Library/classroom faculty collaboration

Library and Classroom Faculty Collaboration in Teaching an African-American History Course

Aditi Bandyopadhyay and Marsha J. Darling, Adelphi University

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Biographies: Dr. Aditi Bandyopadhyay is an Associate Professor. She is in charge of overall operations of a separately located Science Library on the Garden City Campus of Adelphi University. Dr. Bandyopadhyay authored a number of articles in the areas of Library and Information Science as well as Biological Sciences. Her current research interests are: electronic journals and their impacts on scholarly communication, Library Instruction, and information seeking behavior of the users of scientific literature.

Dr. Marsha J. Darling is an Associate Professor. She teaches in the History Department and the African American and Ethnic Studies Program at the Garden City Campus of Adelphi University. Dr. Darling teaches, does research and has published numerous articles about African American history and culture, women’s history and international development.     

Abstract: In Fall 2000, African American History (1500-Present) was offered to history majors at Adelphi University. In addition to teaching the history to the students, other objectives of this course were: to familiarize students with the information resources and the tools used to locate them; to evaluate the information obtained from different resources; to introduce a new technological skill to the students as a part of their lifelong learning process; and to encourage the group learning experience among the students. The students enrolled for this course were required to develop web pages narrating the life and works of Frederick Douglass – a leading figure in the abolitionist movement. This presentation discusses the librarian-classroom faculty partnership in teaching this African–American History course and reviews the pros and cons of dealing with the Web-based research projects as a part of course assignments.

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