MINUTES of the LACUNY Executive Council Meeting

Friday, October 22, 1999

John Jay College Room 510


Michael Adams (GC); Michael Borries (Central); Christine Bruzzese (QB); Jose Diaz (HO); Madeline Ford (HC); Jeanne Galvin (KB); Gerry Jiao (BB); Maria Kiriakova (JJ); Marianne LaBatto BC); Claudia Lascar (CC); Mark Padnos (BX); Beth Posner (GC); Kenneth Riccardi (LG); Linda Roccos (SI); Cecelia Salber (KB); Manuel Sanudo (QC); Sharon Swacker (NY); Micaela Waldman (BB); Irwin Weintraub (BC); Taian Zhao (BM); Lucinda Zoe (BB)


Lehman; Medgar Evers; York; Centro Puertoriquenos; Law School; Library School

The meeting was called to order at 2:35pm. The agenda was approved.

Minutes of the September 24, 1999 meeting were approved and will be posted to the web site.

Several documents were circulated:

* Notes by J. Galvin from the September 13 Council of Chiefs meeting

* Notes by L. Zoe from the October 12 Council of Chiefs meeting

* Memo to Jane Davenport from L. Zoe on request for input on distance learning

* Treasurers Report showing income from 1999 LACUNY Institute

Delegates introduced themselves as there were some new faces this year.


L. Zoe reported on the Council of Chiefs meeting of October 12, 1999; there is a system wide hiring problem for new systems staff since these are new positions. ERAC reported on new databases. SUNY connect reported that Ulster County Community College was chosen for the new Information Literacy online course where it is a one-credit general education requirement.

The IL ad hoc committee will investigate how to proceed with a CUNY wide initiative. Zoe asked that the CUNY librarians who attended the ACRL Institute repeat their September presentation for the wider LACUNY audience. Central cataloging reported that online journals are a problem; Borries commented on cataloging electronic resources that only a consortium of schools have.

Zoe reported on Jane Davenport's request for input on technology and distance learning and new problems for librarians.

CUNY online program using the Internet program "Blackboard.com" was discussed and their webpage noted: cunyonline.cuny.edu

Queens library school may go to all online in near future.


M. Sanudo distributed figures from the LACUNY Institute. The budget is in good condition due to the increased attendance.


L. Roccos reported that minutes from committees and roundtables were posted to the LACUNY web site with permission of the chairpersons. The standing committee members were confirmed and posted to the Committee web page. The LACUNY web page will now be located on the 57th street server and will be announced by the next meeting.


Student membership was discussed and a motion passed by delegates to proceed with by-laws change to include persons who work at CUNY and are library school students anywhere, either at the Queens library school or any other. Membership of HEOs and other para-professional library staff was discussed and left as it now stands, that is they can be members if they have the required masters degrees as set forth in the by-laws.

Vice-President nominations should proceed and a motion was passed to form a nominating committee for this purpose.

The donation to a bond in memory of Kate Conahan was discussed and approved in the amount of $500. L. Zoe will post a notice to CULIBS and ask for additional contributions. Contributions to the Epilepsy Foundation will be sent separately by individuals as it is tax deductible.

LACUNY Institute must form a committee very soon, and a meeting will be announced. The general theme of Information Literacy and Competency was chosen. A discussion on the subject should be started in view of the ACRL Immersion participation of five CUNY librarians. The aim will be to get the subject integrated into the curriculum, rather than as a stand-alone course.


A location for the December 17 open meeting must be chosen quickly, and the same restaurant as last year is a possibility. L. Zoe will investigate.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:23 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Roccos

LACUNY Secretary