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Submitting Manuscripts to Urban Library Journal 

Manuscripts, written in APA style, must be submitted electronically as an email attachment in MSWord to the editors.

Urban Library Journal Manuscript Guidelines * .pdf

  1. Articles should be formatted in APA style.
  2. MS Word document
    1. Body of text--Century 12-point font (if you don’t have Century, use Times New Roman)
    2. Section headers—Century 14 pt, centered
    3. Title of article—Century 16 pt, centered
  3.  Please use  one-inch margins on all sides.
  4. Text should be single spaced.
  5. Please do not include page numbers.
  6. There should be a single blank line between paragraphs with no indentation for the first line.
  7. All copy aligned left; do not justify.
  8. Please divide your article into sections; there should be two hard breaks before and after sections.
  9. Only insert a single space between words and after punctuation.
  10. There should be  two hard breaks between citations in bibliography (treat each citation as a paragraph)
  11. Distinguish between hyphens between words, dashes in ranges of numbers and parenthetical dashes.
  12. Please do not include headers and footers.
  13.  Please do not reduce images. Embed into Word documents any illustrations or graphs; if possible, also send images separately as .gif or .jpg files.
  14. Please include an abstract (50-200) words.
  15. Please include a brief biography (50 words).
  16.  Please supply four to six keywords for your article.

Email manuscripts, editorial queries, and comments to:

Lauren Yannotta
Hunter College Library

Lisa Finder
Hunter College Library

last updated 11/25/2008


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Urban Library Journal, an open access, refereed journal of research and discussion dealing with all aspects of urban libraries and librarianship, welcomes articles dealing with academic, research, public, school, and special libraries in an urban setting.

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