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Anne Leonard (NY), Sara M. Marcus, (QB), Co-Chairs

David Brodherson (BB) * Sheau-Yueh Janey Chao (BB)  * Ching-Jung Chen (CC) * Dália Leonardo (GC) * Janet Munch (LC) * Susan Thomas (BM)

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The Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2009 LACUNY Professional Development Grant!

2009 LACUNY Grant Winners:

Karen Okamoto of John Jay College, Workshop for Instruction in Library Use

Jay Bernstein of Kingsborough Community College, North American Symposium for Knowledge Organization

Past LACUNY Grant Winners

PSC-CUNY Grants Workshops & Information - Past workshops with Speakers and Information

Check out the LACUNY Blog for Grants and Publishing info

Publishing & Research Info - Library and Information Science journals and other help

PSC-CUNY Grants - Lists of awards from 2008 back to 2001

Library Faculty Recipients of PSC-CUNY 40 Awards, 2009
Abulhab, Saad (BB) * Brooks, Marvie (JJ) * Collins, Kathleen (JJ) * Ellis, Lisa (BB) * Kaser, James (CSI) * Leykam, Andrew (CSI) * Lym, Brian (HC) * Marcus, Sara (QCC) * Smale, Maura (NYCCT) and Mariana Regalado (BC) * Thistlethwaite, Polly (GC) * Thomas, Susan (BMCC) * Waldman, Michael (BB) * Xiao, Judy (CSI) * Yannotta, Lauren (HC)

Past Programs - Program information for the past few years

2009: Navigating the IRB Process (co-sponsored with the LACUNY Junior Faculty Research Roundtable)
2007: Academic Librarianship & Publishing in Peer Reviewed Library Journals
2006: Setting a Professional Development Agenda
2005: The Inside View: Publishing Opportunities for Library Faculty
2004: Climbing the Ladder of Success for Library Faculty at CUNY

Committee Information - Reports, Surveys, Blogs

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