Immersion 99 Assessment Sample

Based on project in the
Institute for Information Literacy

Using Questions as Keys to Answers:

(as per Debra Gilchrist’s Assessment presentation)

1. What do I want the student to be able to do?

2. What does the student need to know in order to do this well?

3. How will you know the student is doing this well? What evidence do you see?

4. What is the activity that will bring about the learning?

5. How will the student demonstrate the learning?


Find two scholarly and two popular articles on a topic.


Upon completion of instruction, the student will be able to effectively and successfully utilize library resources to meet their information needs.


To define the search strategy on a topic while searching the online periodical index.


To recognize various possibilities for searching, such as author, keyword, subject.

To use appropriate vocabulary including synonyms for keyword searching.

To apply Boolean logic to keyword searching, such as "and," "or," or "not."

To distinguish between different fields in the record and identify their significance, such as "bibl." in the Special Features Field, "pp." for the length of the article, Journal in the Source Field, etc.


In order to find the scholarly and popular articles, students should know how to use the online periodical index, and that the best strategy for this particular assignment is using keyword searching (boolean logic). Students should know how to interpret the various fields of the record.

These concepts will transfer to using other online indexes.

Verbal assessments will be used for their immediacy, which will allow the instruction to be flexible.


a). Which connector do you use with at least two keywords to narrow down your topic?

b). Did any of the first ten articles have keywords in the title?

c). How many articles out of the first ten hits/records had a bibliography?


a). Raise your hand if you used "and" to narrow down your topic.

b). How do you know that the keywords appear in the Title of your article? (answer: in the Title field).

c). Which field of the record does the bibliography indicator appear, the Abstract Field, or the Special Feature Field?

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