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Beth Evans, Assistant Professor and Reference Librarian/Electronic Services Specialist at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, is coordinating a discussion on partnerships between institutions of higher education and K-12 schools to assure that information literacy, or the preparation for lifelong learning, is something that occurs both before college as well as after. Librarians, teachers, administrators, and any other individuals who are concerned about or have experience with educational institutions working together to promote information literacy are welcome to join the discussion.

In preparing for the discussion, Beth has identified a number of experienced people who may guide the conversation about particular issues. Beth herself has provided instruction for two grant-funded programs partnering the Brooklyn College Library with Brooklyn high schools and has surveyed the City University of New York (CUNY) Libraries to determine what services are currently being offered to on-campus and off-campus high school students.

Louise Fluk, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Instruction, LaGuardia Community College (CUNY), Yvonne Bennet, Associate Librarian, Bibliographic Instruction, Medgar Evers College (CUNY) and Co-Chair of the LACUNY Institute 1990, a joint program with the Board of Education Library Unit, and Allan Mirwis, Readers' Services Librarian, Kingsborough Community College (CUNY), will discuss serving high schools without libraries on CUNY College Campuses. They will also describe the College Now Program and its current and likely-future impact on CUNY campus libraries.

Diane DeVeaux, the current Hunter College High School librarian with 22 years experience as a high school librarian and additional experience as an adjunct college librarian, and Peggy Perrin, a librarian at New York Law School, a member of the Board Of Directors of Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association and a member of the Hunter High PTA Library Task Force, bring different perspectives to providing library services for high-achieving high school students in a unique New York City high school.

Patricia Sarles, Canarsie High School librarian and adjunct librarian, Brooklyn College, will talk about her $.5 million Bertelsmann Foundation Grant and the challenges of "going it alone" to offer college research preparation and full-text delivery in the high school library.

Rebecca C. Albrecht is Instructional Services Librarian, Mortola Library, Pace University. In 1992, Pace University, through a grant from J. P. Morgan, partnered both public and private colleges and universities with public high schools and private academies in New York City in the Cooperative Library Project. Rebecca will give the history and outcome of the grant.

Debbie Cestone, Pelham High School librarian, will discuss her college preparatory work for high school students creating a partnership between her high school library and three Westchester County college libraries.

MaryAnn Ryer, User Education Librarian/Assistant Professor, Raritan Valley Community College, will discuss using technology to perform outreach to school and public librarians in her community.

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