2003: The New Library: Challenges and Opportunities
2002: not held
2001: Information Literacy: Reaching Diverse Populations
2000: Information Literacy: Laying the Foundations
1999: Digital Libraries: Planning, Managing, and Adapting to Change
1998: Retooling, Retraining, Revitalizing: Transforming Ourselves for the Future
1997: Access and Excellence: Copyright and the Struggle for Fair Use
1996: The Professional Status of Librarians in a Rapidly Changing World
1995: Electronic Resource Sharing: An Overview with Hands-On Experience
1994: Future Shock: The Impact of Technologies on Library Information Services
1993: Visions and Values: Crosscurrents in Academic Librarianship
1992: not held
1991: Collection Development: Survival Tactics in an Age of Less
1990: Instructional Perspectives
1989: not held
1988: International Students and the Library
1987: Access or Censorship?: Libraries and Pornography
1986: Shrinking World, Exploding Information: Library Interior Design for Effective Service
1985: The Beautiful and the Practical
1984: not held
1983: Partners in Education: New Roles for the Academic Librarian
1982: not held
1981: Managing to Survive/Succeed
1980: Libraries and Librarians in the '80s: Challenge and Change
1979: The Information Industry and the Library: Competition or Cooperation
1978: Libraries On Line
1977: Libraries and Librarians: The Next Generation
1976: New Realities in Librarianship
1975: The Library as Consumer
1974: Publishing: Alternatives and Economics
1973: Media Integration in Academic Libraries
1972: Management, Instruction, and Technology in the Academic Library
1971: The Academic Librarian
1970: Libraries for the '70s
1969: A New College Student
1968: New Directions for CUNY Librarians
1967: not held
1966: not held
1965: not held
1964: Reference Services for Foreign Area Studies
1963: Latin American Studies and the American College Library
1962: not held
1961: not held
1960: Area Studies and the College Library
1959: not held
1958: not held
1957: The Educational Role of the Library
1956: The Subject Division College Library

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