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Information Literacy: Reaching Populations

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The 2001 Institute Bibliography, compiled by Rita Ormsby and Tess Tobin, is here. Click here for two options to access the bibliography.

LACUNY INSTITUTE 2000 Annotated Guide to Information Literacy Web Tutorials 


ARCL Internet Education Project

Assessment in Library and Information Literacy Instruction (Univ. of Nevada, Reno)

Bibliographic Instruction Program Evaluation (Berea College)

Bibliographic Instruction Resources on the Internet (Teaching Library, Univ. of California, Berkeley)

California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction, South

Computer Classroom and Laboratory Design: Bibliography (Univ. of North Carolina)

Creating a Web-based Tutorial for Electronic Databases (Brooklyn College Library)

Digital Literacy Checklist (Univ. of Washington)

Directory of Online Resources for Information Literacy (Univ. of South Florida)

Evaluation Criteria for Good Web-Based Library Instruction (ACRL Insruction Section)

Evaluation of Library Instruction Bibliography (Library Instruction Round Table)

Evaluation with a Small "e": Practical Methods that Work (library instruction evaluation; ACRL/New England Bibliographic Instruction Committee)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; or, Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources (New Mexico State Univ.)

Guidelines for Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries (ACRL Insruction Section)

How Can Library and Information Professionals Prepare for Their Teaching Role in the 21st Century (ACRL Insruction Section)

How to Build Librarian/ Instructional Faculty Collaborative Partnerships (1997 ALA poster session)

IDEALL Approach to Learning Development: A Model for Fostering Improved Literacy and Learning Outcomes for Students (presented at 1998 Australian Association for Research in Education conference)

If You Teach It, Will They Learn?: Information Literacy and Reference Services in a College Library (article from Computers in Libraries)

Information Competence Sites on the Web (California Polytechnic Univ.)

Information Literacy (Florida International Univ.)

Information Literacy: A Position Paper on Information Problem Solving (American Association of School Librarians)

Information Literacy and the Technological Transformation of Higher Education (ACRL Instruction Section Think Tank III)

Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (Association of College and Research Libraries)

Information Literacy Courses (SUNY Council of Library Directors Information Literacy Initiative)

Information Literacy Links (California State Univ., San Marcos)

Information Literacy Sites (College & Research Libraries News)

Instruction Section (ACRL)

Institute for Information Literacy (ACRL)

Learning to Teach: Resource List and Tips Sheet (ACRL Insruction Section)

Lesson Learned: Exemplary Practices in Teaching Web Evaluation (New Mexico State Univ.)

Library Instruction Evaluation Form (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)

Library Instruction Programs (New Mexico State Univ.)

Library Instruction Resources on the Web (New England Bibliographic Instruction Committee)

Library Instruction Round Table (ALA)

Library Instruction Tutorials (Library Instruction Round Table)

Library User Education and Teaching Information Literacy Sites

LOEX Clearinghouse for Library Instruction

Model Statement of Objectives for Bibliographic Instruction (Maryland Library Association)

National Forum on Information Literacy

Powerful Learning, Powerful Partnerships: Educating the University Community in a Dynamic Information Environment (Univ. of Iowa Libraries symposium announcement)

Programs, Projects, and Initiatives Concerning Information Literacy in Higher Education (extensive international links; Univ. of South Florida)

Resources for Designing Library Electronic Classrooms (MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship)

Some Links to Assist in Thinking about Information Literacy (Washington and Lee Univ.)

Standards and Competencies for Students (Univ. of Louisville)

A Study of Undergraduate Information Literacy and Skills: The Inclusion of Information Literacy and Skills in the Undergraduate Curriculum (presented at 1999 International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions conference)

Teaching and Learning Information Literacy Skills: Textbooks for Students and Instruction Librarians (Instruction Section, Association of College and Research Libraries)

Teaching End Users to Search Faster and Smarter on the Web (article from Cyberpulse)

Web-Based Instruction Resource Center (Rutgers Univ.)

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