Collaborating with a History Professor for an SLS Course, "Humanities I: Ancient Cultures," at the College of Staten Island. Linda Jones Roccos and Eric Ivision, College of Staten Island.

The Actor Page and Introduction to Drama Blackboard Page. Pamela Bloom, Performing Arts Librarian, Bobst Library, New York University.

Enhancing Member Collaboration through Technology. Xuemao (Shimo) Wang, Director, Information Technology, METRO and Tim Johnson, Program Manager, METRO.

Collaborating with a History Professor for an SLS Course, "Humanities I: Ancient Cultures," at the College of Staten Island

Dr. Linda Jones Roccos
Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Electronic Resources
College of Staten Island Library
City University of New York

Dr. Eric A. Ivison
Associate Professor of History
College of Staten Island Library
City University of New York

The CSI Library has on long term loan a small collection of antiquities from a local museum. A web site, http://www.library.csi.cuny.edu/siias, was developed to display them virtually. A librarian and a history professor have currently placed many different class projects on a web site,, together with selected startup reading materials for each project. After the first semester of using these preliminary bibliographies as a basis for their research projects and class presentations, the students show a greater grasp of their subjects and a better sense of the research materials available for them. The poster session will illustrate both the web sites and selected student projects.

Prof. Linda Roccos has a degree in classical archaeology as well as one in library science, and this collaborative project enables her to combine two of her interests. She has also co-curated several exhibitions for the library with objects on long-term loan from a local museum.

Prof. Eric Ivison teaches ancient and medieval history at CSI and at the CUNY Graduate Center, as well as the Science, Letters, and Society course, "Humanities I: Ancient Cultures." He is the co-curator and co-organizer of several projects in the SIIAS@CSI series.

The Actor Page and Introduction to Drama Blackboard Page

Pamela Bloom

Performing Arts Librarian
Bobst Library
New York University

The Actors Page was designed for students in the New York University Tisch School of the Arts.  Specifically, the page utilizes text, video and audio clips, and scanned images to acquaint students with the library’s holdings.

The Introduction to Drama Blackboard Page is the collaborative effort of Una Chaudhuri and Pamela Bloom, professor of Drama and Performing Arts Librarian, respectively.  The page contains tutorials, bibliographies, scanned images and video clips. The page reflects the influence of Randy Bass and his Visible Knowledge Project http://crossroads.georgetown.edu/vkp/ .

Pamela Bloom is the Performing Arts Librarian at Bobst Library, New York University.  She is also a member of The Theatre Library Association and is the co-artistic director of Mystic Theatre, a theatre company dedicated to contemporary verse drama.

Enhancing Member Collaboration through Technology

Xuemao (Shimo) Wang
Director, Information Technology, METRO

Tim Johnson
Program Manager, METRO

METRO (http://www.metro.org) offers numerous technology-related services to librarians. This session will demonstrate several, including:

  • OCLC's QuestionPoint™ virtual reference service
  • METRO's Z39.50 V.3 Server Grant
  • METRO Electronic Delivery Initiative
  • METRO's Online Directory with Collection Profiles
  • METRO new Online Distance Learning Program

Xuemao (Shimo) Wang currently works for METRO as Director of IT. Prior to METRO, he worked for Queens Borough Public Library, as Supervisor of Internet Services. Xuemao earned his MLIS from the University of South Carolina.

Timothy V. Johnson is the Hospital Library Services Program Manager for METRO. Previously, he worked for Touro College in NYC as a Chief Librarian. He earned his MLS from Case Western Reserve University and MA from CCNY.

last updated 03/26/2003