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2008 LACUNY Dialogues: A Town Hall Meeting
January 18, 10 AM at Lehman,
"Privacy & Libraries: Where are We Now?"
Anamika Dasgupta (YC), Bonnie Nelson (JJ), Polly Thistlethwaite (GC)

2007 LACUNY Dialogues: A Town Hall Meeting
January 19, 10 AM at John Jay, "Must Play Well with Others: How to Work in the Library of the Moment"
Daisy Dominguez (CC) presentation (PDF), Beth Evans (BC) presentation (PDF), and Steven Ovadia (LG) presentation (PDF)

2006 LACUNY Dialogues: A Town Hall Meeting
January 18 at LaGuardia Community College, "Virtual Libraries -- Face-to-Face Instruction: Outreach, Marketing, and Faculty Partnerships"
Monica Berger (NYCCT) image of orange diamondpresentation, Madeline Ford (LE) image of orange diamond presentation,and
Clay Williams (HC) image of orange diamondpresentation

2005 Winter Program, December 9 at Hunter School of Social Work
Winter Membership Meeting
Sharon Bonk (QC), Marsha Ra (retired, University Librarian) and Curtis Kendrick, University Librarian

2005 Spring Program, June 10 at Hostos Community College
"The Information Studies Minor at Baruch College: Challenges and Accomplishments"
Alan Bailin (Baruch) and Lisa Ellis (Baruch)

2005 Town Hall Meeting, January 21 at City College
"LACUNY Dialogues: Reengagement, Community, and the Information Environment"
Lisa Ellis (Baruch), Kenneth Schlesinger (LaGuardia), Charles Stewart (City)

2004 Winter Program, December 10 at Hunter School of Social Work
"Fellowship Leave: Sabbaticals for CUNY Library Faculty"
Rebecca Adler (Staten Island), Francine Egger-Sider and Louise Fluk (LaGuardia), Suzanna Simor (Queens), Sharon Swacker (City Tech), Susan Voge (Lehman)

2004 Spring Program, June 11 at the College of Staten Island
"Grants for Libraries and Institutions" [print version]
Sheau-yueh (Janey) Chao, Baruch College

2003 Winter Program, December 12 at John Jay College
"Media Depictions of Librarians and CUNY"
Jerry Bornstein, Baruch College

2003 Spring Program, June 6 at Hunter College
"Protecting People and Their Environments through Science"
Kevin Adams, Information Specialist at Institute of Environmental Science and Research
"Some Things I Have Learned About the Library World"
Norman Oder, Senior News Editor, Library Journal

2002 Winter Program
The U.S. Patriot Act and the Future of the Library
Bonnie Nelson, John Jay College

2002 Spring Program
Developing a Copyright Policy for CUNY Libraries
CUNY Libraries Copyright Task Force

2001 Winter Program
The Electronic Future of Government Documents
Grace-Ellen McCrann (City College) and Nancy Macomber (Queens College)

2001 Spring Program:
Grants and Reassignment Leave for Librarians
Janet Butler Munch (Lehman College) and Linda Roccos (College of Staten Island)

2000 Winter Program
Information Literacy Task Force Comparisons
Tutorials Working Group Recommendations
Mariana Regalado (Brooklyn College) and Kathy Killoran (John Jay College)

2000 Spring Program:
PSC-CUNY Contract Negotiations
PSC-CUNY Representative

1999 Winter Program
Information Literacy Primer: A Report from Immersion '99
Recommendations from the CUNY-5
Beth Evans (Brooklyn), Maria Kiriakova (John Jay) Linda Roccos (Staten Island)
Francine Egger-Sider (LaGuardia), Lisa DePalo (Staten Island)

image of blue diamond News from CUNY Libraries

Newsletter with information about professional activities of CUNY library faculty

Michael Adams, Graduate Center
Valeda Dent, Hunter

Design and Production
Junior Tidal, City Tech

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