LACUNY Institute 2001

Information Literacy: Reaching Populations

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Winning Hearts and Minds: A Top-down/Grassroots Campaign for Information Literacy 
Lorie Roth
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs Academic Services and Professional Development
The California State University

Bringing Information Literacy to Our World Population and Beyond: Internationals 
Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah
Manager, Instructional Services, Boston College Libraries

Information Literacy for Graduate Students and Adult Students: Life Long Learning Adult Learners 
Joanna Burkhardt
Associate Professor/Head Librarian 

Becoming Fluent in Information Literacy for Latino Students: Information Literacy for Latino Students 
Isabel Espinal 
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sociological and Psychological Aspects of Information Literacy 
Teresa Y. Neely, Ph.D.

Neely Presentation Bibliography 

Multicultural Information Literacy 
Monica Berger
New York City College of Technology

Articulating Instruction 
Mariana Regalado
Brooklyn College, CUNY
and Kyzyl Fenno-Smith
Baruch College, CUNY

Creating Access to Graduate Student Library Resources Online through Blackboard 
Barbara Feknous
Instructional Design and Support Specialist
and Diane Di Martino
Coordinator of Graduate Library Services
Newman Library, Baruch College

Keys to Success:Services for Students with Disabilities 
Mary Beth Applin 
University of Southern Mississippi
and Myra Schiff
Jewish Guild for the Blind

Services for Students With Disabilities part 2 
Mary Beth Applin 
University of Southern Mississippi
and Myra Schiff
Jewish Guild for the Blind

Powerful Presentations:Tips and Tricks for Effective Presentations 
Gary Wasdin
New York Public Library

Reaching Out to the College Community through Digital Reference 
Stephen Francoeur and Lisa Ellis 
Newman Library, Baruch College