearly $8000 in the budget, in addition to the balance of $14,000 from January 1999.  Possible venues for the next Institute were suggested, BMCC or Baruch are possibilities.  Since the balance is so large, the sum of $500 was voted on and approved to start the Kate Conahan memorial.  It will be split between the foundation and her son.


STANDING COMMITTEES were confirmed or elected.

Budget Committee: L. Zoe (Pres.), M. Sanudo (Treas.), Jerry Bornstein, Jacquiline Gill, plus one more from the Committee on Committees; B. Linton if she agrees.

Committee on Committees: J. Galvin (Past Pres.); L. Zoe (V.P.); L. Roccos (Sec.); C. Salber; B. Linton.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee: L. Zoe (V.P.); L.Roccos (Sec.); M. Borries; L. Lawton; K. Killoran.


Other Committees are about to meet for the first time this year, thus there are no reports.


M. Adams reported on the URBAN LIBRARY JOURNAL.  Requests for submissions have been posted to 40 listservs, with several papers submitted, but only two accepted so far, one from CUNY, one from elsewhere.  An issue will come out this Spring, and the guidelines will be posted to the LACUNY website.



The LACUNY web page will be put up on the Central server and maintained by B. Evans;  Other parts will be out-sourced.  L. Roccos has put up the committee pages and posted the URL to CULIBS:


The LACUNY Directory will be put on the web page this year.  The issue of student membership will be taken up by the Constitution and By-Laws Committee.



The LACUNY Institute needs a committee and chairperson(s) as well as a site.

Information Literacy is a popular topic this year, and some coordination of various committees may be undertaken.


The meeting was adjourned at 4pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Roccos

LACUNY Secretary 1999-2000

College of Staten Island Library

2800 Victory Boulevard

Staten Island, NY 10314