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Urban Library Journal 15.1 Spring 2008 

Fun Precedes Function: Fostering a Creative Workplace in the Public Library
Tony Tallent


The public library is full of creative people. Many library employees flourish in library systems that encourage them to move forward with their creative muses. A scan of the blogosphere quickly proves the public library attracts many creative minds and innovative thinkers to join its ranks. Once they have signed on to serve, what do we do to keep these creative types inspired, dreaming and channeling this creative energy into crafting experiences that benefit our users? What are we doing to consciously create a workplace that keeps fresh thinkers and risk-takers encouraged and empowered?  Gleaned from conversations, interviews (both in and outside the library), and the Youth & Outreach Services “Library in Action” blog (http://libraryinaction.blogspot.com), this article discusses how workspace affects learning, temperament, production, and creativity in public libraries.  

Keywords: public libraries, workspace, design, creativity, library as place

last updated 07/10/2008